Mar 08 2011

Give Your Kitchen Old-Time Diner Appeal

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Decorating your kitchen in a retro diner theme is perfect for those who love the old-time appeal of diners from the 50’s and 60’s.  If you’re tired of the way your kitchen looks and want to do something dramatic, this is your chance!  Friends and family will love gathering in your retro-style kitchen to visit, play cards and enjoy a milkshake, just like the good old days.

Decide on a color scheme first

Before just jumping into everything, first choose the color scheme you want to use in the kitchen.  Consider using colors like red, turquoise, and pink; bright flamboyant colors are perfect for this retro look.  Of course, black and white work as great accents for any of these choices.  Many times you will see an old fashioned diner use red and white checkered table cloths and decorations.  No matter what colors you choose, make sure there is plenty of chrome!  Shiny accents further enhance the appeal of a retro kitchen.

Prepare to paint

Before you begin painting walls or cabinetry, take the time to tape off trim, door frames, window sills and other areas you aren’t going to paint.  Tarps are great for protecting countertops, cabinets and floors from paint splatters, so that you don’t spend more time cleaning up and touching up than necessary.

When you have chosen the primary color for your kitchen, paint at least one wall to infuse the room with bright color.  If your cabinets are currently stained or painted, sand them to remove most of the surface paint or finish.  You can then re-paint them any color of your choosing – and don’t forget the hardware!  This is the perfect time to include a little of that chrome we were talking about earlier.  Buy spray paint in a chrome finish, and give your drawer pulls, cabinet door knobs and other small accessories that retro “shine!”  If you painted one wall red or turquoise, you may want to consider painting your cabinets black or white to contrast.

Give the floor “retro” appeal with black and white

Ceramic tiles are perfect for a retro themed kitchen, but if it’s easier on your budget vinyl will work as well.  Black and white tiles fit right in with the theme; they add further depth and interest to the room.  You can also use black and red if you really want the room to pop, but make sure that the bold color won’t wear out its welcome too soon.  Before you purchase your flooring, make sure to measure the room so that you don’t end up with too many tiles (costly) or too little flooring to cover the area.

Rev up the retro with accessories

Now that you have the biggest part of the work completed, it’s time for those accessories that really help bring out that retro diner appeal.  Anything that is shiny or chrome will work; the dining room table should have chrome accents, and vinyl upholstery really contributes to the vintage look.  A large neon clock or flashing sign will bring to mind the old diners of the 50’s and 60’s.  Flea markets, online auctions and vintage shops are the perfect places to find these accessories, usually at a great price!

You can be sure that when you transform your traditional kitchen in to a “retro diner” it will bring a bit of nostalgia and old-time enjoyment to the room.  Everyone who enters your home will be envious of a kitchen that is warm, welcoming and totally unique!

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