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Mar 08 2012

Pattern, Color & Texture – Creating Amazing Rooms

Not all that long ago homeowners wouldn’t dare mix patterns and colors in any way that wasn’t traditional.  Neutral colors were, for the most part, bland and lacked personality.  Today, all of the rules are out the window when it comes to decorating your home!  Rich textures, contrasting patterns and lots of color create rooms that are filled with personality and dimension.

There are still a few rules, but not too many.  If you’re ready to turn your dull home into an extraordinary showplace, here are a few tips for decorating with these various elements.

Consider room size when choosing patterns

Take the size of the room in to account when deciding on the patterns you want to use.  Large patterns can look overwhelming in a small room; for example, a large floral print on furniture upholstery tends to look garish.  For smaller rooms stick to small and medium sized patterns.

In contrast, large rooms look better with patterns that are medium to large in size.  Small prints can get lost in a large room; a small print often looks like a solid color from across the room in an area that is open and spacious.

Colors liven things up

It’s fine to have neutral colored walls and even furnishings, but color is what brings a room to life.  Consider bold splashes of color in throw pillows, rugs, wall hangings, vases, curtains and other accents so as to add interest and appeal to the room.

When using color, use those you love most but stick to three basic shades so that the look is coordinated and not confusing.

How to mix patterns and textures

If you think back a few years, it’s very likely that you never saw plaid patterns, stripes and floral designs mixed in the same room at your mother’s or grandmother’s house – it just wasn’t done!

Today, designers know that mixing stripes and floral patterns or plaids and solids makes for a look that is bold, elegant or even country chic, depending on what you are striving for.

It is perfect acceptable – and even encouraged – that you use stripes and checks or stripes and floral patterns together, as long as all of the pieces contain some of the same color.  For example, if your color scheme includes burgundy, blue and cream shades you would want all patterned items to contain a single one of these colors such as burgundy.  A burgundy and blue striped throw pillow will look divine when paired with a floral pillow that contains the same shade of burgundy.

Use a varied array of texture in the room; nubby rugs or accent pillows stand out even more against smooth or satiny surfaces.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit when it comes to patterns, color and texture.  By combining all of these elements, your rooms will make an impact that is not soon forgotten by all who enter your home.

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Jul 17 2011

How to Mix Patterns for a Stylish, Beautiful Home

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Decades ago, a majority of homeowners wouldn’t dream of mixing patterns.  A living room would be decorated with floral patterns, stripes, plaids, geometric or abstract patterns, but they were never mixed.  Today, mixing patterns is all the rage – but you have to know how to do it correctly to achieve an appealing look.  Mixing patterns adds depth and interest to any room, and gives it a unique style that is rich and beautiful.

One basic color plus white equals eye-catching

You can easily accomplish a beautiful look for any room by using white and a single color, such as blue.  Paint the walls bold blue, add white furnishings and wall hangings with various patterns.  An upholstered white chair embellished with bold blue flowers is striking with striped white and blue curtains on a nearby window.

Throw in an ottoman with geometric blue and white design; add some wall art and you have a spectacular room!

Bold, vibrant color plus various size patterns is striking

If you enjoy a bright, cheerful room these ideas are great for the kitchen.  Mix up shades of bold, dark yellow with orange, deep red and pumpkin shades.  A large hanging for one wall filled with big, bold flowers creates a focal point for the room.

Add further interest with a small-scaled pattern, such as a striped or checked runner for the table.  A bright yellow table and chairs gives the room a lift; add a splash of white here and there with smaller accessories such as a vase filled with white daisies or ceramic whatnots.

Coordinate colors for a look that is soft and pleasing to the eye

In the bedroom, think of colors that are directly across from one another on the color wheel, such as red and green.  Then go a bit further and think of colors with a common hue.  For example, pink is a lighter shade of red, yellow shares a hue with green.  Mix patterns and solids in shades of yellow, pink, green and red for a look that is colorful yet soft.

An easy way to mix patterns in the bedroom is with bedding and throw pillows.  A round, oblong sage green pillow, sold bright pink pillow, square plaid combining all of these colors and a flat round pillow decorated with a huge pink and green flower create a look that is interesting and attractive.

For a pulled-together look that is attention-grabbing, mix patterns of small, medium and large sizes which help to maintain balance.

If you remember to coordinate colors and throw in a good mix of solid colors through walls, floors and furnishings, you can mix and match any patterns you like to create rooms that are far beyond ordinary.

The most beautiful rooms are often those in which you let your imagination run wild.  Be creative, and try out those ideas that are floating around in your head.  You just might find that it’s easier than you think to design rooms that are full of texture and interesting patterns!

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Jun 23 2011

Adding A Little Pattern And Texture To Your Home Decor

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Is your living room, kitchen or other room of your house rather bland and boring?  Imagine smooth walls which are white or cream colored, smooth fabrics on furnishings and throw pillows and a general lack of color or pattern – pretty boring, isn’t it? There are endless ways you can add pattern and texture to your rooms, giving them depth and dimension.  While some people like a room that is basically all one color and free of texture, most people desire a little more interest.

If you’re ready for rooms that are inviting and relaxing, here are a few tips to help you create rooms you and your guests will love.

Jazz up the walls

Decades ago, all walls were pretty much the same.  A coat or two of off-white or cream colored paint over sheetrock was the “in” thing to do.  Today, bold colors, pastel colors and texture techniques help you create walls that come to life!

Use wall colors that enhance your decorating theme.  Bold wine, soft amber, rich blue – you can use any color you like, just remember that light colors make the room appear larger.  Among the techniques used to add rich texture to walls you will also find wallpaper made for painting, sponging, rag-rolling and stenciling.


The furniture that is now available to choose from runs the gamut from smooth and sleek to rough and textured.  If you want to put more texture and pattern in your rooms, choose rugged wood furnishings upholstered in plaids, stripes or any pattern you like.  A rough fabric will also add more texture to the room.  Leather furnishings will add elegance and texture.

Wrought iron furnishings add a rustic and old-fashioned appeal.

Accents and accessories

One of the easiest ways to incorporate pattern and texture into any room is through the accessories you use.  Throw pillows may be rough, silky or flat; accent rugs, throws, curtains, table cloths – all of these things have the ability to turn the look of a room around.

Picture frames are another great way to add further texture to your walls; rough hewn or “worn” picture frames add old-time charm and appeal.  The addition of a large tapestry to one wall adds a rich, dramatic texture and a look that warms up the room.

How to lighten up a room with texture

Rough textures tend to absorb light, while satiny fabrics tend to reflect it.  If you desire rooms that look open and airy, smooth fabrics should dominate the scheme.  If you prefer a look that is warm and cozy, rough textures should be dominant.

When it comes to pattern, avoid an over abundance unless the room is large.  In smaller rooms, an occasional splash of pattern in throw pillows or curtains is enough to add interest and vibrancy to the room.

Even the smallest accents can change the look of a room; the smoothness of a candle sitting atop a textured doily is a nice touch for a coffee or end table.

Put these ideas to use in your own home, and you will find that your rooms are anything but boring!

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Sep 29 2010

How Texture and Pattern Make for Appealing Spaces

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Many people don’t truly realize the impact that texture and pattern have on making the rooms of their home warm, inviting and appealing.  Every home should be a relaxing haven, a place where you come to at the end of the day to release all your stresses and cares.  From your kitchen and living room to the bedroom, your rooms should reflect not only style, but your personal tastes.  This article offers tips on adding texture and pattern to every room of your home, making for inviting, beautiful spaces.

Color isn’t the only thing that matters

Of course you want your home to be decorated with beautiful splashes of color, but texture and patterns make a room come to life.  Any room that contains only bland colors and a single texture such as smooth, shiny or rough is boring!  Today, mixing stripes with florals or checks and combining rough, shiny or smooth textures provide life and personality to an otherwise dull room.

Play up the kitchen

In the kitchen and bath, it’s easy to incorporate texture.  If either of these rooms have a sterile look with white tiled floors, white walls, white appliances, etc., pump up the warmth by using wood floors, cherry cabinets and nubby accent rugs.  Consider boldly patterned cushions for dining room chairs, or a wall shelf displaying rustic pottery.  In the bath, choose plush towels for display, boldly patterned rugs, and a sconce for the wall to soften the room with romantic lighting.

Liven up the walls

The walls in any room are an essential part of the overall decor.  Today, many people paint the walls using faux finishes that can be accomplished with ragging, rag rolling, rubber stamping and other methods.  This creates texture for the walls and helps alleviate the blank look.  Consider richly textured tapestries, or glue fabrics such as imitation suede or burlap to a single wall.  Ceilings are also important; they can be painted with texture paint, and even wallpapered!  Exposed wooden beams also add richness to the room, especially for those decorating in a country-themed style.

Accents are very important for pulling the look together.  For the sofa or love seat, consider layered throw pillows designed in stripes, checks, florals and even geometric patterns depending on your style preferences.  Vary the textures; some should be silky and sleek, while others are rough and nubby.  A colorful throw placed casually across a chair or rocker adds additional interest.

You can also blend furnishings from various eras to add appeal to a room.  Today, it is common to find upscale homes decorated with pieces from the 19th century, the ’30’s, and modern furnishings from today.  When various elements with diverse qualities are combined, the result can be very beautiful and unique.  Leather looks great when combined with wicker, and many pieces you have put away can be transformed into a something great for some room with a little paint or stenciling.

Create rooms that are truly your own and that offer a sense of intimacy that anyone who enters your home will love.  It’s easy, when you let texture and patterns work for you!

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