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Feb 03 2012

Easy and Affordable Kitchen Decorating Tips

While you probably thought your kitchen decor was beautiful when you first designed it, after a few years it begins to get a bit old and dull; you’re ready for a change, but you don’t have the money for a complete remodeling job.  In this article, you will discover some great tips for transforming your kitchen without draining your budget.

Brighten up the kitchen and create an airy look for summer

Summer is just around the corner, and you want a kitchen that is fresh, light and appealing.  To achieve an open, bright look place mirrors on the walls in your dining room to reflect the light from the windows.  Place the mirrors directly across the room from windows or in a corner on the wall adjacent to the wall with a window for the most reflected light.

Rearrange the kitchen furniture to create a “summer arrangement”.  You could move the furniture into a diagonal pattern; take a leaf out of the table to create more space, even remove dark colored or heavily patterned table runners and chair pads, replacing them with bright colored cotton fabrics for an airy effect.

Freshen up the walls

Painting the walls is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to change the look of a room.  In the kitchen, bright colors offer a cheerful atmosphere.  While you may like white, try light shades of apricot, sage green or butter yellow.

Texturing techniques can add drama, and are easy to do.  Learn how to sponge, rag roll or feather dust a wall to create intricate patterns that are much like textured wall paper or stucco walls.

Bring the outdoors inside with plants

Real or silk, plants add life to any room.  Sit live or silk plants in window sills in ceramic or copper planters; hang a larger plant from the ceiling to dress up a bare corner.  If you have an open area above your kitchen cabinets, arrange several plants of various sizes for an appealing look.

Rugs – the solution to a variety of problems

Do your floors lack color?  Are they worn in areas where traffic is heavy?  A new floor can cost a great deal of money, but rugs can give your kitchen a whole new look and add color and warmth to a room.

If you have a country kitchen, add brightly colored sunflower rugs in high traffic areas or in front of the sink.  Bold, bright patterns work well in a modern kitchen. For a bistro-style or French country kitchen, large oriental rugs make a dramatic impact.  Today, you can find rugs in any style, shape, size or color to suit your decorating needs – and they’re great for covering up worn areas, burn marks and more!

Look around to see what might work for you.  There are lots of simple ideas you can find in home decorating magazines, on television, even online.  Sometimes the best ideas come when you’re just browsing around with nothing specific in mind.

Put these ideas to work in your kitchen – you will be amazed at how much appeal you can add to your kitchen with a minimum of money or effort.

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Aug 02 2011

Create Your Dream Kitchen on a Shoestring Budget

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Remodeling a kitchen is one of the most expensive projects you can take on in your home.  In fact, having a professional complete the renovations can cost anywhere from $7,000 to $15,000 or more, depending on what you have done.

You can do much of the renovation yourself and save a bundle of money.  For about 1/2 or less of what you would pay a professional, there are some things you can do that will give your kitchen a whole new look, and greatly add to the value of your home.

In the sink area

A tile backsplash adds color and pizzazz to your kitchen, and pullout faucets offer a modern look while making your sink more functional.

For about $4 per square foot, tile can brighten the room and add interest.  Consider a checkerboard pattern or alternating colors that lend to the decor of the room.  Also keep in mind that tiles do not have to match counter tops; a contrasting look is interesting and adds depth.  You can find floral and abstract patterned tiles, even tiles with fruit motifs.

A pullout faucet can be purchased for around $250, and offers a variety of looks, from traditional to sleek and contemporary.  Not only can you find chrome finishes, today’s pullout faucets are available in brushed stainless steel and copper as well.

The look of new cabinets

Having cabinets built is one of the most expensive aspects of remodeling your kitchen, but you can reface or refinish them yourself if the structure is still good for about 1/2 the price of new cabinetry.

If you decide to refinish your cabinets, this will require stripping the finish and then staining or painting the surface.  For re-facing, you will need to remove cabinet and door fronts and replace them with matching veneers.  Changing the hardware on your drawers and cabinets will also give them an updated new look.

Jazz up the walls

Bland colored walls are becoming a thing of the past.  One of the quickest and most affordable ways to give your kitchen a new look is to paint, stencil or wallpaper the walls using vibrant colors and appealing designs.

Instead of a white or off-white wall, consider bold colors such as green, blue and rustic red.  Soft yellow is nice if you have a small kitchen that needs a bright color; trim out the walls in contrasting or complementary colors to really set off the walls.  Stenciling and sponging techniques allow you to give the walls texture and added design.

Update appliances

Sure, a new refrigerator or stove is expensive – but you don’t have to buy a new one if the one you have now still works well.

If your appliances look a bit outdated or don’t really blend well with your new decor, consider painting them with appliance paint.  You can also buy new panels to put on your appliances so that they blend with your cabinets and lend to the new look of your kitchen.

As you can see, you don’t have to spend a fortune to create your dream kitchen!  Update the windows with new window treatments; consider a porcelain or stainless steel sink.  There are dozens of budget-friendly ways you can transform the look of your kitchen.

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May 12 2011

Why Remodeling Your Kitchen is a Good Idea

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The kitchen is often the “hub” of the home; it is where families enjoy meals and share the activities of the day.  When visitors come, this is the room where everyone “hangs out”, especially if there are snacks involved or you’re hosting a party.  You want your kitchen to reflect who you are, and you want it to be as beautiful as possible – but there are other reasons you may want to remodel your kitchen as well.

Increase the value of your home

One of the major reasons people remodel their kitchen is to increase the value of their homes.  The kitchen is the most important room in the house when prospective buyers are looking; even more than any other room, they want a kitchen that is not only beautiful but designed in a way that is efficient.

When looking at the kitchen, a buyer may look to see how close the dishwasher is located to the sink, or if the refrigerator is located in a convenient place.  Cabinets also make a difference, as they are perhaps the most expensive “decor” item in the kitchen.

Get the whole family involved

You may not even be thinking about selling your home, but if your kitchen does need an “update” – it would be a great way to get everyone in the family together on a fun project.

Remodeling your kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean replacing all of the cabinets and having new counter tops or flooring installed.  There are many things you can do yourself that will make your kitchen look as though it has been completely remodeled.

Paint the cabinets or give them a coat of stain; paint the walls and add wainscoting for richness and depth.  Put in a new porcelain or stainless steel sink – there are TONS of things you can do!

Just because your kitchen looks tired

The best reason of all to remodel your kitchen is because you want to; it’s beginning to look dated, and you’ve grown bored with the current decor.

Maybe your kitchen is now decorated in a traditional or elegant style, and you want something a bit more fun.  Transforming an elegant kitchen into one that is primitive or country is easy!  Change up the color scheme, trade out the accents and paint the cabinets.

An easy way to accomplish a country or cottage chic look in the kitchen is to paint the cabinets and then sand lightly around the edges to give them a worn or antique look.  Add accents that offer country appeal, such as sunflowers, roosters, iron skillets, rolling pins and tin signs.

Change the curtains to add further to the country decor theme.  You may want to use wood shutters, or a gingham fabric in a checked pattern.  A wrought iron hanging pot rack and bakers rack complete the look.

Painting the walls makes a huge difference in the atmosphere of the room.  With a country theme, warm colors such as muted reds, warm oranges and sunny yellows give the room cheer; in a French cafe or wine decor theme, gray, purple, burgundy and cream add a romantic, soft ambiance to the room.

As you can see, there are many great reasons to remodel your kitchen!  You can do it on a shoe-string budget, but the transformation to your kitchen will be phenomenal.

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Apr 25 2011

Your Home is Your Castle – Design Your Kitchen With the Needs of Your Family in Mind

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Your home is your castle, therefore it should be comfortable to you and your family.  The kitchen should be designed so you get the best use of all the space.

Deciding on colors, flooring and other factors

The first thing you need to do is decide on the colors you want.  What about the flooring; do you want tile, linoleum or something else?  You need to consider what type of floor will best suit you and how easy it is to clean.

You may decide you want an island in your kitchen; before installing, decide if you prefer it be stationary or portable.  How about the placement of your windows, do you want one over your sink looking out toward the street or to the rear of your home?

Placement of appliances

Where would the dishwasher work best for you? Place it near the sink if it is to be stationary or consider a portable if you would like the convenience of rolling it to the table so that you can load the dishes without carrying them in to the kitchen.

Now it’s time to consider the range; do you want a built in range or just a range top and a separate oven built in?  You may want white because it looks clean, but you may prefer a colored range because stains and splatter won’t be as noticeable.  Be sure it doesn’t clash with your wall colors.

Your kitchen sink will be used often, so decide whether you prefer white or colored porcelain or stainless steel.  While choosing your sink, it is a good idea to go ahead and pick faucets that will match the design.

The biggest decision you may make is what refrigerator will be best for your family  A side-by-side gives you more freezer space; if you choose a refrigerator with the freezer on top or bottom, consider how many frozen goods you usually keep, as you may need to buy a separate freezer to store those items.  Again, keep your color scheme in mind when selecting your icebox.

Other decisions to ponder

Would a pantry be of use to you?  If you store a lot of canned goods, boxed items and vegetables, a pantry comes in handy.  You can build one in the kitchen if space allows, or build it in another area of the house where it may even hold a chest freezer.

Cabinet placement requires a bit of thought, especially if you want certain items to be conveniently located.  For example, you may want your drinking glasses located in a cabinet near the refrigerator, so that you don’t have to walk across the room to get ice.  Cookware stored near the stove is a good idea as well if you cook on a regular basis.

Can a section of your counters be used as a bar?  If you plan on using it for meals or as a place for the kids to have a snack, think about how high it should be.  A counter that is normal height will require bar stools; if you prefer to use chairs, the counter area will need to be a bit lower than normal.

These are all details you need to think about carefully when designing your kitchen.  Since this is the room that your family is likely to be in most often, you want it to be relaxing, comfortable and convenient.  Use the tips above to design a kitchen that is not only beautiful, but created with great use of available space as well.

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Nov 17 2010

One Simple Renovation Can Transform Your Kitchen

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Are you growing tired of the appearance of your kitchen and just want a little change without spending a lot of money?  Have you ever considered simply redoing the cabinets in your kitchen to help spice things up a bit?  It may sound expensive, but depending on which method you choose it can be quick and extremely affordable.  This is a great project for those husbands who want to show their wife how special she is.

There are several different ways to give your kitchen cabinets a makeover.  If you don’t have any problems with the layout or design of your kitchen cabinets, you can make them a bit more modern by changing their surface appearance.  Simply replace the cabinet doors and drawer fronts and cover the frames with a matching veneer.


There are three types of finishes to pick from; plastic laminate, wood veneer and RTF.  This will save you money because you can resurface kitchen cabinets for a third of what it costs to replace them.  To make the room look better, replace a few of your cabinet doors with stained, etched or leaded glass.  This will give your kitchen a fresh, modern look and take away the outdated appearance you may feel your kitchen has.

Paint and save a ton of money

If you don’t have the money to buy new kitchen cabinet doors, or you like the design but just want a small change, think paint.  A little paint can dramatically change the look, not only of your cabinets, but your entire kitchen!  Make sure you choose paint that can withstand the temperature fluctuations in the kitchen.  Oil based paints are the best; they grip better, and they offer a longer lasting, more durable finish than acrylic paints.

Consider removing the cabinet doors completely

The most cost-effective way to renovate the look of your cabinets is to remove the doors altogether.  If you are someone who loves order and has no clutter inside your cabinets, this is a perfect solution.  Open-faced cabinets offer a country appeal as long as you keep your items well organized.  Should you choose to go this route, just clean up the outside framework and add a fresh coat of paint to the framework as well as inside the cabinets.  You may want to use a shade of paint that complements the rest of the decor in your kitchen.

Making the room look brand new is easily accomplished by simply changing the knobs, pulls and hinges on the cabinets.  Pick from several different finishes, like wrought iron, nickel, brass, or even stainless steel.  Whatever you choose for your cabinets, this is a very affordable way to renovate your kitchen without spending more than your budget allows.

Whichever ideas you try, little changes can make a huge difference.  If you’re a little bored with the way your kitchen looks, give it a little “face-lift” using some of the tips above!  Your kitchen will take on an entirely different feel, and you won’t spend more than you can afford in the process.

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Sep 15 2010

Country Style Kitchens Never Lose Their Charm and Appeal!

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There is nothing quite like a big country kitchen to welcome family at the end of the day. It is a great space for entertaining when inviting friends and other guests who stop by for a visit as well.  A country themed kitchen is warm, relaxed and inviting – and packed full of charm.  Families can spend their evenings gathered around the table for a big meal, or discussing the events of the day.  This article offers tips and ideas for transforming your kitchen into your favorite room of your home.

You don’t have to have a great big kitchen for the country theme to work!  Any space can be given old fashioned charm with a few simple changes.

Color is Key


In a country style kitchen you want colors that are basically natural and on the light side.  Sand, cream, golden brown and terracotta are great colors to use as the base for your decorating.  Cream colored walls are beautiful when trimmed in golden brown baseboards.  This sets off the room and creates a depth that is noticeable.  A countertop in terracotta or sand adds a bit more color and makes the room look rich.

The More Wood the Better


With the country theme of decorating, lots of wood is in order!  Your table can be round or oblong, even square – but make sure it is made of wood.  Chairs should be made of wood as well, although they don’t have to match.  Odd chairs look great in this style of décor as long as they are all made of wood.

Wood cabinets in an oak or maple finish are beautiful for the kitchen, as are wood floors.  Of course, if you cannot afford wood floors you can simply throw a few accent rugs here and there that are decorated with a country theme.

Pots and Pans can be Decorative


A simple touch can add so much to the appearance of your kitchen.  Consider hanging your pots and pans from a wrought iron rack hanging from the ceiling.  This gives you additional cabinet space as well, so that you can put all of those small appliances and other things that crowd your counter tops out of sight.  Hanging your pots and pans really adds old fashioned charm.



Accessories are what complete the look, so make sure you don’t leave out this step.  Plants in terracotta pots are essential, and they add warmth to the room.  For the walls, you might consider hand-made hangings that are cross-stitched to add a personal touch.  Mason jars filled with heavenly-scented candles are a good addition, and make the room smell wonderful.

Of course, you will also want to consider your own favorite country theme.  Some like to use an abundance of roosters or other farm animals, while others prefer a sunflower theme to brighten up the room.  Use your own creative ideas, and get to work on your own charming country kitchen!  Your family will love it, and all guests who enter will never want to leave.

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Sep 09 2010

Transform Your Small Kitchen in to One That Appears Spacious and Airy

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If you have a small kitchen, you know what a worry it can be.  Many families spend much of their time in this room enjoying meals, and company often likes to sit at the kitchen table and visit.  If your kitchen is so tiny that you feel you can barely turn around, there are some easy ways to make it appear much larger.  This article offers tips that will help you transform your kitchen from a room that feels constricting, to one that you will really enjoy.

Before you get started, go through your cabinets and cupboards and clear out anything that isn’t absolutely necessary.  No, this doesn’t really have anything to do with making your kitchen appear larger, but it will make you feel better when you open up your cupboards to organization and room instead of clutter.

First of All, Organize


A cluttered, junked-up counter top really decreases the space in a kitchen.  While small appliances, plants, canisters and other knick-knacks don’t use floor space, they do make the room look unorganized and smaller.  With your counter tops opened up and free of clutter, you will be on your way to creating an airy, spacious look.

Walls and Floors


You probably already know this, but light colors really expand a room.  If your walls are dark or covered with wallpaper, it’s time to make a change.  Strip wallpaper; small prints, flowers and any intricate designs make the room look smaller.  A fresh coat of butter yellow paint or any other very light color will look appealing and visually open the room.

Floors should be kept light as well.  If you have wood floors, natural wood or pine stained in a very light shade looks clean.  Linoleum or ceramic tile should be light colored as well, perhaps in cream or sand shades.



Most people cannot afford new cabinets, as they are very expensive.  As with your walls and floors, cabinets need to be of a light shade.  If you have dark cabinets, you can give them a face lift yourself to save money.  Updating your cabinets will transform the look and feel of your kitchen more than you can imagine.  Sand the finish, apply a couple of coats of light colored paint, and add some decorative hardware.  You may want to apply a coat of glossy polyurethane to protect the paint and give it sheen.

Opening up your windows allows light to come in and works great for making the room look more spacious.  If you can, leave the window over your sink completely open with no curtains or other window treatments.  If you must use something, keep it sheer and light colored to continue with the airy appeal.

Keep the floors clear of furniture and other accessories that are not needed.  If you have lots of plants, baskets or other things taking up floor space, move them out.  The cleaner you keep the floors, counter tops and kitchen table, the more spacious your kitchen will appear.  Put a few of these tips to work for you, and soon you will have a kitchen that looks as though it has doubled in size!

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Jun 21 2010

Create a Warm Country Style Kitchen

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Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to decorating their home, but you would be hard pressed to find many that do not like the cozy, welcoming atmosphere of a country style kitchen.  The kitchen area is often the “heart” of the home.  This is where family congregates to enjoy good food and good conversation!  This article offers tips and ideas on how to incorporate an old time country look and charm in your kitchen.

A country style kitchen often displays a good deal of early American character.  A farmhouse comes to mind in this style of décor; rooster, cows, hens, pigs and other farm animals are often on display.  It is typical for the theme to focus on a particular animal.  It is perfectly fight, though to use a combination of animals and display them in various locations around the room.

The Kitchen Table is Central to the Theme
Many country themed kitchens are one big room.  In other words, the table may actually be in the kitchen itself, as there is often no separate dining room.  In this case, it is essential that your table and chairs are designed in the country style.  High backed wooden chairs may have cushioned or decorated seats.  To add even more to the old time charm, try to find a solid wood table that displays visible knots from the tree that the table was made from.  A hutch or buffet will complete the furnishings for the room.

Antique Touches Add Charm
Another great thing about a country style kitchen is that you can find many of the accessories you need at flea markets and garage sales.  Old butter churns and iron skillets create a look that reminds everyone who enters of years gone by at grandma’s house.  Hang old cast iron skillets in varying sizes on one wall; display an old butter mold on the counter top.  Any accents or trivets that look as though they were a long time ago are perfect for this type of décor.

Carry Through With a Theme
If you do decide to choose one central theme for the room, carry it throughout.  For example, if roosters are what you decide upon, use them everywhere.  You can find cookie jars, canisters, hot pads, dish towels, clocks and more that are designed in a rooster pattern.

For the windows, you may want to consider using curtains that coordinate with the colors in the room.  The colors often used in the country decorating theme include rustic hues like dark red or rust, golden yellow, blue, dark green and brown.  Use a solid colored curtain or a pattern that complements the rest of the décor.  You may also decide you would rather use wood shutters, which are perfect with this type of decorating.

As for lighting, nothing adds more charm than a wrought iron chandelier.  This look is not too elegant or dressy, as some styles of chandeliers would be for country decorating.  Hung over the table, this will add to the cozy and comfortable atmosphere.  Place a basket filled with fresh fruit or pine cones and other natural foliage in the center of the table, and your charming country kitchen is complete!  Nothing beats country for charm, beauty and the warmth of family gatherings.

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