Mar 09 2011

Add a Touch of Asian style to Your Home

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Decorating in an Asian style can be intimidating, and many people find it difficult to get the look “just right.”  Most of the time if the finished look doesn’t meet your expectations, it’s because there are too many decorating items in the room.  The Asian theme is a simple one that uses very little to create a bold, dramatic atmosphere.

Natural fabrics, materials and accents are the core of Asian decorating.  Stone, bamboo, plants, and planters or containers that are simple and unassuming work naturally in this decorating theme.

Colors should contrast

When attempting to achieve an Asian style look for your home, it’s best to stay away from using different shades of the same color.  Colors should sharply contrast one another, so that each stands on its own.  Think black, white, red, gold, silver and dark green.  Of course you don’t want to use all of these colors at once, but red, black and gold make for a beautiful room with lots of depth and dimension.

Classic or modern?

When choosing the furniture for your Asian-themed room, rattan and wicker are traditional in Asian decor.  If you desire a look that is a bit more modern, consider dark or even black-lacquered wood accent tables and mahogany or black leather furnishings.  Wicker and rattan furniture looks vibrant and alive when topped with plump cushions or throw pillows.

If you feel that dark lacquered furniture makes the room look a bit too dark or gloomy, liven things up by using brightly colored throw pillows, accent rugs and wall hangings.  With darker furnishings, you want to keep the walls a light color as well.

When arranging your furniture, it’s important to keep wide open spaces with Asian style decor.  This style is known for sparse accents, each demanding attention on its own.  Avoid clutter or an over-abundance of knick-knacks, as this takes away from the elegant beauty of the room.

Add texture and interest

While you want to keep accent rugs, cushions and throw pillows on the simple side, be sure to include plenty of texture.  A red and gold pillow makes a stunning accent when placed on a rattan sofa; consider natural materials such as bamboo for rugs and window coverings.

A dramatic water fountain is a great idea for the focal point of a room; for the walls, consider large gold-framed pictures of cherry blossoms or even samurai swords.  Remember to keep wall decor to a minimum – a single large print on one wall is plenty when the picture contains bold, vibrant color.

Plants are essential for pulling the look together.  Consider a bonsai tree or any plant that has large, plush leaves placed in stone or bamboo containers.  Add an Asian themed room divider, a few randomly placed Asian figurines inside glass domes, and you’ve achieved the look you desire!

Remember, if something just seems out of place or doesn’t sit right, look around and see what you can take out of the room.  With Asian style decor simple, uncluttered and natural elements make the look.

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