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Mar 15 2012

Wall Decorating Ideas to Spice Up Your Living Spaces

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Decorating the walls in your home can be a challenge.  Without something special, a large wall tends to look stark.  A room with blank walls lacks personality and depth.  If you’re having a hard time coming up with ideas on how to transform your boring walls in to colorful, artistic walls, these ideas will help.

Paint isn’t what it used to be

Long gone are the days when you used a brush and roller to paint the walls a single color such as cream or off-white.

Today, paint can create a multitude of looks from textured and rich to country cottage chic.  Whether your home is decorated in modern, Victorian, traditional or country decor, you can spice up the walls easily with a little paint and creativity.

Paint walls a base color which complements the decor of the room, then go back and use sea sponges dipped in another color and randomly splotch the walls.  Rag rolling and feather dusting are great for this technique as well.

There are also a variety of textured wallpapers available to you.  Just apply one to the walls and then give it a coat of paint after it dries.  Depending on your decorating theme, there are also faux finishes and metallic paints available.

Wallpaper dresses up a room

Wallpaper isn’t what you remember from decades ago; today’s varieties add texture, bold designs and plenty of color.

If you have a painted wall, simply add wallpaper to either the bottom or top section of the wall.  Bold stripes, geometric patterns and soft floral designs add color and appeal to the walls.  Choose your colors and patterns according to the decorating theme of the room.

Wainscoting adds old fashioned charm

Wainscoting is a method in which you simply apply strips of wood to the bottom portion of a wall.  Beadboard is another option you may want to consider.  Applying grooved strips of wood from baseboard up to the height of about 3 feet gives walls a comfortable, cozy look and appeal.

The great thing about beadboard or wainscoting is that you can have the wood stained, or paint it any color you like and even “wear” it a bit by sanding or whitewashing if you enjoy a worn, rustic look.

Wall accents

There is a lot more to decorating a beautiful wall than simply hanging a few pictures.  Colorful texture makes a room appear warm and inviting.

Consider richly textured tapestries, or even a large oriental or contemporary rug for the wall, depending on your decor.  A large swath of fabric hung from a wall using push pins also makes a bold and unique statement.  A large oval or square accent mirror surrounded by flowing fabric is unique and stunning.

If you’re artistic and creative consider painting murals on the walls of your home.  This is a technique that is especially charming in the kid’s bedrooms.  Stenciling is easy as well.  Use stencils around the top portion of a wall next to the ceiling or around chair rails as a beautiful accent.

Without the proper decor, walls can make a room look like a box.  Put some of these wall decorating ideas to use in your own home, and create rooms that are warm, appealing and filled with life.

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Jul 30 2011

Wall Decorating Ideas That Transform Boring into Interesting

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When it comes to walls, well, let’s face it – most are pretty boring.  People hang a few pictures, maybe a shelf underneath and a couple of wall sconces.  You see the same old thing in most homes; it seems that people lack imagination when it comes to decorating walls.

The tips and ideas in this article will help you transform your walls from boring to “wow”!  Fill your walls with personality, and decorating the rest of the room will be a breeze.

Start with the largest wall hanging

For the best effective, start with the largest item you will be hanging on the wall and work around it adding those items that lend to the look and taking away those that do not.  Arrange all of the pieces on the floor first, that way you will be able to visualize how it will look on the wall before you start hanging.  Rearrange and maneuver until the look suits your tastes.

Create a soft wall in the bath

In the bathroom, if you like a feminine or shabby chic look, use 7 to 9 pictures of various sizes framed out in white and trimmed in lace, shells or other designs.  Two larger pictures can be placed catty-corner; then fill in with smaller pictures of all shapes and sizes from round and square to rectangle.  These frames don’t necessarily have to be pictures; they can be shadow boxes, prints, or a collection of starfish you have placed on a mat, a clock – anything that suits your decor.

Add depth to a living room wall with a “frame”

This is a unique idea, and one you will love when you actually see the finished product.

Take 6 one-by-one boards which are 8 feet in length and stained any color you like.  Place three of the boards vertically on one wall about 3 feet apart, then place the other three horizontally across the vertical boards about 2 feet apart beginning about 4 to 5 feet from the floor.  Place hooks anywhere you like on the boards, then hang photos, the kid’s drawings, prints and other decor items that suit your decor.  This adds depth to the wall, and is great behind a rustic style sofa.

Deck out the dining room

If you have a buffet in the dining room, it’s the perfect place to create a focal point for the room.

Depending on your color scheme, place 9 to 11 plates on the wall that all include the same two or three colors but have different sizes and designs.  Use a mixture of small, medium and large plates with floral designs, trees, natural settings or even profiles of people; black and white work perfectly for this idea.  Place the plates on the wall starting just about 6 inches from the top of the buffet and scatter them in an abstract manner keeping them fairly close together, about 3 inches apart.

On top of the buffet, display elegant or contemporary tall candle holders, a small casual floral arrangement, a pumpkin and various sized melons and two smaller votive candles.  The variety of size and texture adds depth to the arrangement.

The various colors in the buffet arrangement contrast beautifully with the black and white plates on the wall, creating an artistic, rich look for the room.

These are just a few unique ideas that will give your walls depth and personality.  With a little creative thinking, you can create all sorts of attention-grabbing looks for the walls in your home.

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Nov 09 2010

Eclectic Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas

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Most people really don’t stick to a centralized theme when decorating the kitchen; often, you find those items that you simply love placed here and there with no rhyme or reason.  One item may be traditional, while another is modern or country-themed.  Today, decorating in an eclectic style is completely acceptable, even recommended, if you do it right.  Below you will find many tips and ideas for incorporating several home decorating themes in to one kitchen that looks amazing.

Metal wall art helps create a focal point for the kitchen

Every room needs a focal point; this is a specific area of the room where the eye is immediately drawn when someone enters the room.  For the kitchen, metal wall art can make an amazing focal point.  Flowers, butterflies, musical notes, trees and abstract designs are just a few of the hundreds of choices you will find in metal wall art.

If you have one large wall, consider hanging a very large metal wall art piece surrounded by smaller accents in the same or similar design.

Candle wall sconces and wall planters add further interest

Wall planters look spectacular when placed around windows and doors and they can be filled with ivy, silk flowers, hanging vines, daisies or any other plant of your choosing.  If you have several windows place wall planters on both sides of each casement for a look that is totally charming.

Wall mounted candle sconces can be placed with your metal wall art, on both sides of a large clock or print, or anywhere else you decide they add to the décor of the room.  Use candles scented in those aromas you would usually find in a kitchen, such as spice, vanilla, and pumpkin to create a warm atmosphere.

A touch of wrought iron adds elegance

Love the almost romantic appeal of an arched door way?  You can accomplish many things with wrought iron.  If your door is a common rectangle shape, consider hanging a half-moon shaped wrought iron accent directly above the door to give the appearance of an arched doorway.  You might also decide that you like the idea of wrought iron wall sconces, or perhaps a pot rack hanging over the island displaying your best cookware.

An eclectic look makes it much easier for you to shop for and decorate your kitchen, because you can mix and match those accents and accessories that really stand out for you, without feeling that you must stick to one theme.  This allows you to give your kitchen a special personalized, comfortable appeal that just makes it feel like home.

When it comes to your kitchen, consider this rule:  There are no rules!  If you love tin signs, wooden baskets, metal wall art and wrought iron, use every one of them to your heart’s content.  Not only will you love relaxing over a cup of tea at the kitchen table, your guests will be amazed at your unique sense of style.

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