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Mar 16 2012

Transform Your Dining Room from Boring to Beautiful

Decorating a dining room so that it is appealing and original can be a challenge.  You know the basics; a dining room table and chairs, perhaps a buffet or hutch.  How can you add personality to your dining room and make it appealing regardless of whether the look you are after is elegant, sleek or traditional?  The tips below will help you design a dining room that is comfortable, relaxing and gets noticed.

Consider your furnishings first

It’s essential that you take your furniture in to account when decorating your dining room.

If the look you are after requires new furnishings, consider your budget.  It is difficult, if not impossible, to create a country or Tuscan look if you have a contemporary dining room set.

Traditional furniture offers you the most flexibility in decorating as you can dress it up or down to suit your needs.  If you have yet to purchase dining room furniture, carefully consider the theme you intend to use before buying.

Walls, windows and other elements to consider

When decorating a dining room, consider the style you want to achieve.  For example, an elegant or formal dining room often looks beautiful when rich, deep colors and heavy window treatments are used.

If you prefer a cottage chic or country look, window treatments are light and breezy.  Use neutral and lighter colors on walls, floors and other decor.

An elegant chandelier adds a dramatic touch to a formal dining room.  If you prefer a more casual look, consider shopping for lighting fixtures and even a country or cottage styled lamp for the buffet.

When decorating the walls, consider the larger picture.  A light colored paint works well for cottage or country appeal, while deeper shades of burgundy or apricot are perfect for an elegant or formal dining room.  Also consider a chair rail or wainscoting for added depth.

Accessories complete the look

No room looks complete without the right accessories.

In an elegant dining room, a large portrait or dramatic mirror placed above the buffet is the perfect touch.  If the look you want to achieve is modern, a dramatic piece of abstract or geometric art adds color and impact.

In the country or traditional dining room, shelves displaying crockery, candles, plants and even family photos are a nice touch.

The right centerpiece for the dining room table is a must!  In a modern theme, consider a sculptural center piece designed using twisted branches; the country look calls for an old pitcher filled with colorful wildflowers.

If you desire additional color and pattern for the floor, consider a large area rug that fits under the table; make sure that edges will not interfere with moving chairs in or out.

Decorating a dining room is not as hard as it may seem, especially when you consider the furniture first.  Put these tips and ideas to work in your dining room, and transform it from ordinary to extraordinary.

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May 11 2011

Dining Room Decorating Ideas – Easy and Affordable Ideas for Transforming Your Dining Room

The dining room is an area where family meals and conversation are enjoyed; when friends visit, this may be the area where you chat or play cards.  You know that your home should be a reflection of your own personal tastes, but you are fresh out of ideas.  The tips below will help you decorate a dining room that is beautiful, original and most of all, affordable.


This is a project that you can handle by yourself, in just a few hours time.  Wainscoting adds depth and character to a room; depending on the type of wood, paint colors and pattern you use, the room may have a completely modern look or you can create old-world charm.

Staining will give your wainscoting a deep, rich look.  You can also weather it by using different techniques to give your wainscoting a worn, antique look or you may want to paint it a bright color for a more modern appearance.


Paint – the good old stand-by for everything.  It’s no wonder that paint is the most popular way to give a room an entirely new look; today, you can do anything with paint, from “weathering” furniture to painting cabinets.  Always remember that light colors expand, while dark colors make the room look smaller.

Don’t be afraid to use bright, bold colors on walls.  Mellow reds, warm oranges and soft yellows create warm, inviting rooms that are relaxing and friendly; if you don’t like the result, it’s easy to change!


All too often, home owners just stick a light bulb in a lighting fixture and think no more about it.  Light gives a room its glow; it creates a warm, welcoming ambiance.  The dining room is where you enjoy relaxing dinners with the family, a romantic dinner with your spouse – or you may use it to work on the household budget, in which case you will need bright light.

Recessed or “canned” lighting in the ceiling is a good option for a dining room, since you can often use dimmer switches that allow you to control the brightness.  Also consider a low-wattage lamp for the buffet, or an elegant chandelier hung directly over the center of the table.  Lighting is especially important in the dining room.

Eye-catching centerpieces

No dining room is complete without an attention-grabbing centerpiece!  Your dining room table can be the focus of the room; depending on your style tastes, you can create your own centerpiece with things you may already have.

Love a simple country look?  Pull out an old cracked pitcher and fill it with wildflowers.  Set it on top of a long runner that spans the length of the table, preferably made of gingham or another fabric that offers country appeal.

A square wicker basket filled with a round pillar candle surrounded by fruit, nuts, pinecones and other things from nature makes a beautiful centerpiece as well.

These ideas are easy to incorporate in your own dining room, and can dramatically change its appearance.  If your dining room is getting a bit drab and you’re ready for a change, use these simple tips – or come up with a few of your own to make the look even more personal!

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May 05 2011

Choosing the Right Dining Room Table for Your Decorating Tastes

The dining room is one of the most functional and used rooms in your home.  Your family gathers together to eat their evening meal and talk about the events of the day.  Other times, you may use the dining room to enjoy coffee or tea while you chat on the phone, or your kids may use it to do their homework.  No matter what it is used for, you want your dining room to be as beautiful as possible.

What material do you want in a dining room table?

Today, there are many styles of dining room furniture to choose from, whether you’re looking for something with old-world charm, a traditional look, or dining room furniture that is totally modern.  Wood, metal, wrought iron and glass are some of the materials available, and all are appropriate in their own setting.

Wooden tables are usually the least costly, while glass and metal tables cost a bit more.  Wood never goes out of style while metal tables offer a sleek, chic appeal that is perfect for those with modern or contemporary decorating tastes.

What size table suits your family and your dining room best?

The size of your dining room often dictates what size dining room table you will use.  If your dining room is very small, you may want to use a very small oval table with only two chairs and then have your children sit on barstools at the bar to eat or to complete their homework.  You might also consider a larger table with drop-sides so that you can expand it if needed.

Those with a very large dining room may desire a formal table designed to seat 8 to 10 people.  When crafted of wood, these tables are absolutely gorgeous, and perfect as a focal point for the room.  Cherry wood, mahogany and oak are popular woods for these elegant dining room sets.

Most people use an average size dining room table that seats 6 people; these can be found in any style you desire.

How to choose the material that best suits your decorating tastes

Before you purchase new dining room furniture, decide what decor theme you will use in your dining room.  Do you prefer an old-style country look, something a bit on the regal side, traditional or cutting-edge modern?

For those who love country, western or primitive decorating, a light pine or oak dining room table is beautiful.  Natural wood includes all of the knots and blemishes adding to the comfortable, inviting atmosphere.

If you prefer an elegant or formal feel, think cherry or mahogany.  Darker colors add richness to the room; including elements of brass and gold make the room gleam, and further enhance the depth of the wood.

Those who prefer an ultra-modern appearance may want a sleek metal dining room table, or a glass table top that sets upon a marble pedestal.  No matter what your decorating preferences, there is a dining room set that will be perfect for all the purposes you have in mind – and of course for making the room as appealing as possible!

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Dec 29 2009

4 Inexpensive Decorating Ideas for a Dining Room

One common misconception is that a homeowner has to spend a lot of money on the dining room in order to make it look good. This is absolutely not true. You’d be surprised how many budget-friendly ways there are to decorate your dining room and have it look very stylish and put together. Here are some inexpensive decorating ideas for your dining room to help get you started.

Decorate with Your China
Rather than keeping your beautiful set of china stored away, put it on display for all to see. This is a great way to use something you already own to decorate your dining room. Your china will look great displayed in an armoire or china cabinet. Or if you like, place it on a shelf on the wall.

You might also hang the plates on the wall in a decorative pattern, if this is an old china set that you don’t use anymore. You might also use your china settings to set your oak dining table in order to give it more of a finished look.

Make the Window Treatments
There are plenty of different ways (that don’t require you to be a seamstress) that you can make your own inexpensive window treatments. You can add a stylish touch to otherwise boring blinds or drapes by simply taking a long silk scarf and draping it over the curtain rod. You might also use placemats and tablecloths for your window treatments. This way, they’ll match the same design that’s on your table.

Use Nature to Decorate the Dining Room
Look to your own backyard in spring, summer, and fall, to find décor items for your dining room straight from nature. Try filling up a large wicker basket with all sorts of natural items such as flowers, stones, leaves, fruits, and twigs. Arrange the items attractively and then place the basket on the dining room table to create a seasonal centerpiece. By creating a seasonal basket, you can change up the look of your dining room with each season and stay well within your budget.

Make Your Own Artwork
If you are creative, you might choose to save money on your dining room décor by creating your own artwork. After all, the most expensive décor items in the house are probably pieces of art. When you create your own art pieces, you can really save a substantial amount of money.

Even if you’re not very creative of can’t draw or paint, you can still create some sort of art piece to hang on your wall. One option is to purchase some fabric that matches the style of your dining room and a few inexpensive plain photo frames or blank canvases. All you have to do is pull the fabric tightly over the frame or canvas and staple it in place on the back. Then, voila! You now have a decorative fabric piece to hang on the wall. For a great backdrop for the dining room, hang a couple of these in different sizes and fabric patterns to create a collage.

You don’t need to establish a large budget in order to decorate your dining room. Simply take the time to look around your home and find items that you can recycle in the room’s décor. You can really get creative and use your sense of style to come up with unique ways to decorate. Then your dining room will reflect your personality and look like you spent a lot of money on it, even when you didn’t spend a dime.

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