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Mar 19 2010

How to Incorporating Nature into Your Decor

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There are plenty of ways to bring elements from the natural world inside your home. By incorporating nature into your décor, you also are adding unique items that can help you connect with the room. Here are some great ways to add nature to your home.

Use Water in Your Décor
You will find that there are many different water fountain designs to choose from. However, for that natural look, you need to find one that most closely resembles the natural world. Water fountains that have rocks and stones making up the base will work well here. Fountains are visually pleasing, and the sounds of flowing water will definitely put you in a natural frame of mind.

Decorate with House Plants
To add nature to a room instantly, try adding a house plant. With all the different house plants available, you can choose one based on the style of your room. If you have a Southwestern theme, for instance, you would want to add something like a simple cactus. On the other hand, a room with a Victorian motif would be enhanced with a fern. If you want to add some instant color, try a flowering house plant, such as a chrysanthemum or African violet.

Look for an appropriate basket or pot to place the house plant in-one that coordinates with the rest of the décor. When determining the best place for the plant, you want it to be in an area that not only receives adequate light but also works well with the rest of the room’s design.

Create a Wreath from Nature
If you’re looking for a truly unique natural items, then create your own wreath using items from nature. Some great additions to a nature wreath include reeds, vines, seeds, pinecones, flowers, and dried berries. When you make your own wreath, you can better match the style of your décor. However, you also have the option of buying such nature wreaths-for example, at a craft fair. Hang the wreath in a central location. Two great spots are above the fireplace and above the entrance to another room.

Collect Small Items from Nature
Think about some of the items you love from nature and start a collection. This is another great way to incorporate nature into your décor. You can easily add a natural touch to a room with a vase full of river rocks or a basket filled with seashells. Often, to bring out the vibrant colors of those shells and rocks, you may need to keep them in water. Some other items from nature that make great collectibles are pinecones, seeds, fruit, branches, and flowers.

These are only some of the many ways natural items can be incorporated into your décor. Look around the next time you are outside for natural items. With a little creativity you can include these unique items in your décor.

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