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May 23 2012

Top Color Palettes for Home Decorating

Every year, trends in home decorating change a bit with regards to popular colors.  Last year, turquoise was all the rage, perhaps due to a declining economy.  Turquoise is a color that stands for compassion and healing, and is inspired by the sky and water.  This year, things are changing in a big way as colors are shifting to those which contrast with the slow economy; people want colors that uplift and stimulate their spirits.

Honeysuckle – filled with courage and confidence

Honeysuckle is the big color this year, not only in home decorating but clothing as well.  This color is appealing to the eye, and perfect for adding a lively flair to your home.  This is a color that falls somewhere between an intense shade of pink and red, so it’s perfect for perking up your home.

Use this shade in bedspreads, throw pillows, accent rugs, even on the walls if you dare.  In the kitchen, add small splashes of honeysuckle through linens, candles, glassware, placemats and wall art.

Vintage is coming back in a big way

Vintage themed decor is making a huge comeback this year as well, perhaps due to the economy.  It’s natural that people want to feel lifted and upbeat in their homes, so a vintage decor theme makes sense.  It takes the mind back to a more peaceful and relaxed time.

Colors typically used in a vintage theme include berry shades, deep burgundy and browns, bronze, and smoky violet hues.  Paired with leather furnishings and dark wood, these colors will exude class and sophistication.

Those who prefer feeling that they are “getting back to the old days” will enjoy the farm house look.  Earthy tones offer a back-to-nature feel; rich browns, leafy greens, bold blues and butter yellow shades play a big part in setting the mood.

Tribal colors will also rule this year.  When people think of tribes, they often think of communities of people and the importance of those people in one another’s lives.  Tribal colors are earthen and rich; indigo blue shades, rusty orange hues, browns and curries add a bold and exciting splash of color to any space of your home.

If you’re still stuck on turquoise, give things a lighter twist.  Consider pearly or satin finishes, using colors that are relaxing and soft.  Soft gray tones, creamy whites and neutral versions of sage add a bit of a retro feeling and make your home feel like a much-welcomed escape from today’s stressful world.

There are plenty of decorating themes and color options to help update your home this year.  Decide whether you want a vintage, tribal, farm house or retro look and go for it!  You don’t have to spend a lot of money, simply add some paint here and there to walls and cabinets; include subtle splashes of color through furnishings, wall art and other accessories.

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Apr 27 2011

Ideas for Creating a Master Bedroom That Soothes Both Mind and Body

The master bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home; after all, it is where you sleep, relax and rejuvenate from the stresses of daily life.  How do you decorate a master bedroom so that it looks soothing to the eye?  This article offers some helpful tips to get you started.

Choosing relaxing colors

If you choose a light blue sculptured carpet it will be easy to decorate the rest of the room.  Light blue goes well with other shades of blue, as well as cream or lavender which are all colors that enhance relaxation.  Avoid bold shades of red, purple, yellow and orange, as these colors can actually make you feel energetic, which is something you do not want when trying to sleep.

Choose furniture according to your preferences

With furniture, it’s really your choice as dark and light woods all work well in creating a soothing atmosphere.  Maple has a lighter finish, while oak offers a medium-dark shade.  Cherry has a red tint, and mahogany is very dark, almost black in color.

It’s also essential that you make decisions such as whether you want a firm or soft mattress; in order to get the best quality of rest, you must be comfortable!

Accessories make the room

A dresser with a large mirror, a chest of drawer and a cedar chest placed at the foot of the bed gives the room a cozy, complete look as well as storage space.  A dresser topped with a couple of small lamps, a jewelry box, a decorative scarf and a sumptuously scented candle is a beautiful addition to the room.

Dress up the windows

Many people forget the windows when decorating their master bedroom; they simply cover them with mini-blinds and think they are done.  The right window treatments can add a ton of warmth to the room, and block out any outside light that may disturb your sleep.

A white lace tie back over a shade or venetian blinds is a nice touch, as is a pretty blue sheer mixed with white and matching valance.  If you want more privacy, a mingled blue pattern drape would complement the decor of the room.

If your bedroom is on the large size, consider placing a couple of chairs, either reclining or with ottomans in one corner of the room, complete with an accent table and floor lamps.  This is an area where you and your husband can read, watch television, or discuss matters you would rather not talk about in front of your children before retiring for the night.

Place some of your favorite pictures on the walls add a few what-nots to shelves and the look is complete.  When it comes to accents, it will always make the room more personal if you use only those accents that are truly your favorites.

Use these ideas in your master bedroom, and you will enjoy the beauty of the room as well as the relaxation it offers.  You will sleep like a baby!

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Apr 26 2011

No Matter What Your Style Preferences, Make Your House a Home

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Whether you call it a living room, family room, or den, this is a room where you want your family to be comfortable.  You can choose subdued, warm colors that bring a cozy relaxed atmosphere to the room, or upbeat colors that lift the mood.  No matter which you prefer, there are a few more factors you need to consider to bring your living room together.

Make a fireplace the focal point of the room

Does your living room have a fireplace?  If so choose a pretty mantle that will blend with your furniture and accents.  A nice mantle clock or large portrait placed above the fireplace really draws the eye.  Consider setting your favorite figurines or family portraits on the mantle.

If you have lots of knick-knacks and accents, think about building bookshelves beside the fireplace to hold books, candles, photos and other accessories.  You may even want to build the shelves in a fashion that offers a place for the television or stereo.

The fun part – furniture

Everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to furniture.  You may love large, overstuffed pieces or something along the Mediterranean style.  If you have a large room, consider a sofa, loveseat, recliner, accent tables and even a rocking chair.

If dark colored furniture isn’t really your style, you may want to consider maple furnishings.  Maple accent tables topped with glass are beautiful; the glass reflects the warmth of the room, while the maple color of the wood glows with richness.

No matter what your furniture preferences, always consider the size of your living room or den before buying.  A small room needs only a few well-chosen pieces, while a larger room needs more to make it feel welcoming.

Fabrics and designs add depth and interest

You’ve decided on the type of furniture you prefer, now what fabrics or patterns will suit your decor?  Leather is easy to keep clean; printed fabrics add color and pattern.  Maple tables blend perfectly with deep burgundy, blue and beige symmetrical designs.  Add light or medium beige carpet, and the room comes together beautifully.

The floor covering you choose can add to the style of the room.  Wood floors look rich, and are perfect for primitive, western or country style decor.  If you choose carpeting, decide whether sculptured, Berber or short shag works better with your decorating theme.  You might also want to consider a tile floor, especially if your home tends to be on the modern or contemporary side.

Throw in a few hand-selected accents

You want your home to reflect your own personal style.  When it comes to accents, choose only those that hold meaning for you.  Portraits, hand-crafted items made by your children, a few floral arrangements and sumptuously scented candles are all you need to make your house a home.  If you sew, place a sewing basket filled with your tools beside your chair for a personal touch.

The point is, you don’t have to follow any design rules when it comes to decorating your home.  This is “personal space” for you and your family; choose the furniture, colors and accents that are your favorites, and use your own creative ideas to make your house a home that your entire family enjoys immensely.

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Apr 24 2011

Brighten Up – Let Your Home Shine with Happiness

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A dark, dreary home can put a damper on your mood and make a room seem smaller and less inviting.  Whether you already have lots of windows but live in an area where the trees block the sun, or simply do not have enough windows to make the room bright and cheery, you can lighten up the room in other ways.  This article offers ideas for making any room a bright and inviting area that you – and others – will love.

Artificial light

You can brighten up any room by simply adding more lights!  Table and accent lamps, floor lamps and even high-wattage bulbs in your ceiling fan lights can make a drastic difference, especially at night.  Consider recessed lights in the ceiling as well, as they can light up a fairly large area.  Use white or light colored lamp shades so that you get the full effect.

Change up your window treatments for more natural light

If you now have dark or heavy drapes or curtains on your windows, changing them will make a world of difference!  Consider sheers or light colored curtains – or no curtains at all!  Light colored blinds can be pulled up or opened during the day and let in a huge amount of light.  Close them at night and you have complete privacy.

To make your windows look even larger than they actually are, consider hanging your curtain rods and curtains up at ceiling level; you will need long curtains for this.  This way they are long enough to come to the bottom of the windows.  Place mirrors on the walls strategically so that they reflect the natural sunlight which comes through the windows.

Paint the walls

Paint is a kind of fix-it-all solution.  When you have a dark room, you can lighten it up considerably with paint!  If white walls are too dull for your tastes, consider painting a single wall with a shade of cheery yellow.  A great look is to paint two walls white, then paint the other two a bright, bold shade.

Use light colored artwork or abstract paintings with lots of color to further brighten up the room.  If you have dark colored furniture, consider bright colored slip-covers, or invest in wicker or natural wood furnishings if you have the money.  A bundle of fresh wildflowers placed in a clear vase adds a splash of fresh color.  Add a few brightly colored throw pillows and an accent rug decorated in light shades and you’re done.

One thing you want to avoid when trying to lighten up a room is too much clutter.  When you have clutter everywhere, it diminishes the size of the room and makes it appear messy.  Light, open spaces with just a few special accents will make your room look spacious and airy.

Put these tips to work in your home, and you will find that you CAN make even the darkest room take on a fresh, bright appeal that you and everyone else will love.

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Oct 13 2010

Who Says You Must Follow the Rules When Decorating?

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Yes, you can create beautiful spaces by following all of the rules and guidelines that are available for decorating your home – but who says you have to?  Creative people have a knack for making spaces look appealing and original; for filling them with personality.  If you are ready to decorate your home with a look that is all your own, this article offers a few tips and ideas to help make the process easier.

Without sticking to any particular decorating theme, you can make the rooms in your home your own.  We’ve all been inside a home that was so unique and extraordinary that it made our own look dull in comparison.  Here are a few ideas to get your thought process cranking.

Consider color before you do anything else!


It is a known fact that color affects mood.  When decorating your rooms, consider what they will be used for.  For example, you wouldn’t want bright red or royal purple in a bedroom, as these colors are stimulating.  You want relaxing shades such as lavender, soft peach or cream.

Red, yellow and orange are energy colors, so these may be perfect for your home office.  If you want a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere for your living room, consider warm colors such as rust, pumpkin, deep yellow or gold, navy blue and dark green.  The colors of nature are inviting and soothing.  If you lean toward cool colors, consider combining light to medium shades of blue and green.

Do things your own way


Some people love the sleek, simple look of modern décor, while others prefer the relaxing family atmosphere that often comes with country or western style.  If you are someone who likes both, mix things up!  An eclectic look is original, and exudes personality.  If you collect things such as antique dolls, nautical-themed items or porcelain bells, put them on display!  It’s your home, so include those items you truly love.  If you currently have accents or knick-knacks that you don’t really like, take them out.

Shake things up with paint


Today, it’s absolutely amazing what a little paint can do to transform a room.  Why stick to white or cream colored walls?  Lighter shades are great for small rooms, but if your living room is spacious, consider bold, vibrant colors.  Paint one or two walls a pumpkin color or any other color that blends with your décor, and trim the baseboards and door facings in a gold or cream hue.  This adds interest and depth to the room.

Wood furniture can be painted as well, and you can even make modern coffee and end tables take on an antique look.  Simply paint the wood whatever color you like, and then lightly sand the edges for a worn look.

Go through your attic or storage room and look through things you packed away years ago.  You may be surprised at what you can do with some of the items you thought were long past their prime!  Get your creative juices flowing, and transform the rooms of your home into spaces that you truly love.

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Oct 05 2010

Inexpensive Ideas to Freshen Up Your Home

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You can give your home a fresh, appealing new look without busting the budget!  With a little creativity and just a small amount of money, you can transform the look of any room in your home.  The ideas found below are easy for almost anyone to accomplish, and fun to boot.  When your rooms need a boost but you cannot afford to buy new accents or purchase expensive items, a little creativity goes a long way.

Paint is good for lots more than walls

Most people think of paint in terms of what can be done with walls or ceiling.  The truth is, there are lots of things that can be accomplished with a little paint!  If your kitchen floor is looking a little tired and worn out, paint it.  Once you have a base color applied, go back in with stencils to create a unique design.  Finish with a couple of coats of polyurethane to add shine and protect your new floor.

For the walls, rag rolling, sponge techniques and stencils with a little paint create texture and dimension.  You can also use the stencil technique on old lamp shades!

Simple touches make dramatic transformations

You can really spruce up your living room by making simple changes.  A couple of colorful throw rugs add a vibrant splash of color to the room.  Install a small ceiling fan to a bedroom or living room for added charm.  Have an old chair tucked away in the attic or basement?  Cover it with a slipcover in a bold pattern.  Today, slip covers fit snugly and make furniture appear as though it came that way from the factory.

Have too-small windows in a bedroom or living room?  Hang stationary fabric panels from rods that are quite a bit wider than the actual window.  This gives the illusion that the window is much bigger than it actually is, and makes the room seem more open.

Simple accessories add punch

It’s easy and cheap to add a little punch to any room.  Take a very large clear or boldly colored vase, and then add tree branches that have fallen on the ground outside your home.  Or, take an empty glass pillar-candle container that is square or round and fill with colorful or interesting stones from the forest, beach or anywhere else you find them.

If you like a chic or country look, accent tables and other furnishings can also be painted or stenciled.  Paint a table and then sand the edges for a worn or cottage chic look, or stencil it to add real country charm to the room.  People often underestimate just how much can be accomplished with a simple can of paint.

Boldly patterned throw pillows jazz up the living room or bedroom as well. As you can see, there are literally dozens of things you can do to transform the look of your home, without spending a bundle of money.  A little creativity and thought can go a long way towards adding personality and appeal to any room!

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May 07 2010

Simple Tips for Updating the Look of Your Home Decor

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By any chance, could your home use an update? Whether the look is tired or your home is just older, you can create a home with a remodeled look for very little money. If your home is your castle, then it needs to be welcoming, comfortable, and appealing. If you’re on a budget but still want to give the interior of your home a much-needed facelift, here are some super easy tips to get you started.

Painting: The Cheapest and Easiest Way to Transform a Room
Not everyone enjoys painting, but it can go a long way to creating beauty in a room. Paint can liven things up a bit, especially walls that are the average off-white or some other drab color. Pick a bold or bright color that blends with the overall color scheme and use it on a wall or two, as this will really jazz things up! Try painting those furniture pieces that look old and worn. You’ll be amazed at the transformation of those old coffee tables or end tables when you use a little paint and some stencils.

Take a Good Look at Your Furniture
Is your furniture starting to look old? Perhaps you are tired of things being so congested or just sick of the overall style. Give your room a long, hard look. Is it possible to take out a couple of pieces that are never used? This will open things up, giving the room a more open and airy feeling.

If you cannot afford new furniture, use slipcovers instead. These days, you can find a variety of styles that allow you to create entirely new-looking furniture at a much lower cost than buying new. Repurposing the furniture is another option. Look around and see if you have a piece or two in other rooms that are never used. They can be painted and used as storage for games, toys, and all those other things that you often find strewn all over your home.

Add Color, and You Add Life
The use of color is so instrumental in giving the interior of your home new life. Not only does color attract the eye, but it has the ability to create different moods. Soft colors relax things, while bright colors energize. Adding exciting color splashes can really spice up a monotonous color scheme. Throw in some brightly colored and intricately patterned rugs and pillows, and add some attention-grabbing accents to the walls. You won’t believe how your room is transformed when splashes of color are used to break up the boredom.

Accessories Make the Difference
As every woman knows, accessories are the “jewelry” of the home. However, it’s important to know how to use them. Too many accessories results in a home that looks cluttered and disorganized. But with too few accessories, you’ll give it a cold, blank, and indifferent tone. Thus, it’s important to find a balance.

The addition of more accents often gives larger rooms a more personal, intimate look. One strategy is to place many accents in a grouping on one large wall. For smaller, you want to follow the opposite rule of thumb. In this case, use an intricately patterned tapestry or other oversized decoration piece on one wall.

If you want to totally transform the look of your rooms, put these tips to work. As an added bonus, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to create a great space.

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Feb 08 2010

Staying on Budget When Decorating Your Home

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When decorating your home, working with a budget can sometimes present trouble, especially if it’s a small one. However, budgets are necessary, no matter how hard they are to stick to. When decorating a home, no homeowner should have to go into debt. If you take the time to set a budget and follow these simple tips, then you will end up with a wonderfully decorated home that was still affordable.

Make the Decorating Budget Firm
You don’t want to set a decorating budget and then forget about it when you actually start shopping. Keep in mind that you are setting a budget for a reason. It’s not necessary to do all your decorating at once. It might be better to do some of the decorating now, and then once you save some more money, revisit the room to add more items later. It’s best to stick to your budget firmly, no matter what comes up.

You Will Have to Give a Little to Get a Little
Sticking to a firm budget requires you to be flexible and willing to compromise in some areas. You’ll have to go the cheaper route for certain less crucial items, if you want any more expensive pieces that you just have to have. For instance, you might have to spend less on the window treatments or picture frames if you’ve fallen in love with a coffee table or lamp that takes up a third or so of your budget.

Don’t Worry What Other People May Think
It’s so easy to get caught up in what other people will think and say. However, if you spot the perfect figurine for your décor, who cares if it’s at the local discount store? Unless you say something, no one’s going to know what you paid for items in your home. You need to keep in mind that not everything in your room needs to be of the highest quality. So don’t worry about what others may or may not say. If you like something and it’s inexpensive and it fits in your budget, then go ahead and buy it. Many people find that their least expensive item will garner the most positive attention in a room.

Invest in Quality for the Big Items in the Room
When creating your budget, you need to be sure that you’re allocating the majority of the money toward the larger items like a wood bed in a master bedroom or a dining room table. This way, you’ll be able to afford quality that will last. Window treatments or other décor just don’t need as much money put into them as items such as wood furniture, flooring, and artwork. You will ensure that those larger items will last longer and look better when you invest in quality products. In the end, you might have a high end sofa with inexpensive decorative pillows on it, but as long as you have kept to your final budget, then that will be just fine.

It’s usually very tempting to want to go over your decorating budget, completely forgetting about what you can afford. Unfortunately, when you do that, then every time you walk into your redecorated home or room, you are going to have negative thoughts about that debt. In the end, negative thought might lead to you not being able to enjoy being in the space. If that becomes the case, then what was the point of spending all that money? By sticking to your budget, not only will you save money, but you will retain your peace of mind.

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