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Nov 09 2010

Tips for a Warm and Welcoming Country Kitchen

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Nothing is quite as warm and inviting as a big country kitchen filled with accents and accessories that provide that “down home” appeal.  Today, many families and their guests spend a good deal of time in the kitchen, sharing stories and indulging in goodies as they relax after a long day at work.  In this article, you will find some great tips and ideas for adding the charming look and atmosphere that only a country style kitchen can offer.

Incorporate warm colors

For the country theme, it is essential that you use those colors that create a warm, relaxing environment.  Rust red, country blue, green and yellow are often used in this style of décor to create a colorful yet warm atmosphere.  Consider painting the walls a relaxing shade of country blue, complemented by baseboards and trim work in cream or antique white.

Perk up the walls

While painted walls are fine, you may want to consider bead board paneling, wall paper or even stencils you paint on yourself.  A wallpaper or stenciled boarder around the top of the wall adds further charm and appeal when you use a pattern that includes roosters, teapots, sunflowers or fruit.

Today, you can also create interesting walls yourself using paint and a few techniques that add texture such as stenciling, sponging, and rag-rolling.  Using these techniques allows you to create a look that is original and all your own!  It also adds a personal touch that will make you proud.

Lighting and windows

In a country style kitchen, the lighting you use and the window treatments you select can make all the difference.  Consider light fixtures that are made of wood, wrought iron or tin; curtains designed in gingham checks or plaids or those with stenciled borders give your windows that country fresh appeal.

Accessories complete the look

While most other styles of decorating a kitchen advise you to keep things simple and sleek, country decorating is just the opposite; you want charming accents anywhere and everywhere!  A wrought iron pot rack hanging from the ceiling is the perfect place for those iron skillets.  Cinnamon and apple pie scented candles can be placed on counter tops, a baker’s rack, or any other flat surface.

The kitchen table can be made of any type of wood, as long as the look is a bit worn or distressed.  A large braided rug placed directly under the table adds charm, as does a country-style throw rug for the area in front of your sink.  Wooden or tin country signs, baskets, cookbooks and canisters finish the look and bring everything together.

Not everyone’s idea of country decorating is the same; some like Americana, while other prefer hearts, cows, roosters, gingerbread men or even sunflowers.  To make your home as comfortable as possible, always use those items that are your favorites.  A country home feels lived in; those who visit your home know they are welcome, and that you are in no hurry for them to leave.  Make your home the most inviting on the block by adding the old-fashioned charm of country décor.

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Nov 08 2010

8 Easy Ideas for Freshening Up the Look of Your Kitchen

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Remodeling a kitchen can cost a fortune, but you can make a few easy (and cost-effective) changes yourself that will give your kitchen an entirely new look.  If your kitchen is beginning to look a little drab and needs livening up a bit, this article will give you some inspirational ideas that will help you “do it yourself” – and give you a kitchen you will once again love sitting in while enjoying a cup of hot coffee as the sun rises over the horizon.

Give drab windows an overhaul

If you’ve been using mini blinds or curtains that are out of date, consider hanging a curtain rod and folding fabric napkins or placements over it at a diagonal.  This will add a bold splash of color and a unique design!

Switch out your handles and drawer pulls

Instead of brass or wood knobs that are plain, get a little creative.  You can easily replace your knobs and handles with unique patterns available today such as vegetables, fruit, teapots and abstract styles that add an unusual touch to cabinet doors and drawers.

Get the look of new appliances

Have appliances that work like new, but the colors are outdated?  You can easily change colors by using appliance paint.  Simply remove handles and tape off any areas you don’t want painted with masking tape.  Apply the color of your choice, and enjoy appliances that look new and modern.

Nothing breathes new life like a fresh coat of paint

Just painting your walls in itself can give your kitchen a fresh new look.  Try some of the easy techniques such as sponging, stamping, rag-rolling and feather dusting to create a beautiful, rich texture.  Consider painting baseboards and trim a contrasting color to really make the walls “pop.”

Do-it-yourself floors

If your floors are stained or worn out, it can be expensive to have new ceramic tile or wood floors installed.  Today, there are beautifully patterned self-adhesive vinyl tiles you can easily install yourself, and they are far less costly than having other types of floors installed.  The quality has also improved drastically over the years.

Give your cabinets a new finish

It’s fairly easy to strip the old finish off of your cabinets and replace it with new.  Citrus-based strippers are now available that let you easily remove the old finish with greater safety.  Just layer it on, let it set for a few minutes and then rub off with rags.  Once you remove the old finish, you can create an antiqued, worn look by painting and then sanding the edges, or apply a combination of polyurethane and stain for a fresh new look.

Clear the clutter

Nothing makes a kitchen look as messy as too much clutter.  When you have small appliances, mail, dishes and other things scattered all over your counter tops, the look is nothing but cluttered.  Put small appliances under the counter or in a pantry.  Remove everything except the absolute necessities, and you will see that your kitchen instantly has a more spacious, clean look.

Add a few embellishments

If you really want to spruce up your kitchen, try some of the new do-it-yourself crown molding at the top of your cabinets or even around the ceiling.  Consider placing a chair rail around your entire dining room to dress it up a bit.  These additions will give your kitchen a dressy, elegant appeal.

The ideas mentioned above are all affordable, and most are easy to accomplish yourself.  A complete remodel would cost tens of thousands of dollars if you were to buy new cabinets, new floors, and new counter tops.  By doing these things yourself, you potentially save thousands – and have a brand new kitchen you will absolutely love.

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Nov 01 2010

Great Ideas for Decorating a Kitchen on a Budget

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Nearly every home owner knows that decorating or remodeling a kitchen is one of the most expensive projects in the home.  If you cannot afford new counter tops, floors and cabinets, how can you renovate the kitchen and give it fresh, new appeal?  We have several ideas, all of which you will find below.

Your kitchen is a place where friends and family gather to enjoy good meals, visit and discuss the day.  In fact, many families spend more time in this room than they do in the living or family room.

Give the walls a face lift

The easiest (and perhaps most affordable) thing you can do to update your kitchen and dining areas is to paint the walls.  You might consider using a bright, sunny yellow or a soft pumpkin shade to add life to the room.  Go online and learn about some of the techniques you can handle yourself to add texture to the walls, things such as ragging, rag-rolling and sponging.  The looks you can accomplish with paint today are absolutely amazing!

Consider doing the baseboards and door trim in a complementing or contrasting shade to make your walls pop.

Small accents make a big difference

Most likely, you cannot afford to put new cabinets in your kitchen.  However, there are some things you can do yourself that will give them an entirely new look!

Consider changing the hardware.  You can find cabinet door knobs and drawer pulls in all types of materials, colors and designs.  Some are elegant, some are country-themed, some are bright and colorful, and others are simple.  Decide what goes best with your decor.

For the cabinet doors, consider accenting them with a pattern if they are of a solid color or stained wood.  You can use wallpaper or paint to place a rectangle around the entire perimeter, or be creative and come up with your own unique design!


Years ago, many women didn’t really like to use much fabric in the kitchen and avoided window treatments, table cloths, etc.  Fabrics were hard to get cleaned, and grease stains were challenging to remove.  Now, nearly any material can be washed.

Think about making your own window hangings, table runners and dinner napkins!  This is an easy task, even for those who don’t sew.  If you can cut out a shape, you can use hemming tape around the edges to give your decorations a nice, clean border.  Consider adding lace or rick rack around the edges to add charm.

Clear your counters off and remove any gadgets or small appliances you don’t use every day.  A clean counter top makes a room look organized; too many things setting around make it look cluttered and messy.  Keep accessories to a minimum; a ceramic vase filled with flowers and a basket full of fruits and greenery are all that you need to give your kitchen a fresh, vibrant appeal.

Put these ideas to work in your kitchen, and you will find that you can see a total transformation for under $100!

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Oct 05 2010

Avoid These Mistakes When Updating Your Kitchen Decor

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Updating the design of your kitchen can give it an appealing, fresh new look which is important, especially if you are considering selling your home.  If not well thought out a redesign can also create problems and cost you a bundle.  This article offers tips for renovating your kitchen the right way, without overspending or creating obstacles for yourself.

Realize that if you have a small budget, you shouldn’t visualize your kitchen with new appliances, cabinets and counter tops.  Making all of these changes can cost a fortune, so if you don’t have the budget, keep your ideas simple.  Small, affordable changes can make a huge difference in the appearance and appeal of your kitchen!

Don’t be impulsive

If you haven’t yet decided on the theme you want, don’t buy the first thing that jumps out at you.  Take a notebook along, and make notes about various accessories, kitchen ware and other gadgets you like.  If you are planning on purchasing a new faucet, new appliances or other items that are on the expensive side, comparison shop for the best price before you buy.

Choose a style that “fits” with the rest of your home

Another thing you want to avoid when renovating or refreshing your kitchen is choosing a decor that is completely at odds with the rest of your home.  While it is okay to blend styles, such as western and country, having a cottage chic kitchen and ultra-modern living room looks a little strange.

If your living room and kitchen are open to each other, it’s best to use similar colors and styles so that the rooms blend seamlessly.

Remember – all those little extras add up

For those on a tight budget, it can be easy to overspend before they realize it.  All those kitchen gadgets and decorative accessories can really add up, especially when purchased separately.  Buy one or two at a time and the cost seems reasonable, but when you add up the total you may be shocked at what you have spent!

Even if you can afford new cabinets or other high-dollar items, prepare before updating your kitchen.  Decide on the color scheme you will use, and make notes as you shop around first.  Consider your storage needs, so that there are no surprises when you have those new cabinets installed.  Also, if you have decided on a new tile floor or beautiful new counter tops, don’t forget to account for the installation fees!

Put these tips and ideas to work for you, and update your kitchen with less stress and more money left in your bank account.  Creating a plan of attack will not only ensure that you don’t spend more than you intend to, it will also result in a more beautiful and carefully coordinated look when completed.  The kitchen is one of the most used rooms of your home, so use care in making it a room that is not only beautiful, but warm and welcoming as well.

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Sep 21 2010

Renovate Your Kitchen on a Budget

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The kitchen is perhaps the most expensive room in the house to completely remodel, but also the most important space when it comes to selling your home.  You may not be trying to sell, but still desire a freshly updated look.  Other than spending tens of thousands of dollars on a complete remodel, there are many affordable things you can do yourself to give your kitchen an entirely different look.  This article offers tips and ideas to help you create a fresh, appealing room that beckons to family as well as visitors.

Be aware that if you ever do decide to sell your home, the kitchen is often the room most closely scrutinized by buyers.  Many families spend a good deal of time in this room, and they want a room that is beautiful but relaxing as well.



Color plays a vital role in the appearance and atmosphere of your kitchen.  Depending on your style preferences, you may want basic colors such as cream, tan or white to make the room look clean and bright.  For those who like a bit more splash and interest, color can be added on walls and counter tops, and also through the use of accessories.  Think colors like ocher, terracotta and blue if you desire a warm look.



Cabinets are what usually add significantly to the cost of remodeling a kitchen.  If yours are still in decent shape, you might consider sanding and refinishing or even painting them a different color.  White cabinets look clean and give an airy atmosphere to the room.  Any color is fine, as long as it blends with the rest of your décor.  If you don’t want to refinish all of your cabinets, adding new drawer pulls and hardware can really change the look with a minimum of effort.



This is another area where you can spend big bucks if you aren’t careful.  If your appliances are old and really need to be replaced, consider buying appliances that are used on the showroom floor of the store where you intend to buy.  Usually, appliances that have been used as display models can be bought for a fraction of the price of those in boxes.  If you simply cannot afford new appliances of any kind, consider painting those you have with appliance paint.

The simplest and most cost effective ways to give your kitchen a fresh new look is to paint the walls, update the floor and buy a few new accessories.  These days, you can buy flooring that is easy to install yourself.  You might also consider painting the baseboards and door trim a contrasting color to add more interest.

Keep clutter to a minimum on counter tops, it makes your kitchen look clean and organized.  Fresh herbs in terracotta pots add a nice touch, as do coordinated dish towels.  An accent rug placed in front of the sink helps keep the floor clean while adding a vibrant splash of color.  You may also want to create a centerpiece for the dining room table yourself by crafting it of dried herbs and greenery.  If your kitchen has more of a country theme, consider a wicker or rattan basket lined with gingham checked material and filled with fresh fruits.

Think outside the box, and let your imagination run wild.  There are many things that you can do to renovate your kitchen without spending too much money!

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Sep 13 2010

Adding a Natural Element to Kitchen Design with Olive and White

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A great kitchen is essential to many home owners, especially since this is one of the most highly trafficked areas of your home.  This is where family and friends gather to eat great meals and catch up on the events of the day.  If you want your kitchen design to include a natural element that is warm and inviting, olive and white are perfect colors for achieving this.  This article will detail how you can transform your kitchen into one with great appeal and a natural feel.

With so many people into green living, this color scheme helps add to the natural and simplistic appeal on top of its other benefits.

Cabinetry Takes on a Whole New Look


No one wants the look of avocado green that was so “in” back in the 60’s and 70’s.  Olive green comes in many shades, from deep forest green to pastel shades.  For your cabinets, the best choice is a medium hue much like the lighter shades you find in camouflage materials.   While olive may not be the first color that comes to mind when you think of updating your kitchen, you will be stunned at the appeal that comes when you mix pure white and olive.  Just look online at a few examples and you will see that the look is truly striking.

You can paint your cabinets without much difficulty, and give them an entirely new look.  If your cabinets are already painted, simply paint over the existing color.  If your cabinets are stained and varnished, you may want to lightly sand the finish before painting.  Once you have achieved the medium olive tone you want, simply add white hardware to contrast.

Choose White to Complement

While the cabinets will be the main source of olive green in the room, white accessories will add interest and keep the room from looking drab or dull.  Appliances that you keep on your counter top should be white, and the counter top itself may be solid white or a mixture of olive and white, with white being the predominant color.

You should further dress up the look by adding a white paper towel holder, white drawer pulls, and white lighting fixtures.

Accessories Complete the Look


The accessories you choose really tie together the complete look and add visual appeal.  Consider a kitchen floor mat that can be used in front of the sink in an olive and white floral or leaf pattern.  Linoleum or tile will also be beautiful when these two colors are combined.

For the kitchen table, use a solid white tablecloth and accent with an olive colored pot filled with herbs or other natural greenery as a centerpiece.  White walls accented by olive baseboards and large botanical prints add even more visual appeal.

The look is totally fresh and unique when compared with most kitchens you see today.  If your desire is to have a kitchen that looks modern and inviting, olive and white is a spectacular combination that mixes the pure, pristine look of white with hues that are straight out of nature!

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Jul 19 2010

Add a Touch of the Wild West to Your Kitchen

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Whether you live on a ranch or in the middle of the city, western style décor offers plenty of color and charm.  If you are ready to make a change in your kitchen and dining areas and want to add some spice, this is the perfect way to achieve your new look.  This article offers tips and ideas for transforming your kitchen in to a western-themed ponderosa, where the entire family, as well as your guests, will enjoy relaxing in the warm, welcoming ambiance.

Western décor is colorful, often incorporating rich, warm colors such as brown, red and blue.  A western flair offers rooms that are colorful, fun and packed with visual appeal.


Use Plenty of Wood and Iron


Adding that home-on-the-range look to your kitchen requires plenty of wood and iron.  Wrought iron accents are perfect for this type of décor, as is copper.  Your kitchen table may be of a rough-hewn unfinished wood, or even an old wagon wheel topped with glass.  Consider hanging a wrought-iron pot rack or a baker’s rack constructed of worn wood and punched tin.  Top your table with a runner made of a western-themed fabric.

Add Interest to Counter Tops


Add colorful touches to counter tops with cookie jars, canisters, and other knick-knacks decorated in a western theme.  Dish cloths and dish towels can also be decorated with a western design.  Wrought iron candle holders are great, as are terra cotta colored pots filled with herbs and other greenery.

You may want to consider a central theme, such as cowboy boots, cowboy hats or even horses.  You can find planters that are designed in the shape of a cowboy boot, and horseshoes make great napkin holders.  Hang horseshoes and other iron accents on the walls – the more the better!  Blending copper accessories in with the iron also makes for a unique look.

Add Color to the Walls


When it comes to your walls, think rustic colors.  You may want to paint a single wall, or paint them all.  Terra cotta colored paint is great for western décor, as is an amber shade of brown.  You may even want to run a boldly colored wall paper border around the top of the walls to add further pizzazz.

For the windows use fabrics that are solid colored or patterned in a western theme or consider using wooden shutters.  The trick is to put your own creative ideas to work!  Focus either on all that is western, or narrow your décor choices down to one particular theme such as cowboy boots.  Your aim is to make your kitchen and dining areas look as though they came straight out of the west.

There are no rules, so have fun!  You can find many accents and accessories that are made of worn wood and wrought iron at flea markets and garage sales.  Consider putting wood beams on the ceiling to further add to the appeal.  You can find lots more ideas by looking through magazines, or even browsing the internet.  Remember, fill the room with plenty of rich color for a look that is anything but bland.

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Jul 16 2010

Open Up a Small Kitchen For a Spacious Look

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If your kitchen is on the small side, there have probably been many times you wished it was a bit more spacious.  While it’s impossible to add square footage to the room without building on to your kitchen, you can make it appear much larger!  When a room looks more spacious, it feels that way as well.  This article offers tips and ideas on how to visually open up your kitchen so that it appears spacious and airy.

Clear it Off
Clutter makes any room look smaller.  If your counter tops are filled with gadgets, jars, small appliances, plants, candles and other things, clear them off!  You will be amazed at how one small change such as removing the clutter from your counter tops will change the look of the room.

Let the Sun Shine In!
Another small change you can make that will make a dramatic difference is to let natural light shine in.  If your kitchen and dining room windows are covered with dark wood shutters or heavy fabrics, make a switch to light colored shades or mini blinds.  These allow you to completely open up the window when you choose, and offer privacy after dark.  If you must use a valance or curtain, choose bright, sunny colors.

Expand the Perimeter of the Room with Light Colored Walls
Most people know that dark colors minimize while light colors expand.  For your small kitchen walls, choose colors that are light, such as cream, pale yellow or white.  Dark colors will only make the room look smaller, while light colors add appeal and make the room look much larger than it actually is.

Floors should be light as well.  Natural wood without dark stain is best for making your kitchen appear larger; if you choose stone, linoleum or tile keep the shades light as well.

Cabinetry Makes a Difference
If your cabinets are dark, consider sanding them down and staining or painting a lighter shade.  This is much less expensive than buying new cabinets, and will transform the look of the room!  You may also want to consider clear glass panels in cabinet doors to further open up the room.

When it comes to small kitchens, keep busy patterns to a minimum.  Intricate floral wallpaper or boldly patterned tablecloths, curtains and other accessories tend to make a room look even smaller.  Keep lines simple and basic.  A solid colored tablecloth should be used if you choose to use one at all, or a light colored runner works as well.  Adding interesting bursts of color through a simple centerpiece or wall hangings is enough to liven up the room a bit without making it look smaller.

When it comes to appliances, white or stainless steel is best.  Stainless steel is reflective, which works much like a mirror to make the room look larger.  The secret to opening up any small space is to keep simple, uncluttered lines and use light color!  Put some of these ideas to work in your kitchen, and you will find that it looks and feels like you have twice as much room.

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Jul 08 2010

Transform Your Kitchen Into an Italian Bistro

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Is your kitchen becoming outdated and, well, just plain boring?  If you are ready for a refreshing update, try the Italian style of decorating.  It is warm, romantic and brings to mind family gathered in the kitchen, preparing a tasty and sumptuous meal.  When you complete the face lift, your kitchen will be anything but dull and boring!

This article offers ideas on bringing warm, earth toned colors, textured finishes and artisan touches to an otherwise ordinary kitchen that lacks in style and personality.  With Italian decorating, bring the elements of the outdoors in!

Walls and Floors
In the Italian or Tuscan theme of decorating, white is not an option – especially for walls or floors.  This style of décor offers rich, bold colors from the earth; walls should be golden yellow or terracotta.  Sponge painting adds texture to the walls, which creates a certain richness to the atmosphere.

Floors can be stone or marble.  If you have wood floors, leave them bare with a touch of medium toned stain.  Rustic wood surfaces are right at home in this enchanting style of décor.  Exposed wood beams should not be painted, but rather stained in a medium tone like the floors.

Another great idea for your walls is to hang a large richly textured tapestry designed with a Tuscan theme on one wall all by itself.  Tapestries add a rich, elegant touch to any room because of the intricately detailed patterns and textures.

Rustic wood is an exceptional choice for furnishings in the Italian style of decorating, along with wrought iron.  You may choose to place simple wooden benches at the table, or more ornately decorated wrought iron chairs.  Counter tops made of marble add a rich, elegant touch.

Accents Bring it All Together
When it comes to accents, you will find no shortage of things to decorate your Tuscan style kitchen.  Italians can usually be found preparing slow-cooked meals that fill the air with aromatic and tantalizing scents; use ingredients to decorate your kitchen!  Olive oil, wine, decorative jars of peppers and other ingredients can be displayed on the counter top or on a wrought iron wall shelf.  Intricate wrought iron designs are perfect in this style of décor, and add a unique ambiance.

A hanging wrought iron pot rack is useful, and makes for an interesting focal point.  Ceramic and terracotta pots can be filled with herbs and greenery to accent windows and counter tops, or placed on the top of a side buffet.  Small metal buckets are also an original way to show off herbs and wildflowers.  Finish with some great Italian wall art, and you have a kitchen that rivals any you will find in Italy!

Tuscan décor combines natural textures with colors from nature.  Terracotta, rich golden yellow, soft browns and wine colors blend to create an atmosphere that is warm, rich and totally welcoming.  When your kitchen looks this beautiful, who needs a living room?  Everyone will want to congregate in the kitchen, where delectable scents linger and good people enjoy each others company.

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Jun 29 2010

Makeover Your Kitchen without Spending a Fortune

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Updating a kitchen to give it a modern new look can cost a fortune. Counter tops, cabinetry and flooring cost are expensive, yet these updates add the most to the value of your home. You can still give your kitchen a face lift, and completely transform the look, without spending an exorbitant amount of money!

The kitchen and dining areas are where many families spend a majority of their time. You want your kitchen to look as warm and appealing as possible, but you don’t have a lot of money to spend. This article will give you several easy ideas for refreshing your kitchen on a budget.

Refresh Your Cabinets
Buying all new cabinets is out of the question for many people. You can make them look brand new yourself! Consider painting them an entirely different color, or sand them down a bit and stain them a different shade. Top with a protective coat of polyurethane for a sparkling, shiny new look. Add new hardware, and your cabinets look altogether different!

Add an Island
If you have the floor space, adding an island to your kitchen will dramatically change its appearance. An island breaks up the room and adds much needed counter space, and it is the perfect place to hang a wrought iron pot rack overhead!

Freshen Up Your Appliances
Buying all new appliances is a real strain on your bank account. If your stove, refrigerator and dishwasher are a bit outdated, you can paint them as well. Appliance paint is made for this purpose. If rust spots are starting to develop, you can buy a special product that stops the rusting process. It should be applied before you paint your appliances.

Perk Up the Walls
With walls, anything is possible. Paint them, add wallpaper or consider paneling. Bright, energizing colors like orange, peach and green are perfect for the kitchen, and lend a botanical appearance. Hang pictures that include fruits, flowers, herbs and other natural elements on large wall spaces. You will be amazed how transforming your walls brings a dull kitchen to life.

Don’t Forget the Floor
While you may be perfectly happy with the flooring you have, this can be updated as well. Many people don’t realize it, but you can actually paint old linoleum! Lightly sand the surface of your linoleum to help the new paint adhere. After a thorough cleaning, the next step is to apply an oil-based primer. Once dry, you are ready to paint! Create your own design; you can use stencil patterns, or even paint a “rug” on the floor. Use your imagination! Once you have applied about 3 layers of paint, wait for them to dry thoroughly. You can then complete the floor by applying 3 coats of durable polyurethane to protect your new floor and make it shine!

These are just a few easy tips that will help you create a beautiful new kitchen without blowing your budget. Completely remodeling a kitchen can cost tens of thousands of dollars; by doing it yourself, you can give your kitchen a makeover for just hundreds!

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