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Apr 16 2011

Experience a Vacation Get-Away Every Time You Enter Your Bedroom

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The stress of work, family, bills and other things can make you want to get away from it all at the end of a busy day.  You can transform your bedroom into a room that is relaxing, beautiful and totally inviting, so that you can ease away the worries and stress of everyday life!  Today, many people do not have the budget to go to the spa or get away for a week- long vacation.  Let your “significant other” help in the decorating, and not only will you create a relaxing sanctuary you will both enjoy, you’ll build fun memories together.

Clear the clutter

No matter how you decide to decorate the room, clearing the clutter is essential for relaxing and enjoying your surroundings.  Clutter not only makes the room look messy, it can actually “clutter” your mind just being in sight.  Use only a few accents; put away all the junk on top of your dresser or chest of drawers.

Color is key

Certain colors are relaxing and help remove the stress from your body.  Neutral colors like cream or sand are great for the walls; soft blue, lavender and peach colors are soothing to the mind and soul.  Avoid bold or loud colors light bright red, purple, royal blue or lime green, as these colors are invigorating and energizing, which is not what you want to achieve in your bedroom.

Your bed – the focal point of the room

Of course your bed is the largest piece of furniture in the room, so you want to dress it up in a way that is cozy and inviting.  A plush comforter in powder blue or shades of cream, blue and lavender in a casual, relaxed pattern is appealing and comfortable.  Toss a fuzzy throw blanket at the foot of the bed, two or three large cream throw pillows in a plush fabric, and you’re done!  By combining textures that are rough and silky, you will add depth to the room.

Soft lighting adds to the relaxing atmosphere

The last thing you want in a bedroom that is supposed to be soothing and relaxing is bright, harsh lighting.  Use bedside lamps with low wattage bulbs, topped with opaque lamp shades accessorized with tassels around the bottom edge.

Instead of a bright light for the ceiling, consider a romantic themed chandelier to provide soft, subtle light.  Candle wall sconces add to the relaxing, romantic atmosphere.

An accent rug that blends with the décor of the room looks cozy when placed diagonally at the foot of the bed.  For the walls, add only a few prints or pictures that hold personal meaning for you.  Place scented candles around the room in soothing aromas of lavender, sandalwood or vanilla to help set the mood.

Use your own personal touch when decorating your bedroom get-away.  By making the room uniquely yours, you will find it the perfect refuge when you just want to read, relax and have a few moments to yourself.

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Mar 09 2011

A Country Themed House Lets You Relax in Down Home Style

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Are you looking for a relaxed way to decorate your home that offers beauty and appeal, but is comfortable and relaxed at the same time?  Perhaps you are leaning towards an old country theme, but you just haven’t made your mind up about it yet.  We all agree that an old country theme is very welcoming, and it also brings back memories of simpler times.  Instead of spending a great deal of money to decorate, you can make creative use of many things you may already have!

The kitchen – the heart of your home

In a country home, the kitchen has traditionally been the hub of most of the activity.  Instead of things being hidden in cabinets and drawers, regularly used items were left out in the open in an organized fashion.  For example, pots and pans, mason jars with food, and the cooking and eating utensils simply become part of the decor.  Leaving utensils and cookware visible in an organized fashion adds a warm feeling to the home.

Warm colors are responsible for a great deal of the ambient atmosphere you find in a country themed home.  Wooden tables and chairs lend to the country look, and can even be mismatched.  A good way to get a rustic feel is to leave little imperfections in the furniture untouched.  An attractive and appealing way to display dishes would be to use an old china cabinet; these are also great for storage.  Consider painting stencils on your kitchen wall; farm animals and sunflowers add charm.  Sand the stencils lightly after drying to give them a worn look.

Furniture offers a “come inside and relax” appeal

Living room furnishings should be attractive and lend to the country appeal, but you also want furniture that offers that “come in and sit a while” feeling.  Plaid and floral prints in warm shades of burgundy, country blue and cream are perfect for the country theme, but be careful not to overdo it.  Stack a few old suitcases at the end of the sofa for a unique end table that also offers storage!  If you already have a bit of brick or stone on the inside walls of your home, this adds further to the charming old-style appeal.  Don’t worry if you don’t have this; you can accomplish the look with a faux finish.

In the bathroom, nothing says early American architecture quite like a claw foot tub.  If the room is large enough, use an old dresser with an oval or round mirror as your vanity!  If the vanity you currently have looks a bit too modern, cover it with antique looking wood veneer and hang a mirror framed in wood or wrought iron on the wall.  Brass fixtures and floral wallpaper add further to the country appeal – and don’t forget a few candles scented in honeysuckle or vanilla for a scent that helps to bring back fond memories.

Mismatched pieces and unique ideas create beautiful surroundings

Country themed decor is one that requires very little matching; for example, mismatched pieces are charming in the bedroom if used properly.  A nightstand can be made from an old wooden crate – just whitewash it and add a large round silver serving tray on top!  An old wooden trunk placed at the foot of the bed adds charm and serves as storage space as well.  An antique bookshelf (or one you’ve made to look antique-y) is the perfect place to store candles, books and other knick-knacks while adding to the country atmosphere of the room.

Creating a country themed home is easy and affordable for most any budget.  Look around your attic or storage area and put your imagination to work!  You would be amazed at how some items you may now think of as junk can be transformed into treasures.

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Oct 13 2010

Who Says You Must Follow the Rules When Decorating?

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Yes, you can create beautiful spaces by following all of the rules and guidelines that are available for decorating your home – but who says you have to?  Creative people have a knack for making spaces look appealing and original; for filling them with personality.  If you are ready to decorate your home with a look that is all your own, this article offers a few tips and ideas to help make the process easier.

Without sticking to any particular decorating theme, you can make the rooms in your home your own.  We’ve all been inside a home that was so unique and extraordinary that it made our own look dull in comparison.  Here are a few ideas to get your thought process cranking.

Consider color before you do anything else!


It is a known fact that color affects mood.  When decorating your rooms, consider what they will be used for.  For example, you wouldn’t want bright red or royal purple in a bedroom, as these colors are stimulating.  You want relaxing shades such as lavender, soft peach or cream.

Red, yellow and orange are energy colors, so these may be perfect for your home office.  If you want a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere for your living room, consider warm colors such as rust, pumpkin, deep yellow or gold, navy blue and dark green.  The colors of nature are inviting and soothing.  If you lean toward cool colors, consider combining light to medium shades of blue and green.

Do things your own way


Some people love the sleek, simple look of modern décor, while others prefer the relaxing family atmosphere that often comes with country or western style.  If you are someone who likes both, mix things up!  An eclectic look is original, and exudes personality.  If you collect things such as antique dolls, nautical-themed items or porcelain bells, put them on display!  It’s your home, so include those items you truly love.  If you currently have accents or knick-knacks that you don’t really like, take them out.

Shake things up with paint


Today, it’s absolutely amazing what a little paint can do to transform a room.  Why stick to white or cream colored walls?  Lighter shades are great for small rooms, but if your living room is spacious, consider bold, vibrant colors.  Paint one or two walls a pumpkin color or any other color that blends with your décor, and trim the baseboards and door facings in a gold or cream hue.  This adds interest and depth to the room.

Wood furniture can be painted as well, and you can even make modern coffee and end tables take on an antique look.  Simply paint the wood whatever color you like, and then lightly sand the edges for a worn look.

Go through your attic or storage room and look through things you packed away years ago.  You may be surprised at what you can do with some of the items you thought were long past their prime!  Get your creative juices flowing, and transform the rooms of your home into spaces that you truly love.

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Oct 07 2010

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Furniture for Your Family or Living Room

The furnishings you choose to decorate your family or living room provide the basis for the rest of the décor.  When shopping for furniture, there are several things you should take into consideration.  Is the room small or spacious?  Will you actually be using the room, or is it more for show?  There are many questions to ask yourself, from what style of décor you prefer to how the furnishings will be used.

In this article, you will find tips and ideas to help you choose furniture you will still love years from now.


Is your family or living room tiny or spacious?


This is a huge factor for determining the type of furnishings you will choose.  Small rooms need a sofa, love seat or recliner that is built on a smaller scale, as large, bulky furnishings will overwhelm the room and make it appear smaller.  For a large living or family room, choose heavier, bulkier pieces so that the room appears well-balanced.

How will the room be used?


If you are decorating a family room that is used on a daily basis as the place where the family will relax, enjoy television and participate in other activities, make certain the furniture you choose is durable and well-built.  Check seams, look closely at the construction, and by all means sit on it!  Also, choose a style that you are certain you will still love 5 or 10 years in the future.

Furniture for a living room that will seldom be used, such as a formal living room, can be of a somewhat lesser quality, as long as you love the look and style.  Of course you don’t want to go purchase too cheaply, however a moderately priced arrangement will allow you to furnish your living room in a beautiful style that will give it that show place look for the rare occasions that you do use the room.

Modern, country, western or contemporary?


It is essential that you know what style of decorating you desire before you purchase new or used furniture.  Those who love a western theme often go for leather or natural wood finishes.  A bulky floral pattern is perfect for country decorating.  For those who choose a more modern or contemporary design, furnishings should be sleek and stream-lined.  A sofa with metal accents and clean lines suits contemporary décor well.

You also want to consider the colors you will use in decorating your family or living room.  Country and western themes include rustic colors like those found in nature.  Rust, pumpkin, gold, navy blue and dark green are often found in these styles, so consider the fabric of the furniture you are considering.  Contemporary and modern decorating leans toward black, white, sand or beige, and perhaps a splash of red to add interest.

Before you go shopping for furniture, do some research online about your preferred style of decorating.  There are plenty of examples for every type of décor to give you ideas, so that you can create beautiful rooms which exude your own personal style.

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Oct 07 2010

Transform a Stark Living Room by Texture and Pattern

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Let’s face it:  Most people aren’t that attracted to stark, cold looking rooms.  Contemporary and modern styles of decorating can take on this feeling if you aren’t careful.  Actually, any room that lacks pattern and texture can look lifeless.  In this article, you will find many useful tips and ideas for adding a feeling of warmth to a room, so that it feels welcoming and inviting to all who enter.

Not only do various textures and patterns add warmth to a room, the colors involved often add personality and life.  Imagine a room without color!  By adding interesting textures and colors, any room will look much more beautiful and appealing.

Consider your decorating style before choosing fabrics and accents


Before you go all out trying to find the perfect accents and fabrics that will add texture to a room, consider the style of décor you prefer.  A modern or contemporary décor is often sleek; therefore the fabrics you choose should be those that are smooth and satiny.  Consider chintz, silk, and other sleek looking fabrics to carry out the clean, modern appearance.

Those who lean toward rugged or western styles of decorating will prefer fabrics that are rougher in nature.  Nubby rugs, calico, cotton and leather are perfect for those who like the more natural, outdoorsy styles of decorating.

The size of the room determines patterns


If your living room is particularly small or large, you want to take that in to consideration when adding texture and pattern.  Small rooms should never be decorated in very large, loud patterns.  Huge flowers, wide stripes and bold checks dominate a small room, and make it appear even smaller.  Stick to smaller, more delicate patterns and smaller scale furnishings so that the room doesn’t look overwhelmed.

Larger living rooms look fantastic with the larger, bolder patterns.  These patterns are in scale with the large room, and make it all appear more balanced.  Large scale furnishings and large accents create a room that is appealing to the eye.  In any case, never add too many accents, as your rooms will lose their focal point and end up looking cluttered.

Mix and Match!


Whether your furniture upholstery and accent fabrics are small or large, today nearly anything goes when decorating.  Don’t be afraid to mix stripes, florals and checks along with solids.  As long as all of the colors in the room coordinate, mixing patterns only adds dimension and depth, which makes any room feel more welcoming.

Image mixing throw pillows for the sofa that are all colored in various shades of burgundy, cream and forest green – one plaid, one striped, a floral and a solid.  This is absolutely gorgeous!  While this may have been against the rules two decades ago, now anything goes.  Consider a solid colored area rug outlined in bold stripes, while plaid pillows of the same shades accent the sofa and love seat.  The look is rich and oh-so appealing.

If you aren’t sure about mixing certain textures or patterns, try it out!  You may be surprised at just how beautiful a cold, stark room can look when you add a little warmth.

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Oct 06 2010

Simple Decorating Fixes to Rejuvenate a Tired Living Room

Has your living room looked exactly the same for years, and now you are growing tired of it?  Without spending much, or any, money, you can perk up a tired room and give it a fresh new look.  A few simple changes will make your living room appealing and beautiful once again.  This article contains many simple fixes that will have you loving an entirely different look over the span of a weekend.


To change things up a bit, rearrange the furniture!  If your furnishings are against the walls, pull them further into the room and create an intimate sitting area around an accent rug.  Arrange the sofa, love seat and chairs around a large coffee table, so that visiting with guests seems a bit more personal.

You may want to try a diagonal approach as well, especially if the room is longer and narrow.  Arranging your sofa diagonally adds a unique touch and makes the room look wider.  Try slipcovers if your upholstery needs an updated look.  Afghans and throws work well for covering up worn spots or tears.


Frequently, people think of paint as simply for freshening up a white wall or re-painting the ceiling.  Paint is actually one of the most affordable ways to dramatically change the look of a room!  Paint a single wall a bold, vibrant color that blends with the other colors in the room.  Consider painting baseboards and door facings a contrasting color to add depth and interest.

Once you have completed the wall, add beautiful artwork, a curio cabinet, or anything you love and make it the focal point of the room.

Add Accessories for Texture and Color

A few well-placed accessories can really bring your living room to life.  Add richly-textured throw pillows in bold patterns to the sofa, or throw an antique quilt casually over one corner if you decorate in a country theme.  Green plants, scattered accent rugs and unique floor or table lamps complete the look.

Lamps are the one item in your home that can make your living room look dated.  Most can be freshened up by replacing or painting the shade, or even stenciling it.  If the base is ceramic, stone or glass, consider giving it a coat of brightly colored paint as well.  Who knew paint could be so versatile?

Add a large mirror to a living room that is dark or small.  By placing it strategically so that natural light that comes in from a window is reflected, you can lighten up the room and make it appear more spacious.

If you have some favorite collectibles, place them in spots around the room in groups of 3 or 5.  Remove any clutter, as too many dust catchers tend to make a room look messy and unorganized.  Often, we don’t realize that newspapers, toys, too many knick-knacks and other items lying around take away from the atmosphere of the room.

Put these ideas to work for you, and you can have a completely refreshed and appealing living room over the course of a single weekend.

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Sep 29 2010

How Texture and Pattern Make for Appealing Spaces

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Many people don’t truly realize the impact that texture and pattern have on making the rooms of their home warm, inviting and appealing.  Every home should be a relaxing haven, a place where you come to at the end of the day to release all your stresses and cares.  From your kitchen and living room to the bedroom, your rooms should reflect not only style, but your personal tastes.  This article offers tips on adding texture and pattern to every room of your home, making for inviting, beautiful spaces.

Color isn’t the only thing that matters

Of course you want your home to be decorated with beautiful splashes of color, but texture and patterns make a room come to life.  Any room that contains only bland colors and a single texture such as smooth, shiny or rough is boring!  Today, mixing stripes with florals or checks and combining rough, shiny or smooth textures provide life and personality to an otherwise dull room.

Play up the kitchen

In the kitchen and bath, it’s easy to incorporate texture.  If either of these rooms have a sterile look with white tiled floors, white walls, white appliances, etc., pump up the warmth by using wood floors, cherry cabinets and nubby accent rugs.  Consider boldly patterned cushions for dining room chairs, or a wall shelf displaying rustic pottery.  In the bath, choose plush towels for display, boldly patterned rugs, and a sconce for the wall to soften the room with romantic lighting.

Liven up the walls

The walls in any room are an essential part of the overall decor.  Today, many people paint the walls using faux finishes that can be accomplished with ragging, rag rolling, rubber stamping and other methods.  This creates texture for the walls and helps alleviate the blank look.  Consider richly textured tapestries, or glue fabrics such as imitation suede or burlap to a single wall.  Ceilings are also important; they can be painted with texture paint, and even wallpapered!  Exposed wooden beams also add richness to the room, especially for those decorating in a country-themed style.

Accents are very important for pulling the look together.  For the sofa or love seat, consider layered throw pillows designed in stripes, checks, florals and even geometric patterns depending on your style preferences.  Vary the textures; some should be silky and sleek, while others are rough and nubby.  A colorful throw placed casually across a chair or rocker adds additional interest.

You can also blend furnishings from various eras to add appeal to a room.  Today, it is common to find upscale homes decorated with pieces from the 19th century, the ’30’s, and modern furnishings from today.  When various elements with diverse qualities are combined, the result can be very beautiful and unique.  Leather looks great when combined with wicker, and many pieces you have put away can be transformed into a something great for some room with a little paint or stenciling.

Create rooms that are truly your own and that offer a sense of intimacy that anyone who enters your home will love.  It’s easy, when you let texture and patterns work for you!

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Jul 19 2010

Decorate Your Home in a Monochromatic Color Scheme

To some, monochromatic may sound dull or boring.  When done right, you can decorate your living room or any other room of your home using a monochromatic theme for a stunning effect!  If you think this style of decorating is bland and lifeless, this article will offer tips and ideas that help you create a room with depth and appeal.  White or beige isn’t the only color that gets used in this popular style of decorating.

You can, and should, use any color at all to create rooms that are full of personality and interest.  Save the bold reds, purples or emerald greens for rooms where you do not spend large stretches of time, as these colors can become overwhelming.

The Secret Lies in the Colors


When creating a monochromatic look, you want to use 3 different shades of the same color.  For example, if you want to use brown tones then a light beige, deep amber and chocolate brown will make for a stunning look, as will shades of peach and terracotta.  You want one color to dominate, preferably the medium tone.  As an example, paint the walls light beige, choose a sofa and love seat that contains strong amber tones, and accent baseboards with chocolate brown.  Amber should be the strongest color in the room.

Choosing Patterns and Adding Texture


The secret to adding depth and interest in a monochromatic decorating theme is in the patterns and textures you intermingle.  Bold stripes and geometric patterns are perfect in this style, as long as the strongest colors in the pattern are from the three that you have chosen.  Combine silky fabrics with nubby ones for the most appeal.  You may want to use silky curtains that offer sheen, along with nubby textured accent rugs.  Tapestries are also great for adding rich texture.

To add further appeal, consider painting a bold stripe of color around the room.  For example, on a light beige wall you may want to use an 18” wide stripe of chocolate brown about halfway up the wall around the entire room.  This visually extends the room and livens up the walls a bit.

Accessories Add a Punch of Color


While you do want to keep furniture, walls and floors restrained to the three colors you have chosen, you can add punches of vibrant color in pictures and other smaller accessories.  If you go with the beige/amber/chocolate theme, consider pictures that contain a bright splash of red or yellow.  Set a bowl filled with red apples and bananas in the center of the coffee table, or create a floral arrangement that contains these colors.  Large pillar or square shaped candles in these shades help to add even more small accents around the room.

Just remember to keep the larger details of the room to the basic three colors, and then add pop with splashes of color in the smaller details.  Choose one single color to dominate the room, and you will have spaces that are beautiful, unique and appealing to all who enter your home.

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Jul 16 2010

Infusing Your Personality in the Décor of Your Home

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Unfortunately, many people design their homes based on popular trends and magazine pictures.  Sure, the room is beautiful, but is it comfortable and inviting to you?  Does it suit your unique personality?  Or does the room seem almost foreign, because there is none of your personality displayed in the accents and furnishings you use?  It’s important that you decorate your home according to your particular likes and interests.  This article offers a few ideas to help you create rooms that are exciting, appealing – and totally yours!

Determine What You Like
Think about your interests, your favorite colors, even the music you enjoy most.  Are your favorite colors blue and gold?  Maybe you like black and white.  Whatever colors you love most, base your décor around those shades.  Use them in your furniture, the accents on your walls, and in paint preferences.  If you love country music, you probably love country décor as well.  If rap or hip-hop is your style, you may want décor that is funky and off-beat that includes bright, almost shocking colors.

If you are a modern, contemporary type of person, you most likely won’t feel comfortable with rooms that are decorated in a style that is too elegant or country themed.  You most likely prefer spaces that are simple, basic and uncluttered.  Clean lines and basic colors make you feel most at home.

What are Your Hobbies?
Do you collect nautical-themed accessories, porcelain dolls or teapots?  Include your hobbies in your decorating style.  Create a corner of the room that is specifically dedicated to your collection.  Consider using nautical prints for the walls.  If you collect certain items at flea markets, garage sales or online, put them on display!  Curio cabinets with a glass front or wood shelves you build yourself are great for displaying those special items you love.

Are You a Romantic, or the Sensible Type?
Are you one of those people who are extremely sensitive, or do the downturns in life roll off easily?  Your home should reflect your personality type.  Those who are romantics often love cozy, intimate spaces that are surrounded by things that hold a special meaning.  Photos, accessories and other accent items that have been given to you by those you love add intimacy.  If you are the type who is carefree and simply rolls with the punches, you may enjoy things that simply offer visual appeal, but don’t necessarily have a special meaning.  Abstract art and geometric patterns may appeal most to you.

The point is, don’t decorate your home in a style that you think will please others.  It’s your home, so decorate it in a way that makes you happy and comfortable!  If you love flowers, herbs and other plants, fill your home up with them.  If wild colors and bold patterns appeal to you, use them!  What makes you different is what makes you special.  Your home should be the same – a reflection of YOU.

You may be someone who has a variety of interests.  An eclectic look is often the most appealing, and best of all, it is never boring.  Mix different styles of décor according to what you love, and make your home one that welcomes you at the end of the day, offering you relaxing, peaceful surroundings.

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Jun 28 2010

5 Ways to Cozy Up a Large Living Room

Most people love large living or family rooms, but they tend to have a cold or cavernous appearance, especially when the ceilings are vaulted.  While you love the spaciousness, you may wonder how to make the room feel a little more warm and inviting, or cozy.  You want your home to have an atmosphere that is comfortable and welcoming, an almost intimate appeal that feels alluring.

There are several ways you can break up a large space in order to make it feel a bit more personal.  This article will give you tips on creating a room that offers interest, appeal and, most of all, warmth.

Arrange Several Furniture Groupings

The easiest way to break the room up is to group furnishings in different areas, each for a purpose.  Arrange your sofa, loveseat, recliner and tables in a small grouping around an area rug.  This makes a wonderful conversation area when guests visit.  Furniture should not be placed against the wall; this only makes things look impersonal.  You may want to add another area that is designed for enjoying a good book.  Place a rocking chair or recliner, along with a small table and lamp, in another location in the room – perhaps near a window.

If you have more space, consider placing an additional sofa and television, stereo and game station in an area that will be used solely for entertainment purposes.  Creating areas designed to be used for specific activities is a great way to break the room up into smaller, more intimate spaces.

Use Paint or Wallpaper to Draw the Room In

In smaller spaces, most people avoid using dark colored paint.  When you have high ceilings and a very large room, dark paint is the perfect solution.  Consider painting the ceiling a dark shade as well to bring it down visually.  Boldly patterned wallpaper containing dark shades is an option as well.

Avoid Decorating with Mirrors

Mirrors tend to make rooms look larger, especially when they reflect light from windows or other light sources.  If you feel that you have to use a mirror, hang it where it reflects a favorite piece of décor or accent.

Add Lots of Accessories!

Adding lots of accessories such as baskets, pottery, plants and bookshelves can really scale a room down.  Using small to medium size accents helps reduce the appearance of a large room and balances bigger items like furniture.  Consider placing a potted tree in one corner of the room to match the scale of a high ceiling.

Bulk is Great

For spacious rooms, bulky large furniture is perfect.  Consider using “heavy” looking fabrics such as tapestries, and keep the colors dark.  Dark colored wood is ideal as well; light colors tend to make spaces look larger.  Avoid glass topped tables completely.

There you have it!  Five great ways that you can visually reduce the size of spaces which look cold and uninviting.  No matter how big the living or family room are, you can give them a cozy, warm appearance that everyone will appreciate.

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