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Jul 25 2011

Simple Tips for Giving the Interior of Your Home The “Wow” Factor

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If you’re wanting to freshen up the look of your home, it can be difficult to know where to start.  Whether you’re wanting to just change things up a bit or give your home an entirely new look, it’s easy to accomplish.  The tips below will help make decorating your home simple and even fun!  When you aren’t even sure what style you want for decorating you home, these ideas will help guide you.

Consider the architectural style first

Is your home more of a cottage or country style, ranch, modern or Spanish?  Take the architectural style in to consideration before deciding what theme you want to use to decorate your home.

Quaint cottage style homes look great when decorated with floral and checked patterns in cotton and linen; the look is light and breezy.  For a Victorian style home, pastel colors combined with ferns, antique accents and furnishings, floral wallpaper and lots of lace brings the look together.

If your home has more of a modern or contemporary flair, think glass and chrome and colors such as tan, black and white.  In this style, less is more – keep things simple.  When you flow with the design of your home, you will find it’s much easier to create an appealing, pulled-together look.

Deciding on color

This can be the most difficult part for many home owners.  What colors should you use in decorating your home?  If you know what colors are your favorites, go with it.  Remember that warm colors are cozy and comfortable with shades such as golden yellow, brown shades, rusty reds; the colors you find in the fall.  Cool colors such as soft blue and green are relaxing and soothing.

If you really cannot decide upon a color scheme, take your inspiration from something that “pops” out at you such as a pillow, painting or rug.  When you see something that really strikes you with its color scheme, you will know it.  For a balance, beautiful look that isn’t overwhelming, stick with three colors, one of the three being the dominant color for the room.

Choosing furniture

Furnishing your home is expensive; therefore you want to choose pieces that will stand the test of time.  Choose furnishings in neutral colors that will work with nearly any color or design theme you may choose in the future when redecorating.  It’s much easier to update the look of your home by using new accents than it is by buying all new furniture every time you want to switch things up!

Also keep in mind the material the furniture is made of.  Wood and leather are perfect for country and western themed decor, as well as modern or contemporary if the leather has no wood on it.  Floral patterns are great for Victorian or cottage decor; chrome and glass blend perfectly with contemporary and abstract decorating.

Finish the look with accents

There is a simple rule of thumb to follow when decorating with accents and knick-knacks; stick to odd numbers.  One, three and five – a single large print or painting looks great on a wall.  For tables, use groups of three with one accent being tall, the next being medium and the third short.  This gives the room a balanced look and adds depth.

Additionally, make sure the accents you group together are consistent in color or texture.  Blue goes well with white or pale yellow, metal with metal, etc.

These easy tips will help you give your home that “wow” factor in no time!  Sometimes we make things harder than they really need to be; just go with your instincts, and you will create rooms that both your family and guests will love.

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Dec 30 2009

How to Use Baskets to Decorate and Organize Your Home

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When you incorporate baskets into your home décor in order to accessorize and organize your space, you can keep your rooms looking orderly as well as give them some style. Baskets come in hundreds of different shapes and sizes. Decorative baskets also come in a variety of materials, from wicker to plastic to different types of pliable wood. Here are some great ways to use baskets in order to decorate and organize the rooms of your home.

Decorate with a Flower Arrangement
Find a wicker or wood basket that has a tight weave (so you won’t be able to see the foam through the basket). Then arrange artificial flowers in the basket to make a pretty flower arrangement. You can place this basket just about anywhere in a room. Smaller baskets can be placed in the bathroom, maybe on a shelf or above the cabinet, whereas larger baskets work well on a coffee table or shelf in the living room. A flower arrangement basket also works great as a kitchen or dining room table centerpiece.

Place Baskets under a Coffee or End Table
Place a decorative basket in those empty spaces under your coffee table or end table. The basket ends up doing double duty, as it helps decorate the table and adds additional storage space to the room as well. The basket will be a great place to keep items such as blankets, extra pillows, magazines, and children’s toys readily available yet out of sight.

Hang Baskets on the Walls
You can hang up certain kinds of decorative baskets on the walls that will look very stylish. You can either use one large basket to fill a space or try a collage of smaller baskets. If you’re going to use them in this way, look for decorative baskets that are different colors and are unique shapes so they will draw attention. Be sure to select a shallow basket that doesn’t stick out too far though, as deep baskets don’t work so well for hanging. When hanging the basket, be sure the bottom of the basket fits flat against the wall.

Fill the Basket with Decorative Items
One popular way to use a basket to decorate the room is to fill it with assorted decorative items. Good decorative items to use include decorative balls, rocks, marbles, potpourri, foods such as fruits, and holiday decorations. Then you can place these baskets on tables, shelves, and counters, and even on the floor.

It’s important, however, to use baskets appropriate to the style of your room. In other words, don’t put an old-fashioned wicker basket in a modern-style room. Rather, a country-themed room would be perfect for that style of basket.

There are many other ways you can find to use baskets to decorate your home. Baskets are perhaps the most versatile of décor items. They look great, are great for storage and helping to keep a room organize, and can be used in every room of the home.

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Dec 29 2009

4 Inexpensive Decorating Ideas for a Dining Room

One common misconception is that a homeowner has to spend a lot of money on the dining room in order to make it look good. This is absolutely not true. You’d be surprised how many budget-friendly ways there are to decorate your dining room and have it look very stylish and put together. Here are some inexpensive decorating ideas for your dining room to help get you started.

Decorate with Your China
Rather than keeping your beautiful set of china stored away, put it on display for all to see. This is a great way to use something you already own to decorate your dining room. Your china will look great displayed in an armoire or china cabinet. Or if you like, place it on a shelf on the wall.

You might also hang the plates on the wall in a decorative pattern, if this is an old china set that you don’t use anymore. You might also use your china settings to set your oak dining table in order to give it more of a finished look.

Make the Window Treatments
There are plenty of different ways (that don’t require you to be a seamstress) that you can make your own inexpensive window treatments. You can add a stylish touch to otherwise boring blinds or drapes by simply taking a long silk scarf and draping it over the curtain rod. You might also use placemats and tablecloths for your window treatments. This way, they’ll match the same design that’s on your table.

Use Nature to Decorate the Dining Room
Look to your own backyard in spring, summer, and fall, to find décor items for your dining room straight from nature. Try filling up a large wicker basket with all sorts of natural items such as flowers, stones, leaves, fruits, and twigs. Arrange the items attractively and then place the basket on the dining room table to create a seasonal centerpiece. By creating a seasonal basket, you can change up the look of your dining room with each season and stay well within your budget.

Make Your Own Artwork
If you are creative, you might choose to save money on your dining room décor by creating your own artwork. After all, the most expensive décor items in the house are probably pieces of art. When you create your own art pieces, you can really save a substantial amount of money.

Even if you’re not very creative of can’t draw or paint, you can still create some sort of art piece to hang on your wall. One option is to purchase some fabric that matches the style of your dining room and a few inexpensive plain photo frames or blank canvases. All you have to do is pull the fabric tightly over the frame or canvas and staple it in place on the back. Then, voila! You now have a decorative fabric piece to hang on the wall. For a great backdrop for the dining room, hang a couple of these in different sizes and fabric patterns to create a collage.

You don’t need to establish a large budget in order to decorate your dining room. Simply take the time to look around your home and find items that you can recycle in the room’s décor. You can really get creative and use your sense of style to come up with unique ways to decorate. Then your dining room will reflect your personality and look like you spent a lot of money on it, even when you didn’t spend a dime.

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Nov 19 2009

How to Create a Focal Point in a Room

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FireplaceSome rooms naturally have a focal point, whereas other rooms might require you to add something to create that focal point.  But before you add anything to the room, be sure to take the time to look closely at that room to see what it already has to offer. If you already have something like a fireplace in the room, this is a natural focal point that can easily be played up when decorating.

A large piece you already have in the room might make a great focal point, such as a bookcase, a dresser, an entertainment center,  or even a couch. You may only have to rearrange some furniture to create a focal point if you already have something in the room you can use. Or you might have to start from scratch in choosing the proper focal point for a room.

The Fireplace as a Focal Point
A fireplace provides a great natural focal point for any room. If you have a fireplace in the room, then there are plenty of ways you can draw attention to it.

For an instant focal point, arrange the furniture around the fireplace. But there are also other things you can do. You might draw attention to that area by painting the wall the fireplace is on a different color than the rest of the room. You could also change the style of the fireplace or add a new mantle to it in order to draw more attention there. Then top the mantle with eye-catching décor items, or hang a large piece of art over it.

The Couch as a Focal Point
If you have a favorite couch that you just love, with a little rearranging you can make it the focal point of the room. Just be sure the couch is in great condition. If it’s necessary, you might want to add a slipcover to it.

You can add colorful or patterned pillows or throws to the couch to draw attention there. Then arrange the rest of the furniture so it is facing the couch. A large couch can be placed in the middle of the longest wall in the room. Side tables can be added to the couch as well.

The Armoire or Entertainment Center as a Focal Point
If you have a media room or family room and want an armoire or entertainment center to be its focus, be sure to concentrate on that piece’s quality. After all, you don’t want an entertainment center that’s cheap-looking to be the main focus of the room. Thus, be sure to invest in an attractive piece of furniture that’s also of decent quality.

It’s not a bad idea to also look for a furnishing with doors that will hide any electronics. You can add additional style to the furnishing with flower arrangements, candles, and frames.

You can come up with many other ways to create a focal point in a room. After all, you will probably want to show off different pieces in different room. In a bedroom, a popular focal point is the bed, for instance. Remember to use your creativity in showing off and highlighting your focal point as best you can.

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Nov 16 2009

How to Decorate a Room with a Black-and-White Theme

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Black & White DecorIf you’re having trouble finding the right colors for a room or you’ve just always loved the contrast of a black-and-white style, then consider a black-and-white color scheme. A black-and-white style will fit a number of décors, including contemporary and French country. The colors black and white are considered limiting by many when it comes to décor, but there are actually a variety of ideas you can implement with a black-and-white-themed room.

Keep the Walls Light
With a black-and-white scheme, the last thing you want is black walls. The walls need to be kept light with a white or soft ivory color. Light walls will provide the perfect backdrop for hanging pieces of art and black shelves on the walls. For a greater contrast on the walls, use black paint on the crown molding and trim instead.

Add Patterns to the Black-and-White Room
You can keep a black-and-white room from seeming boring by adding patterns to the décor. Any type of pattern will work. You might choose stripes, checks, paisleys or toiles. If you are really daring, you might want to consider including animal prints, such as a zebra, into the décor.

  • A couch or chair with a b lack-and-white pattern goes great in a living room or family room.
  • In the bedroom, a comforter with a black-and-white pattern will add some interest to the room.
  • In a kitchen or dining room with a black-and-white theme, consider patterned window treatments or fabric on the chairs.
  • Other accessories such as black-and-white-patterned blankets, towels, pillows, and wallpaper borders will also make an interesting addition to the room.
  • You can also add interest to a room with black-and-white-patterned towels, pillows, blankets, and wallpaper borders.

Change It Up with the Seasons

For those who love to decorate their home according to the different seasons, a black-and-white theme can provide the perfect backdrop. Seasonal accessories can be added: either small pieces like knickknacks, candles, and vases, or larger items such as artwork, an area rug, or a blanket thrown over the back of a couch.

  • At Christmastime, red decorations always go great with a black-and-white scheme.
  • In the fall, you can add orange elements to the room to give things an autumnal feel.
  • For spring and summer, consider lightening the room up a bit more with brighter accents such as turquoise or yellow.

It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to decorate a room in a black-and-white style. Simply shop around for pieces that will both fit your black-and-white color scheme and the specific style of your décor. Also, don’t feel like you need to stick only to the black-and-white theme. With a hint of color strategically placed here and there, you can quickly add some personality to the room. By adding your own style and flair to your black-and-white décor, you can create a room that feels like your own.

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