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Jun 09 2011

Designing a Country or Contemporary Peach & Blue Kitchen

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Peach and blue are two colors, that when combined, create a soft and ambient atmosphere.  Whether your kitchen is designed using a country theme or a contemporary theme, you can incorporate these colors for a kitchen that is colorful, warm and welcoming.

In this article, we will describe how to inject the colors peach and blue in to your kitchen design, creating an entirely new look.

Work with your current kitchen design

When peach and blue are combined they lean more toward a feminine, country motif, but they can work well in a contemporary setting as well.  In country decorating, use the colors through delicate floral arrangements and pictures.  Prints for the walls, dish towels, and other fabrics or surfaces may depict a calming countryside or a placid lake.

In a contemporary theme, peach and blue are used in a different way.  Modern, abstract prints and hard angular lines are commonly found in this decorating style, so use the shades in more modern elements in your kitchen.  A table runner in an abstract design along with geometric shapes in pictures, vases and other accessories adds soft color while keeping with the modern look.

Color the walls

The walls are the basis of any room, and help set the overall mood.  In a country themed kitchen, choose shades of peach and blue that are a light to medium.  Peach shades can range from a pastel peach to a richer peachy-tan hue.  Country blue or gray blue complement the peach colors perfectly.

A contemporary kitchen can look beautiful with darker, bolder shades of peach and blue.  In this style of kitchen, think sea blue, deep blueberry and darker peach shades.

In either situation, the perfect accent for trim is a soft cream shade.  Use it as an accent on the walls, around trimmed out doors and windows.  In contemporary decorating, it is particularly important to choose a light shade for accenting to prevent the room from looking too dark.

Accents pull the look together

In a country setting, you want to avoid using a floral pattern that includes both peach and blue flowers.  Choose one dominant color so that the look is not too busy.  The second color can be incorporated through solids, stripes, checks and other patterns that may be used for curtains, chair upholstery, a table runner, etc.

Designing a contemporary kitchen with these colors proves a bit more challenging, but the completed look is well worth the effort.  Since you want to use very few accents to keep the look clean and uncluttered, use a few items in peach and blue that make bold statements.  This may be in the form of a centerpiece for the table, or a single large print for a wall.  Carved soapstone is a great way to bring your peach color into your space, as it is naturally shaded in a peach tone and injects a simple, modern touch.

These colors are beautiful when paired together; the atmosphere is soft yet rich, comfortable and appealing.  Use the tips above to create a kitchen in which you will want to spend all of your time!

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Nov 09 2010

Tips for a Warm and Welcoming Country Kitchen

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Nothing is quite as warm and inviting as a big country kitchen filled with accents and accessories that provide that “down home” appeal.  Today, many families and their guests spend a good deal of time in the kitchen, sharing stories and indulging in goodies as they relax after a long day at work.  In this article, you will find some great tips and ideas for adding the charming look and atmosphere that only a country style kitchen can offer.

Incorporate warm colors

For the country theme, it is essential that you use those colors that create a warm, relaxing environment.  Rust red, country blue, green and yellow are often used in this style of décor to create a colorful yet warm atmosphere.  Consider painting the walls a relaxing shade of country blue, complemented by baseboards and trim work in cream or antique white.

Perk up the walls

While painted walls are fine, you may want to consider bead board paneling, wall paper or even stencils you paint on yourself.  A wallpaper or stenciled boarder around the top of the wall adds further charm and appeal when you use a pattern that includes roosters, teapots, sunflowers or fruit.

Today, you can also create interesting walls yourself using paint and a few techniques that add texture such as stenciling, sponging, and rag-rolling.  Using these techniques allows you to create a look that is original and all your own!  It also adds a personal touch that will make you proud.

Lighting and windows

In a country style kitchen, the lighting you use and the window treatments you select can make all the difference.  Consider light fixtures that are made of wood, wrought iron or tin; curtains designed in gingham checks or plaids or those with stenciled borders give your windows that country fresh appeal.

Accessories complete the look

While most other styles of decorating a kitchen advise you to keep things simple and sleek, country decorating is just the opposite; you want charming accents anywhere and everywhere!  A wrought iron pot rack hanging from the ceiling is the perfect place for those iron skillets.  Cinnamon and apple pie scented candles can be placed on counter tops, a baker’s rack, or any other flat surface.

The kitchen table can be made of any type of wood, as long as the look is a bit worn or distressed.  A large braided rug placed directly under the table adds charm, as does a country-style throw rug for the area in front of your sink.  Wooden or tin country signs, baskets, cookbooks and canisters finish the look and bring everything together.

Not everyone’s idea of country decorating is the same; some like Americana, while other prefer hearts, cows, roosters, gingerbread men or even sunflowers.  To make your home as comfortable as possible, always use those items that are your favorites.  A country home feels lived in; those who visit your home know they are welcome, and that you are in no hurry for them to leave.  Make your home the most inviting on the block by adding the old-fashioned charm of country décor.

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Sep 15 2010

Country Style Kitchens Never Lose Their Charm and Appeal!

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There is nothing quite like a big country kitchen to welcome family at the end of the day. It is a great space for entertaining when inviting friends and other guests who stop by for a visit as well.  A country themed kitchen is warm, relaxed and inviting – and packed full of charm.  Families can spend their evenings gathered around the table for a big meal, or discussing the events of the day.  This article offers tips and ideas for transforming your kitchen into your favorite room of your home.

You don’t have to have a great big kitchen for the country theme to work!  Any space can be given old fashioned charm with a few simple changes.

Color is Key


In a country style kitchen you want colors that are basically natural and on the light side.  Sand, cream, golden brown and terracotta are great colors to use as the base for your decorating.  Cream colored walls are beautiful when trimmed in golden brown baseboards.  This sets off the room and creates a depth that is noticeable.  A countertop in terracotta or sand adds a bit more color and makes the room look rich.

The More Wood the Better


With the country theme of decorating, lots of wood is in order!  Your table can be round or oblong, even square – but make sure it is made of wood.  Chairs should be made of wood as well, although they don’t have to match.  Odd chairs look great in this style of décor as long as they are all made of wood.

Wood cabinets in an oak or maple finish are beautiful for the kitchen, as are wood floors.  Of course, if you cannot afford wood floors you can simply throw a few accent rugs here and there that are decorated with a country theme.

Pots and Pans can be Decorative


A simple touch can add so much to the appearance of your kitchen.  Consider hanging your pots and pans from a wrought iron rack hanging from the ceiling.  This gives you additional cabinet space as well, so that you can put all of those small appliances and other things that crowd your counter tops out of sight.  Hanging your pots and pans really adds old fashioned charm.



Accessories are what complete the look, so make sure you don’t leave out this step.  Plants in terracotta pots are essential, and they add warmth to the room.  For the walls, you might consider hand-made hangings that are cross-stitched to add a personal touch.  Mason jars filled with heavenly-scented candles are a good addition, and make the room smell wonderful.

Of course, you will also want to consider your own favorite country theme.  Some like to use an abundance of roosters or other farm animals, while others prefer a sunflower theme to brighten up the room.  Use your own creative ideas, and get to work on your own charming country kitchen!  Your family will love it, and all guests who enter will never want to leave.

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Jul 19 2010

Add a Touch of the Wild West to Your Kitchen

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Whether you live on a ranch or in the middle of the city, western style décor offers plenty of color and charm.  If you are ready to make a change in your kitchen and dining areas and want to add some spice, this is the perfect way to achieve your new look.  This article offers tips and ideas for transforming your kitchen in to a western-themed ponderosa, where the entire family, as well as your guests, will enjoy relaxing in the warm, welcoming ambiance.

Western décor is colorful, often incorporating rich, warm colors such as brown, red and blue.  A western flair offers rooms that are colorful, fun and packed with visual appeal.


Use Plenty of Wood and Iron


Adding that home-on-the-range look to your kitchen requires plenty of wood and iron.  Wrought iron accents are perfect for this type of décor, as is copper.  Your kitchen table may be of a rough-hewn unfinished wood, or even an old wagon wheel topped with glass.  Consider hanging a wrought-iron pot rack or a baker’s rack constructed of worn wood and punched tin.  Top your table with a runner made of a western-themed fabric.

Add Interest to Counter Tops


Add colorful touches to counter tops with cookie jars, canisters, and other knick-knacks decorated in a western theme.  Dish cloths and dish towels can also be decorated with a western design.  Wrought iron candle holders are great, as are terra cotta colored pots filled with herbs and other greenery.

You may want to consider a central theme, such as cowboy boots, cowboy hats or even horses.  You can find planters that are designed in the shape of a cowboy boot, and horseshoes make great napkin holders.  Hang horseshoes and other iron accents on the walls – the more the better!  Blending copper accessories in with the iron also makes for a unique look.

Add Color to the Walls


When it comes to your walls, think rustic colors.  You may want to paint a single wall, or paint them all.  Terra cotta colored paint is great for western décor, as is an amber shade of brown.  You may even want to run a boldly colored wall paper border around the top of the walls to add further pizzazz.

For the windows use fabrics that are solid colored or patterned in a western theme or consider using wooden shutters.  The trick is to put your own creative ideas to work!  Focus either on all that is western, or narrow your décor choices down to one particular theme such as cowboy boots.  Your aim is to make your kitchen and dining areas look as though they came straight out of the west.

There are no rules, so have fun!  You can find many accents and accessories that are made of worn wood and wrought iron at flea markets and garage sales.  Consider putting wood beams on the ceiling to further add to the appeal.  You can find lots more ideas by looking through magazines, or even browsing the internet.  Remember, fill the room with plenty of rich color for a look that is anything but bland.

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