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Jun 26 2012

3 Tips on How to Modernize a Nursery without Losing Traditional Elements

Say “so long” to those frilly, ruffle crib sheets, gingham basket weave bassinets or those little geese who wear bonnets on your wallpaper border- today’s modern mother has a much wider range of decorating options available when determining her nursery’s style than her mother did.

What used to be either pink or blue has reached an entirely new level of sophistication where pale greens, neutral creams and even slate grays can make a child’s nursery into a space where your child can practically live and function- and you won’t feel like you stepped into Ronald McDonald’s play land.

However, bringing the miracle of new life into this world and “nesting” that nursery is a right of passage, and some of those old throw-backs such as vintage toys, hand-knit blankets and sentimental art is still in style and can actually add personal flair in a traditional way to any nursery. So, how do you blend the old and the new? Here are a few tips:

1. Stay Far Away From “Themed” Nurseries 

It is so tempting to create a princess room or an Winnie the Pooh motif, but if you are seriously concerned about the design and flow of your home, there is a way to bring in certain aspects of “themed” rooms to make your nursery less typecast and more open for interpretation. If you love one certain element, for example owls or the zoo motif- choose one bold accessory or art piece that will act as your inspiration piece.

From there, choose more neutral throw pillows, crib bedding and accents that fit in the same color palette but that are less demanding to the eye.

2. Subtle is Savvy

Cultivating a child’s imagination is what their room should be all about.  Bring in creative ways to modernize the nursery. Your son may love the lion exhibit at the zoo, but instead of focusing on primary colored paint or circus wallpaper consider buying a durable grass cloth wallpaper that can “stand in” for a tall grass jungle.

If you want to bring in a nautical theme, purchase some old navigational maps and frame them, or buy a lighted globe that represents the world which the ancient explorers discovered. These subtle ways of bringing in your overall scheme won’t be as overpowering but just as powerful.

3. Fall in Love With Your Baby’s Room 

Remember that the nursery is a place where the baby will live. In the traditional sense, it should be a reflection of the both of you and how you came to love each other and now this child. This is where you can bring in some traditional elements like the father’s baby booties, or the mother’s first handprints.

Adding a tip of the hat to the parents alongside the photos of your new family member makes a very traditional but unconventional addition to the room. No matter what style you choose- modern, vintage, shabby chic, or mid century- fall in love with the room that you decorate, because it is a reflection of this new and exciting time in your life!

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May 29 2012

How to Organize Your Nursery on a Budget

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When a new baby enters your life, you are filled with wonder, amazement and joy; however one thing is bound to go out of your life, organization. From the constant need to change diapers and outfits to the short attention span your little one has with his or her toys, there will always be a trail of evidence that you have a baby in your home.

It’s good to know that without much investment and with a few simple tricks you can make clean up quick and easy, by incorporating some inexpensive ways to store and organize your nursery.

Re-use old furniture 

Most of us have left over furniture items in our garage or storage. Usually, we associate those items with rooms they never looked good in, or file them under “ugly things that Aunt Eunice gave”, but the truth is that with a can of paint and a little love, you can turn those furniture pieces into wonderful storage units. If you have an old bookcase, paint it with colors that match your nursery, invest in some cheap baskets from a second hand store and presto- you have a chic storage unit.

Buy under crib shelving 

Finding places that would otherwise go un-used is another way to de-clutter your nursery on a dime. You can get a custom shelving system on wheels if you have an unusual-sized crib, but for standard crib sizes you can easily order some sliding drawers that fit under the crib. Some cribs come with these for just a few dollars more if you add them to your order. They roll out easily and hide toys and clothes from sight. If an entire drawer isn’t in your budget, baskets or even oversized plastic salad bowls that fit your décor are inexpensive ways to hide away common nursery spillover.

Baby Hangers go a Long Way 

Something as simple as investing in a bunch of plastic child hangers which range from $1-$5 a bundle can help provide some much needed organization to your closet. Also, if you’re an organized person in general save all of those hangers that you get from your baby shower. They usually have the age of the clothing on the hanger. These can come in handy when you want to organize by age, or to clean out the closet freeing up room for a new set of sizes instead. 

Clean and organize clothes for storage 

Your child will have loads and loads of cute clothes- so much so, that the chances are he may not get to wear all of them before he outgrows them. Since every child grows according to his own time line, save your grocery bags. The next time you begin noticing that your child’s onesies are a little tight, it’s time for a closet clean out. Take out clothes according to size and put them in a bag marked with the same number. That way if you have another child you can easily pull out a bag marked 3-6 months or newborn for use and everything will already be organized. If you don’t plan on having any more children, you will be doing the successor of your clothes a huge favor!

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Apr 20 2011

Decorating the Nursery in a Jungle Theme – Colorful and Unique!

If you are expecting a baby soon and still have no idea how you will decorate the nursery, why not try a jungle theme?  It’s unique, colorful and will work whether your little bundle of joy is a boy or girl.  Another aspect that makes decorating in a jungle theme so much fun is that your entire family can join in with their ideas!  As you think of things, jot them down on a piece of paper so you can refer to them later.

Set the backdrop for your “jungle” nursery

What do you find in every jungle?  Lots of lush greenery!  Set large houseplants in the corners of the nursery; fill wall shelves and window sills with smaller plants.  Live plants make the air in the room healthier as they filter the air, so your baby will enjoy fresh air as well.  If you really want to go all out, buy a few silk or plastic vines at your local craft store and hang them across the ceiling!


Most jungle animals are colored in shades of gold, brown, orange, yellow, red, white and black.  Think of parrots, lions, monkeys, tigers and zebras when you begin to create your jungle theme.  To these colors, you can easily add splashes of bright yellow, green or even blue to give the room additional appeal.  Babies love bright colors, which also help them develop their vision.

Consider painting each wall a different color to really give the nursery a unique look.  Paint one wall yellow, one green, one blue and one red if you like, or paint them white or cream and then add a mural consisting of jungle animals on a single wall.

Include plenty of stuffed animals!

Stuffed animals are the basis of the jungle themed nursery.  Hang a net diagonally across one corner of the ceiling, and fill it with monkeys, elephants, parrots, lions and more.  Be sure NOT to place your hanging animals above the crib; you want your baby to be safe in case the net should fall.

If you have a day bed in the room for an occasional nap you can place stuffed animals there as well.  Put them on shelves, on the dresser – anywhere they will sit.  Also consider a few throw pillows with tassels in a jungle-themed pattern for the daybed.

Use your imagination to think of affordable ways you can take the jungle theme even further.  Buy plain cheap lamp shades for the lamps, then hot glue additional fake leaves on them.  If you prefer, use only one or two jungle animals as a theme for the room, such as monkeys and parrots.  It’s your baby’s nursery, so decorate it however you like!  This is the perfect chance for you and your spouse, as well as any other children you may have, to bond and have a blast using your own creative ideas to design a jungle themed nursery that is bright, cheery and unlike any other you have seen before.

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Nov 11 2010

Decorating a Unisex Nursery

Are you an expectant mother with no ideas about how you want to decorate the nursery?  Frequently, parents who are expecting don’t know where to start when it comes to planning their little one’s room.  Certain colors help to calm a baby, while others cause excitement and may not be suitable for use in a nursery.  Unless you are one of the lucky ones who knows exactly what you want to do, this article will help you accomplish the project, and even have fun doing it!

Boy or girl?

If you are expecting and do not want to find out the gender of your baby, there are several different themes you can use.  Some neutral colors that you may want to consider for the nursery are yellows, greens, whites, and even browns.  Jungle themes, zoo animals, and Disney characters work well no matter what the gender of your new baby.  Avoid using red in a nursery because that is the first color most babies recognize and it can create excitement or confusion when it is the only color they see, and it may interfere with sleeping.  While decorating a nursery, include accents or accessories you love and ask relatives (especially those with children) for their opinions or ideas.

Decorating a nursery on a budget

A great idea for decorating walls on a tight budget is to use pictures from old children’s books.  You can frame the pictures and include the words from the pages, which will help as your baby grows and begins to read.  Wallpaper, large wall graphics and stencils are other affordable ways to brighten up the walls.  You may want to consider a pattern or graphic that will be suitable as your child gets older, so that you don’t have to completely redecorate the room in 2 or 3 years.

You might also consider adding a daybed in the nursery, especially for those first few weeks when you are likely to spend many nights getting up and down with your new baby.  This will allow you to get a little sleep when your baby is sleeping, reducing your exhaustion during your initial adjustment to parenthood.


There are always lots of items needed by a new baby.  Lotions, powders, diapers, rattles, baby wipes and cotton balls are just a few of the things you will want to hide away so that the room doesn’t appear messy and cluttered.  Consider placing a plastic storage container with drawers next to the changing table or crib so you will have easy access when you need it.  You can also keep any extra stuffed animals, clothes and other items you received at baby showers in plastic or Tupperware containers underneath the daybed, so they are out of sight until desired.  Put these tips to use in your nursery, and whether you have a boy or a girl you will be all set.

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Sep 09 2010

Tips and Ideas for Decorating Your Baby’s Room

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When you are expecting a baby, you want the nursery to be perfect.  Your desire is to create a room that is soft and cuddly as well as relaxing for your baby.  Whether you are expecting a boy or girl, the nursery will be the place where you will spend much of your time rocking and soothing your child in the wee hours of the night.  This article describes how you can decorate your baby’s nursery using colors that are attractive to you and soothing to your baby.

Decide on the Color Scheme


Many parents love to decorate the nursery in bright primary colors.  Bright reds, blues, greens and yellows are a great way to make the room look cheerful; these colors are also useful in attracting the attention of your baby as his eyes begin to focus.  Soft, pastel colors are fine as well, and may be a bit more relaxing to the baby when nap time comes.  Soft blue, cream and pastel peach are good colors to consider.

Of course, you can always stick to the pink or blue theme depending on the sex of your baby.  Either of these colors can be combined with sand, cream and white shades to keep the space from being overwhelmed by a single color.



The crib, changing table, dresser and other furniture can be anything you choose.  If you decide on the bold, primary colors, you may want furnishings that are white to contrast with all of the bright accessories in the room.  Should you choose pastel pink, blue or even a light aqua, furnishings may be chosen in a darker wood to contrast with the light shades you use to decorate.  Pine or natural finished furnishings work well with any color scheme.

Creative Painting Makes a World of Difference


There are literally hundreds of things you can do with a little paint!  When it comes to the nursery, you can really get creative.  Many new parents feel that painting soft clouds on the ceiling adds a relaxing touch to the room.  Consider painting playful murals on a wall as well.  This can be something as simple as a few alphabet blocks, or something more intricate like Disney characters.  Just use your imagination!

If your baby is a boy, there are all sorts of options for accessorizing the room.  Sports themes, cars and trucks, fire engines, and tractors work well.  For girls, think about a princess theme, ballerina, or a fairy tale character such as a mermaid.  Of course, teddy bears are perfect for either.

Many people do not want to know the gender of their baby before it is born – they enjoy the surprise.  This is not a problem when it comes to decorating the nursery, simply stick to neutral colors and themes such as Winnie the Pooh, or even a beach theme decorated in soft blue and sand colors.  Keep in mind that your baby won’t remain a baby for long, so you may want to choose a theme that still work when they are two or three years old to keep you from having to update the décor too soon.

Use these tips and ideas when decorating your baby’s room, and include a few of your own creative ideas.  You will have a nursery that is perfect, just like your little one.

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Mar 04 2010

Decorating a Baby Nursery on a Budget

It’s amazing how much money people end up spending decorating a nursery. Fortunately, you can have a stylish baby nursery without spending a fortune. You can create the baby room of your dreams within a limited budget with just a little creativity. Here are some suggestions regarding how to create a great nursery while saving some money in the process.

Decorate in a Style That Will Grow with Your Child
It’s amazing how fast babies grow, and you need to remember that soon the infantile décor of the room will no longer fit. So when decorating a nursery, it’s important to plan in advance. Keep the color scheme neutral to start with so that your child can grow with it. Unless you know that you’re going to be moving within the next year or two, you want to come up with a style that will last until your child is at least 7–10 years old. In the end, this will save you plenty of money, as you won’t have to redecorate every few years as your child grows.

Get Creative and Do It Yourself
A great way to save money on a nursery is to do things yourself. This probably means you’ll need to know how to paint, sew, or build things from wood. If you have a fabric store nearby, it will be much cheaper to make the drapes than to buy them from a store. In addition, this gives you much more creative freedom, as you’ll have a broader choice as to what patterns and colors you use in the room. You can create a fabulous nursery within the budget you have set by getting creative and learning some new skills.

Keep the Nursery Décor Simple and Functional
Another sure way to save money when decorating is to keep things simple. It’s important to keep in mind that your baby’s not going to care what the room looks like for several years. Just because you’ve been thumbing through all those gorgeous nurseries in the magazines and on the web doesn’t necessarily mean that this is what your nursery has to look like. You need to be worried more about the functionality of the room. In the end, it doesn’t really matter if you have the same crib set as your favorite celebrity.

Just because you’re keeping the room simple doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be dull. It’s possible to create an interesting look by choosing smaller and cheaper décor items. One inexpensive addition is wooden letters, which you can easily hand paint for very little. You can create an instant attention-getter that’s inexpensive as well by hanging them on the wall with decorative ribbon. You should also be able to find other nursery items that you can use to add a special touch to your baby’s nursery at garage sales, in flea markets, and on the clearance racks.

You shouldn’t worry about spending a fortune decorating the baby nursery, as having a new baby is expensive enough. Rather, by following these steps, you can create an awesome nursery that won’t break the bank. Then you can save the money for your little one’s college fund instead.

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Nov 30 2009

5 Tips for Decorating a Baby Nursery for New Parents

Baby NurseryMany new parents quickly start thinking about how they are going to decorate the baby’s nursery. Decorating a baby nursery is certainly a lot of fun, but there are some essential things that new parents need to keep in mind concerning the decorating process.

1. Keep Safety in Mind at All Times
When decorating your baby’s nursery, it’s important that you keep the baby’s safety in mind at all times. What this means is that you may have to sacrifice any design elements that could potentially be unsafe for your baby. Important factors to consider include: no small pieces that could create choking hazards, no strangling hazards, no items containing toxic chemicals, and no uncovered electrical outlets.

2. Set a Budget and Stick to It
Your baby’s nursery is a decorating project where it is not at all difficult to go way over your budget. These days, there are plenty of cute baby items that are available and you can get lured in rather easily. Therefore, be sure that you create a reasonable budget for the room beforehand and then stick to it. If your budget is limited, you want to spend the bulk of the money you have on a quality crib and furniture rather than other décor items.

3. You Don’t Have to Choose a Theme
Many new parents insist on choosing a theme for their baby’s nursery. A nursery’s décor can look just as nice without a theme as it does with one. By keeping the room simple with some great furniture and nice paint colors, you can create a wonderful nursery for your child. Then later, as your baby gets older, it will be easier to change the room according to what he or she wants. Don’t let other’s convince you that a theme is necessary, as in truth it is only one of your decorating options.

4. Use Your Creativity and Talents
Some of the best baby nurseries have been create by parents who have channeled their creativity and talents into a completely unique nursery design. If you can draw or paint, for instance, you can design your own mural for the nursery wall. Sewers and knitters can also create items to complement the nursery’s décor. Many new parents find that they like the nursery so much better when they have contributed their own talents and designs to the décor of the room.

5. Make Sure the Nursery Is Functional and Practical
In terms of the functionality of a baby nursery, some new parents have to learn the hard way. Although you might want an aesthetically pleasing nursery, it needs to be practical above all else. The key to a functional and practical room is to find furniture and baby items that you will actually use. So if that rocking chair is not comfortable, even though it might look really cute in the corner, chances are that you’re probably not going to use it and you will have wasted your money.

One thing that most new parents look forward to is decorating the nursery. With a little help from these suggestions, you’ll be able to create the best possible baby nursery for your little one.

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