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Feb 14 2012

Creating an Old-Style Country Look for Your Living Room

No other style of decorating offers a warm, comfortable atmosphere in addition to the charming beauty associated with country decorating.  Even in the modern times in which we live, country decorating holds a special place in the heart of many people who grew up in a rural setting or on a farm.

Whether you live in the middle of a bustling city or in the country, you can recreate the look of a decade ago, adding charm and character to your living room.

Choose a color scheme first
Before you start deciding on accents, curtains and other elements of the room, decide what colors you want to use.  It’s best to stick to three colors so that the look is balanced, with one color being the dominant color for the room.

Country colors range from cream and pale red or rusty shades to country blues and brown tones, shades of orange, warm yellow and forest green.

Warm up the walls with a rustic touch
Some people use a wainscoting technique for the walls.  This simply means that you will use a different element for the bottom half of the wall than what is used on the top half.

Rough boards create a rustic look and add texture.  Run the boards vertically up the wall to a point that is about 3 to 3 1/2 feet from the floor.  Use nails to put the boards on the wall instead of glue; if you ever decide to remove the boards, nails will leave far less damage than glue.

Top the boards off with a pine board that is 2 x 4 inches, running horizontally across the top of the vertical boards.  For a country look, stain the boards in a light pine or oak stain.  Paint the remainder of the wall, up to the ceiling, with the color of your choice.

Stick with wood or tile for floors
Carpeting doesn’t lend itself to an authentic country look.  For real country style appeal, choose hardwood flooring or tile in a rustic finish.

While you want the wood floors or tile to be on display, throw rugs are a must for adding warmth and a splash of color in country decorating.  Braided rugs are perfect for this use, and come in a wide range of sizes and colors.  Scatter them around randomly for a relaxed, comfortable look.

Decorative accents can add country flair to almost any type of furniture
While it is best if you can afford country style furniture, there are things you can do to make your current furniture take on a more countrified look and feel.

If you can afford to buy new furniture, stick to wood or leather when possible.  Wood arms combined with floral upholstery are common in a country themed home.  Wood accent and end tables help complete the look.

Now, for a few simple tricks to give any style furniture that country look.  Large crocheted doilies placed on the arms of a chair or couch add an old-fashioned touch.  Toss a few country-themed throw pillows in the mix, and your furniture has transformed to country!  There are also a huge number of fitted slip-covers available that you can use to entirely cover your furniture, giving it a whole new look.

When it comes to accents for the walls, country decor often leans toward a farm or western theme, using old items that look like they are “gently” worn.  Old-fashioned kitchen implements such as small iron skillets, rolling pins, small barn tools, saws, old farm pictures and other items all give new life to bare walls and add warmth.

Decorating your home in old-style country is easy!  Put these tips and ideas to use in your home, and you may find that this is the most comfortable, welcoming environment you have ever come home to after a long hard day.

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Jan 31 2012

Decorate Your Bath in a Charming Country Theme

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While a bathroom may be on the bottom of the list when it comes to decorating, it is the room where you indulge in a relaxing shower or soak in the tub to while away the cares of the day.  A country themed bathroom is charming and relaxing, the perfect place to enjoy an hour-long soak in a tub filled with aromatic oils.  Below you will find some great ideas for transforming an ordinary bath in to one that indulges all of your senses.

Decorate with those things you love

Just because a magazine tells you exactly how to decorate your bathroom to achieve a country or primitive look doesn’t mean you have to follow the directions to the letter!

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want the room to reflect your own personality by using those things you truly love.  You may enjoy a primitive country look, or simple things like wicker baskets, wood floors and an old-fashioned claw foot tub rather than what you see in stylized pictures.

Consider the size of your bath as well as your budget when transforming the bath into a country retreat.

Warm up the floor

In a country bath, anything from wide plank wood floors to laminates and vinyl with a worn look work great.  The real decorative touch comes by adding rag or braided rugs with a country appeal.

If you do choose wood floors, make sure they are approved for use in the bathroom where excess moisture and humidity are often a problem.

Beadboard – perfect for country walls

For authentic country appeal, consider beadboard on the walls.  Narrow pine planks applied about half way up the wall add charm and beauty.  Paint the beadboard white and finish the remainder of the walls off with a soft country blue, sage green or butter yellow.

Consider a wallpaper border or stencil for the top of the walls around the edges to complete the look.  An old-fashioned peg board is the perfect place to hang robes, bath towels or other country accents.

Remodel the vanity

If you have the money, nothing speaks “country” like a pedestal sink!  Surrounded by a ruffled skirt, this is one factor that really contributes to an authentic country look.  Extra storage exists behind the skirt; consider hanging an oval mirror over the sink to complete the vintage look.

If you don’t have the money to purchase a pedestal sink, consider refinishing wood cabinet doors and the top of the vanity using materials that offer a rural or rustic look.


Depending on the size of your bathroom, accessories can complete the look.  If space allows, bring in a straight-backed wood chair to hold extra towels, a country floral arrangement and candles.  This is a beautiful focal point when placed in one corner of the room.

Green plants are perfect in any type of decor; spruce up the room with randomly placed plants and vines in various sizes.

Wicker baskets also add charm to a country-style bath, so place them on the vanity, on the floor, on shelves – anywhere there is room.  Fill with scented soaps, potpourri, luxurious body lotions, etc.

Creating a country style bathroom is easy!  Decide whether you want your bath to be pure country, primitive or even country chic and go to town with your ideas.  You’ll have fun, and your bathroom will be the perfect retreat after a long, hard day.

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May 17 2011

Decorating Your Home in Country Victorian Style

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If you love a cottage style or shabby chic look, country Victorian decorating will be right up your alley.  A popular design trend, country Victorian places the emphasis on comfort and originality rather than high style.  In this sort of decorating, you won’t need to worry about every piece in the room matching; as long as the pieces you choose are distressed or worn, the look will be comfortable and appealing.

Pale colors set the mood

Unlike traditional Victorian decorating that often incorporates deep, rich colors, the country Victorian style leans toward pale, soft hues such as cornflower blue, soft yellow, light pistachio and delicate pink.  You will also want to use finishes that are matte and distressed, rather than glossy or sleek surfaces.

Furnishings are funky and unique

This look is totally relaxed, incorporating those things you may find in an attic or at flea markets and estate sales.  Rusted metal pieces, accent tables with round tops and sculpted legs, old wrought iron bed frames and loose slip covers allow you to create a look that is timeless and old-fashioned.

Armchairs that are covered in pale floral fabrics with small patterns are perfect in country Victorian decor.  A sofa wrapped in a loose slip cover looks romantic; floral, striped or paisley patterns on throw pillows add texture and interest.  Consider using old, worn buffets, armoires and corner shelves to display smaller accents and mementos.

Accent tables should also have a worn, distressed look.  If your current furniture looks too modern, consider white washing it or sanding the edges to give it a distressed look; you may also want to switch out the hardware, using drawer pulls and knobs with a vintage look or enamel with printed designs.

Fabrics and texture

In country Victorian decorating, it is essential that you use materials that are light and airy, such as chintz and cotton.  To highlight the windows, consider gauzy, lacy fabrics that allow plenty of natural light to spill into the room.  Rugs and throws will lend to the relaxed, cozy feel of the room.  Embroidery is also right at home in this style of decorating.  Make use of tassels and ribbons in throws, blankets and even window treatments.

Accessories complete the look

In any style of decorating, you want to avoid an over-abundance of accents in order to keep the room from looking messy or cluttered.  With the country Victorian theme, think of accents inspired by nature, such as pebbles, seashells and dried flower arrangements.  Old porcelain tea pots, a china collection, brass or pewter vases or anything with an antique flair works well in bringing the room together.

The secret to creating spaces you love is using those items that are your personal favorites; this way, your home is a reflection of your personal taste, and one you will be comfortable in.  Country Victorian decor allows you to create spaces that are not only beautiful and inviting, but completely relaxing as well.

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Mar 09 2011

A Country Themed House Lets You Relax in Down Home Style

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Are you looking for a relaxed way to decorate your home that offers beauty and appeal, but is comfortable and relaxed at the same time?  Perhaps you are leaning towards an old country theme, but you just haven’t made your mind up about it yet.  We all agree that an old country theme is very welcoming, and it also brings back memories of simpler times.  Instead of spending a great deal of money to decorate, you can make creative use of many things you may already have!

The kitchen – the heart of your home

In a country home, the kitchen has traditionally been the hub of most of the activity.  Instead of things being hidden in cabinets and drawers, regularly used items were left out in the open in an organized fashion.  For example, pots and pans, mason jars with food, and the cooking and eating utensils simply become part of the decor.  Leaving utensils and cookware visible in an organized fashion adds a warm feeling to the home.

Warm colors are responsible for a great deal of the ambient atmosphere you find in a country themed home.  Wooden tables and chairs lend to the country look, and can even be mismatched.  A good way to get a rustic feel is to leave little imperfections in the furniture untouched.  An attractive and appealing way to display dishes would be to use an old china cabinet; these are also great for storage.  Consider painting stencils on your kitchen wall; farm animals and sunflowers add charm.  Sand the stencils lightly after drying to give them a worn look.

Furniture offers a “come inside and relax” appeal

Living room furnishings should be attractive and lend to the country appeal, but you also want furniture that offers that “come in and sit a while” feeling.  Plaid and floral prints in warm shades of burgundy, country blue and cream are perfect for the country theme, but be careful not to overdo it.  Stack a few old suitcases at the end of the sofa for a unique end table that also offers storage!  If you already have a bit of brick or stone on the inside walls of your home, this adds further to the charming old-style appeal.  Don’t worry if you don’t have this; you can accomplish the look with a faux finish.

In the bathroom, nothing says early American architecture quite like a claw foot tub.  If the room is large enough, use an old dresser with an oval or round mirror as your vanity!  If the vanity you currently have looks a bit too modern, cover it with antique looking wood veneer and hang a mirror framed in wood or wrought iron on the wall.  Brass fixtures and floral wallpaper add further to the country appeal – and don’t forget a few candles scented in honeysuckle or vanilla for a scent that helps to bring back fond memories.

Mismatched pieces and unique ideas create beautiful surroundings

Country themed decor is one that requires very little matching; for example, mismatched pieces are charming in the bedroom if used properly.  A nightstand can be made from an old wooden crate – just whitewash it and add a large round silver serving tray on top!  An old wooden trunk placed at the foot of the bed adds charm and serves as storage space as well.  An antique bookshelf (or one you’ve made to look antique-y) is the perfect place to store candles, books and other knick-knacks while adding to the country atmosphere of the room.

Creating a country themed home is easy and affordable for most any budget.  Look around your attic or storage area and put your imagination to work!  You would be amazed at how some items you may now think of as junk can be transformed into treasures.

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Jul 05 2010

Apartment Living: Creating a Country Atmosphere

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Most apartments are located in the city.  If you live in an apartment and long for the warm, cozy atmosphere of a country home, you can certainly have it!  Just because you live in a city, whether big or small, doesn’t mean you have to give up a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.  Walk in the door, and feel as though you have been transported to the country where wildflowers are rampant and fresh air flows through every fiber of your being!  This article will give you some tips on turning your blank, expressionless apartment in to a real home.

Start With the Furniture
Decorating in country style requires lots of wood – the more the better.  Shop around for a sofa, kitchen table and other large pieces that are made of natural looking wood such as knotty pine.  You don’t have to spend a fortune; you may be able to find used furniture at flea markets or online.

Wood end tables are essential as well.  Once you have your tables in place, consider using lace doilies or checked pattern cloths to casually drape over the tables.  Display candles in jars that have a country appeal and scents like cinnamon, vanilla or apple pie.

Decorate the Walls for Added Interest and Depth
Bare walls tend to look very stark and blank, leading to a cold atmosphere.  Warm up your walls with rural or black and white prints framed in wood.  You might also want to consider using a country style quilt alone on a large wall – this creates a great focal point for the room!

Don’t Forget the Kitchen!
If you have room for a table in your apartment kitchen, continue with the natural or knotty pine wood theme.  You may also want to top your table with a checkered or lace cloth for a continuous feel to your décor.  If there is no room for a table, use antique looking bar stools at the counter.  Add country candles, wooden bowls and spoons, and wildflower arrangements to enhance the country atmosphere.  A wicker centerpiece for the table and wooden spice rack for the counter top are nice touches as well.

The primary things you want to remember when decorating your apartment in country style is to use plenty of natural, exposed, or antique looking wood and simply patterned cloths for table decoration.  Always add those accessories and accents that you truly love – this helps add a little of your unique personality to the mix.  Natural flowers, country style candles, bookcases filled with old or leather-bound books, quilts, and wicker are all great touches when decorating with country flair.

All too often, an apartment tends to look and feel just like all the others, and totally uninviting.  Warm up your living spaces and make them your own!  Create a style that you will love coming home to after a hard day’s work.  Country décor is like no other when it comes to comfort, coziness, and a truly welcoming feeling.  Transform your apartment into a place you will love calling home!

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