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Apr 29 2011

Pink and Purple – Creating a Bedroom for a Little Girl Who’s All Girl

Do you have a little girl who loves feminine, frilly things?  Pink and purple are the perfect colors for creating a bedroom that is all girl.  By choosing the ideal furniture and accents, you can decorate a bedroom that she is sure to love.

Furnishings make it feminine

When going with a pink and purple theme, furnishings should be white or brass.  White wood is airy and light, and really stands out with the pink/purple theme.  Brass is beautiful as well, as the gleam really sets the room off and makes it glow.

Maple furniture would also work well in this setting, as it is a lighter colored wood.  You want to avoid dark colored furniture, as it doesn’t complement pink and purple shades like lighter colors do.

Accent the bed with frills

Big throw pillows edged in white lace and colored in pink/purple hues add depth to the room and make the bed stand out.  A medium purple bedspread against a brass headboard is beautiful, and the pillows really make things pop!

You might also consider a lacy white bed-skirt to really set things off.

If you choose white wood furniture, continue with the look throughout the room.  A white nightstand, dresser and chest of drawers complete the room, and offer plenty of storage.  You can sand the edges of all of the white furniture if you prefer a vintage, worn look; this is often done in the cottage chic style of decorating.

Add a few more feminine touches

On the nightstand, place a small lamp topped with a frilly shade.  You might consider one that is beaded, or one with fringe around the bottom edges.

The curtains can be delicate white sheers with lace tie-backs, pink and purple lace material, or anything you like that complements the room. If you prefer blinds, top them with a ruffled valance for a splash of color.

A bookcase is the perfect place for dolls, flowers, photo’s and other whatnots.  If your little girl is really feminine, she probably loves jewelry and perfume.  Display some of her “little girl” lotions, perfumes and jewelry.  She may also want to place some princess figurines or even a carousel on the shelves.

Many little girls love to “primp.”  If this sounds like your little darling, consider placing a vanity table with stool in her bedroom if space allows.  The mirror can be oval or heart-shaped; keep the color of the frame and top in line with the rest of the furnishings in the room.

Place a brush, comb, a hand mirror, a few barrettes and other hair accessories on a silver tray to make your little girl feel like a real princess!

Use these ideas or let them help you come up with a few creative ideas of your own.  With a little imagination, you can create a frilly room any little girl will love!  Nothing beats delicate pink and soft purple shades for decorating a room with feminine appeal.

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Apr 28 2011

Tips for Decorating a Bedroom Your Boys Will Appreciate

If you have young boys, decorating their room can be a challenge.  In this article you will find tips for creating a bedroom that your boys will love and appreciate.

What to do with the walls?

Do you prefer sheet rock or paneling?  Oak paneling is attractive and well-suited to a boys room.  It isn’t too dark, and offers a rich, rugged look.  If you do decide to paint sheet rock walls, stick to a shade such as beige or any color that will complement the decor you plan to use in the rest of the room.  Neutral colors are always a good choice, as you can easily change up the decor as the boys grow older.

Bunk beds add to the atmosphere – and they’re fun!

Little boys love bunk beds.  Of course twin beds are fine as well, but oak bunk beds offer a rustic appeal that make your kids feel as though they are camping out or on a special adventure.  Either one will work fine; simply choose what would be best for the size of the room or the preference of your boys.

Choose a theme for the room

Little boys love a variety of things – animals, sports, cartoon characters, fishing, etc.  What do your kids love more than anything?  If they are huge soccer fans, consider using a soccer theme to decorate the room.

If your boys are partial to fishing or hunting, decorate the room in a real rustic look.  Camouflage, fishing gear on shelves, and a cedar chest to hold toys and other items create a look that is downright cozy and comfortable.

If the boys prefer an animal or cartoon character theme, you can find a wide assortment of bedding, curtains and other accents at most retail stores.

Consider putting a desk and spare chairs in the room if floor space allows; this will give your boys room to do their homework or play games, and more sitting room for when they have company.  If possible, have the desk and chairs made of wood that matches the rest of the decor.

A toy hammock or netting placed diagonally across one corner of the ceiling is the perfect place for stuffed animals, balls and other toys you want off of the floor – and it looks amazing!

Depending on the theme your boys choose for their bedroom, hang posters and prints on the walls containing their favorite sports players, a mascot, or their chosen cartoon characters.  If they chose an animal theme, you can mount pages from a magazine such as National Geographic or frame your own animal photos for a personal touch.

Of course you want plenty of storage space for clothes, games and other things.  You may consider plastic stackable shelving placed in the closet to hold games and other toys so they can be neatly hidden away.  Add a chest of drawers, a nightstand with lamp, and the room is one your boys are sure to be proud of.  They’ll be so happy with the look of their bedroom they will be begging you to have company!

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Nov 17 2010

Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Kids of All Ages

Whether you are a mother of four or have just one bundle of joy, sometimes you need help with original ideas with which to decorate a child’s bedroom.  From babies to teens, decorating any bedroom can present a challenge.  For those who don’t have that much of an imagination or simply need a little motivation, this article offers some great ideas that will help them create bedrooms every member of their family will love.

For baby’s room

Decorating an infant’s room can be very time consuming and costly; everyone wants their baby’s room to be perfect.  If you are decorating for a baby boy, then of course the first thing that comes to mind is blue, but you don’t always have to stick to that color.  There are several different colors that are appropriate for a boy as well; colors such as green, brown, and yellow.  Using these colors will allow you to expand your options, so that you don’t have to stick to blue themes.

Try decorating your baby’s room with a theme such as a football, soccer or even a Toy Story.  It’s extremely easy to find accents, wall paper and other accessories for these styles.  Pink, lavender, baby blue and other pastels are perfect for a baby girl’s room.  Consider a ballerina or cowgirl theme, or incorporate some well known characters such as Hello Kitty or Dora the Explorer.

As they grow

As children get older, decorating becomes more difficult and your kids may not want to cooperate with your ideas.  Completely redecorating the room can be very stressful, not to mention expensive.  One way to save money is simply to move the furniture around, which will give a completely different look to the room.

Consider changing the bedding as well for a fresh new look.  To give a room a whole new feel without spending a great deal of money, consider painting the walls or adding stenciled patterns.  Add a new lamp, and the room takes on an entirely different appearance.  Compromise with your children; let them have a say in decorating the room, as long as they stay within limits.

Go with what you already have

Completely redecorating a room can cost a small fortune, especially if it includes all new bedroom furniture, bedding, accents and window treatments.  Make changes that allow you to incorporate some of the existing decor in the room.  For example, if your daughter wants a princess themed bedroom and there is already a great deal of pink in the room, you can accomplish the look without spending as much money.  Make small changes here and there.  For example you may want to include a princess-theme mural painted on a single wall.

Children can be stubborn when it comes to decorating their bedroom.  Making a few simple changes can create an entirely new “vibe” in the room without breaking your budget!  Explain that you cannot afford to spend a great deal of money, and that there must be a compromise.  In the end, your child will have a bedroom they like, and you will save a bundle by making simple changes, and doing what you can by yourself.

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Jan 21 2010

Tips for Decorating a Kid’s Room

Decorating your child’s room is not always the easiest job. It may be that your child is really too young to let you know what they want. Or perhaps they don’t really have an interest in what their room looks like. Or you may have the opposite problem and your child has so many ideas for the décor that you don’t even know where to start. Read on for some important tips to help get you started decorating your child’s room.

Instead of a Theme, Decorate Around a Child’s Interests
When deciding on a décor for your child’s bedroom, you don’t want to just randomly pick a theme. If your child is old enough to have some specific interests or collections of items, then decorate around those instead. This ensures that the room will mean more to the child, and this way, they may not grow tired of it so quickly. For instance, if your son loves the beach, then create a beach theme by incorporating some stripes and checks into the décor and then decorating around his seashell collection or pictures of the beach. On the other hand, if your daughter can’t get enough of her dolls, then you might pick out some fabrics that coordinate with those dolls and base the room off that.

Keep It Simple and Allow Your Child to Change the Room Often
Kids will often change their minds from one minute to the next. For instance, your daughter may love Hannah Montana one day and the next day she won’t be able to stand her and will move on to something else. It makes more sense to keep the basics of the room really simple and allow your child to decorate as they wish, thus avoiding having to completely redecorate the room every year. To start, paint the walls a neutral color or a favorite color that you know they won’t want to change for a while. Then simply let them hang up whatever pictures and posters they want and accessorize accordingly. One week they may have Jonas Brothers pictures up, and the next it may be Hannah Montana or Selena Gomez.

Be Sure to Add as Much Storage Space as Possible
Over the years, kids tend to collect an awful lot of stuff. Inevitably, this stuff will all have to be stored in their rooms. But if you provide them with lots of storage space, you won’t have to look at all that stuff since it will be stored away and out of sight. When adding storage areas, you can really get creative, such as placing bins under the bed. Pick wood dressers with plenty of drawers to organize items in. Unless you want to live with your child’s room overflowing with things, you need to provide them with as much storage and organizational space as possible.

Think About the Future When Decorating
Do you plan on being in your home for several years? Then you need to take this into consideration when decorating your kid’s bedroom. Unless you want to change the room every few years, you need to think about the future when planning out the room’s décor. You need to remember that your child is not always going to be 5 and someday may not want the Superman wallpaper anymore. So when picking your decorating theme, consider how many years you want the décor to last before you have to change it.

Decorating a kid’s room can be quite fun. Not only that, but also provides a great opportunity to spend time with your child and learn more about them. But do keep these tips in mind. That way, you will get the best you can out of your kid’s bedroom décor.

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