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Jul 30 2011

Wall Decorating Ideas That Transform Boring into Interesting

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When it comes to walls, well, let’s face it – most are pretty boring.  People hang a few pictures, maybe a shelf underneath and a couple of wall sconces.  You see the same old thing in most homes; it seems that people lack imagination when it comes to decorating walls.

The tips and ideas in this article will help you transform your walls from boring to “wow”!  Fill your walls with personality, and decorating the rest of the room will be a breeze.

Start with the largest wall hanging

For the best effective, start with the largest item you will be hanging on the wall and work around it adding those items that lend to the look and taking away those that do not.  Arrange all of the pieces on the floor first, that way you will be able to visualize how it will look on the wall before you start hanging.  Rearrange and maneuver until the look suits your tastes.

Create a soft wall in the bath

In the bathroom, if you like a feminine or shabby chic look, use 7 to 9 pictures of various sizes framed out in white and trimmed in lace, shells or other designs.  Two larger pictures can be placed catty-corner; then fill in with smaller pictures of all shapes and sizes from round and square to rectangle.  These frames don’t necessarily have to be pictures; they can be shadow boxes, prints, or a collection of starfish you have placed on a mat, a clock – anything that suits your decor.

Add depth to a living room wall with a “frame”

This is a unique idea, and one you will love when you actually see the finished product.

Take 6 one-by-one boards which are 8 feet in length and stained any color you like.  Place three of the boards vertically on one wall about 3 feet apart, then place the other three horizontally across the vertical boards about 2 feet apart beginning about 4 to 5 feet from the floor.  Place hooks anywhere you like on the boards, then hang photos, the kid’s drawings, prints and other decor items that suit your decor.  This adds depth to the wall, and is great behind a rustic style sofa.

Deck out the dining room

If you have a buffet in the dining room, it’s the perfect place to create a focal point for the room.

Depending on your color scheme, place 9 to 11 plates on the wall that all include the same two or three colors but have different sizes and designs.  Use a mixture of small, medium and large plates with floral designs, trees, natural settings or even profiles of people; black and white work perfectly for this idea.  Place the plates on the wall starting just about 6 inches from the top of the buffet and scatter them in an abstract manner keeping them fairly close together, about 3 inches apart.

On top of the buffet, display elegant or contemporary tall candle holders, a small casual floral arrangement, a pumpkin and various sized melons and two smaller votive candles.  The variety of size and texture adds depth to the arrangement.

The various colors in the buffet arrangement contrast beautifully with the black and white plates on the wall, creating an artistic, rich look for the room.

These are just a few unique ideas that will give your walls depth and personality.  With a little creative thinking, you can create all sorts of attention-grabbing looks for the walls in your home.

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Jun 11 2011

Unique Wall Decorating Ideas For Any Style or Decor Tastes

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Your walls are one of the most important aspects of decorating a beautiful home.  Without any accents or color, walls look blank, cold and outright boring!  Your walls are a canvas upon which you can create original, appealing boundaries for the room.  In this article, you will find many tips and ideas for designing and decorating your walls in a way that will not escape notice.

Paint – the solution for any problem

Paint has always been, and still is today, one of the most affordable ways to transform the look of a room.

Decide on your color scheme before painting, so that you can create walls that complement or contrast with the room.  You may want a solid base coat, or you can add texture through various techniques such as sponging or rag rolling.  Stenciling is a way that you can add artsy design if you have a flair for art.

You may want to use two different colors on the walls, one shade for the bottom portion and a different shade for the top.  Separate the two with wood strips or even boldly colored wallpaper border.

Practical ideas that add pattern and color

When you put your imagination to work, there are literally dozens of things you can do with the walls that won’t cost you a dime!

Hang a large, richly textured rug on the wall above the sofa; throws, antique quilts and even scarves create a look that is unique and appealing.  Tapestries are a great way to add color, design and texture.

If your home is decorated in a western or country theme, take ideas straight from the farm!  Large wooden wagon wheels and old saws add a real “home on the range” appeal.

Geometric design

This is an easy application you can manage yourself.  After painting your walls with your desired base color, cut sponges into various patterns and use them to “stamp” the walls!  This is a great idea for a small child’s room, as you can stamp the walls with triangles, squares, stars, circles and other shapes in pastel colors or bright primary colors such as red, green and yellow.

You can also use wallpaper in creating drama for the walls.  Choose a pattern that blends with your decor, then cut out various shapes and paste them to the walls in a random fashion.

Expand the size of a room

Mirrors, brass frames and other reflective surfaces are great for making a room look larger!  Hang a mirror across from a window to reflect the sunlight and make a room look bright and airy.

If you’re really good with art and are imaginative to boot, paint a mural on the wall!  There are endless things you can do to bring your walls to life – the only limit is your creativity.

There are so many wall treatments available that there is no reason for dull, blank walls.  Search online for more ideas, and have fun transforming your walls from boring to appealing and unique!

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