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Feb 14 2012

Creating an Old-Style Country Look for Your Living Room

No other style of decorating offers a warm, comfortable atmosphere in addition to the charming beauty associated with country decorating.  Even in the modern times in which we live, country decorating holds a special place in the heart of many people who grew up in a rural setting or on a farm.

Whether you live in the middle of a bustling city or in the country, you can recreate the look of a decade ago, adding charm and character to your living room.

Choose a color scheme first
Before you start deciding on accents, curtains and other elements of the room, decide what colors you want to use.  It’s best to stick to three colors so that the look is balanced, with one color being the dominant color for the room.

Country colors range from cream and pale red or rusty shades to country blues and brown tones, shades of orange, warm yellow and forest green.

Warm up the walls with a rustic touch
Some people use a wainscoting technique for the walls.  This simply means that you will use a different element for the bottom half of the wall than what is used on the top half.

Rough boards create a rustic look and add texture.  Run the boards vertically up the wall to a point that is about 3 to 3 1/2 feet from the floor.  Use nails to put the boards on the wall instead of glue; if you ever decide to remove the boards, nails will leave far less damage than glue.

Top the boards off with a pine board that is 2 x 4 inches, running horizontally across the top of the vertical boards.  For a country look, stain the boards in a light pine or oak stain.  Paint the remainder of the wall, up to the ceiling, with the color of your choice.

Stick with wood or tile for floors
Carpeting doesn’t lend itself to an authentic country look.  For real country style appeal, choose hardwood flooring or tile in a rustic finish.

While you want the wood floors or tile to be on display, throw rugs are a must for adding warmth and a splash of color in country decorating.  Braided rugs are perfect for this use, and come in a wide range of sizes and colors.  Scatter them around randomly for a relaxed, comfortable look.

Decorative accents can add country flair to almost any type of furniture
While it is best if you can afford country style furniture, there are things you can do to make your current furniture take on a more countrified look and feel.

If you can afford to buy new furniture, stick to wood or leather when possible.  Wood arms combined with floral upholstery are common in a country themed home.  Wood accent and end tables help complete the look.

Now, for a few simple tricks to give any style furniture that country look.  Large crocheted doilies placed on the arms of a chair or couch add an old-fashioned touch.  Toss a few country-themed throw pillows in the mix, and your furniture has transformed to country!  There are also a huge number of fitted slip-covers available that you can use to entirely cover your furniture, giving it a whole new look.

When it comes to accents for the walls, country decor often leans toward a farm or western theme, using old items that look like they are “gently” worn.  Old-fashioned kitchen implements such as small iron skillets, rolling pins, small barn tools, saws, old farm pictures and other items all give new life to bare walls and add warmth.

Decorating your home in old-style country is easy!  Put these tips and ideas to use in your home, and you may find that this is the most comfortable, welcoming environment you have ever come home to after a long hard day.

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Jul 09 2011

Contemporary Country Takes Decorating Your Home to a Whole New Level

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In decades past, country decorating could mean anything from Americana to a rustic cabin and anything in between.  Today, contemporary country sparks a whole new feel in your home; the look is refreshed, relaxing and comfortable.  If you love all things country but are looking for something a bit more inviting and trendy, here are a few tips that will help you to achieve the contemporary country look in your home.

Place the emphasis on comfort

You never want guests who visit your home to worry about spilling something or making a mess.  For this reason, it is a good idea to choose washable slipcovers and pillow cases for the sofa or love seat.

Make sure there is plenty of comfortable seating available.  A large square table is the perfect centerpiece for a grouping of furniture; it’s also the perfect place for guests to put their feet up and enjoy the conversation.

A well defined color scheme is essential

In the past, many people used a number of colors when decorating their home in the country theme.  Country blue, sunflower yellow, rustic red, brown shades, gold, warm shades of orange – mixing too many colors can be too much.  A defined color scheme, in which one or two colors dominate, is much more appealing to the eye.

When you begin your decorating with a clear idea of the colors you want to use, it makes the entire process easier.  Choose basic blue and white and then add interest with a splash of terracotta or putty here and there.  Bold stripes of blue and white in furnishings when contrasted with a putty colored floor and stone work in terracotta or other stone shades is striking and beautiful.

In the kitchen, keep it simple

A contemporary country kitchen isn’t what you remember from your grandmother’s house, where roosters and sunflowers ruled the roost.  Today’s country kitchen includes simple surfaces and open spaces.

Shaker-style cabinet doors add charm, while a farmhouse sink adds an authentic touch to the ambiance.  If you have plenty of storage space in other areas or a large walk-in pantry, you may want to eliminate upper wall cabinets altogether for a spacious, clean look.  A few well-placed wall shelves will work wonderfully for storage, especially if ceramic dishes or other attractive kitchen ware is displayed.

White cabinetry and a floor consisting of large blue and white alternating squares is stylish yet offers a vintage appeal that is comfortable and inviting.

Contemporary country decorating leans more toward clean lines

In old-time country decorating, many accents and accessories were used.  Quite the opposite is true in contemporary country decor; clean, uncluttered lines are the rule of the day.  Counter tops should be clear of any items that are not used daily.  Instead of hanging pictures or decorative shelves on the walls and filling them with what-nots, put your dishes on display.

In the living room, use accents sparingly.  The look you are striving for is one that is simple, uncluttered and comfortable.

Light, no-fuss colors and comfortable furnishings provide a look that is relaxed, beautiful, and beckons your guests to sit down and stay a while.

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Nov 03 2010

Country Decorating is More Cheerful Than Ever Before

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When you think of country style decorating, what comes to mind? Most likely, you think of roosters, antique quilts and anything that recalls grandma’s house decades ago.  Today, country decorating takes on a lighter, more cheery look with bright colors, delicate patterns and a feeling of welcome that cannot be matched in any other style of decorating.

Colors are bright, airy and soft

In the old days, country decorating consisted of colors such as blue, peach, green and rust.  Today, try colors that you may not expect in this type of decor such as yellow, soft blue or taupe paired with white-washed wood.  No longer does burnt red have to be the basis of your decorating!

Paint is everywhere

Do you remember your grandmother’s kitchen or living room walls?  Most likely, they were covered with roosters, sunflowers, plate collections and more.  In fact, there was probably very little room available for anything else!

Today, bare walls that are sparsely decorated add to the open, airy atmosphere.

Walls may be painted bright white or a cheery yellow.  Consider contrasting trim and baseboards.  To decorate the walls, use botanical prints or framed wildflowers that add a splash of fresh color.

The older your furniture is the better.  To create a romantic country look, paint your furniture!  Nearly anything can be painted, from walls and floors to accent tables, lamp shades and the base of your lamp.  Add to the worn, country appeal by sanding edges lightly after the paint has dried.

Open up the windows

Open windows without heavy shades or draperies add to the natural, light atmosphere of feminine country decorating.  If you must use curtains, go for those that are sheer or lightweight, in light colors that will keep the room bright and not darken it.  You might want to consider a sheer lace valance, or delicate floral patterns that coordinate with the colors of the room.

White wood blinds are also a good touch, and add even more to the country appeal.  Open or raise then during the day to allow natural sunlight to flood the room; at night, you can close them for privacy.

Add a few old accents

Have a few items put away in your attic or storage closet?  Rummage through them and you may be surprised at what will work perfectly with your new decor.  Old candle sticks, pillows or throws work to add interest and depth to the room.  If your sofa is a solid color, use floral or plaid patterns in your throw pillows.

Sure, the old-time country look is still great for some, but others are looking for lighter colors that make the room feel fresh and breezy.  Incorporate cheery yellow shades, cream, soft blue and other colors from nature in your decor, and avoid as much clutter as possible.  Furnishings can come from yard sales, flea markets or anywhere else you find them, and don’t worry about matching!  Mismatched furniture can be painted to give an old, worn look that is absolutely charming.

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Jun 16 2010

Bring that Wild Wild West Feel into Your Home

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There is a rich and relaxed appeal to Western themed décor. Whether you live in the middle of a big city or a rural area, you can easily alter the feel of your living room. Simple use of accessories can liven up your home if it is currently decorated in neutral tones. This article offers tips and ideas that will prove useful in giving your home a western flair that will challenge that of the old west.

Desert tones joined with plenty of leather and wood lend authenticity to this style of furnishing.  Warming up a neutral room with rich, rustic colors and will help you to find that your room has more depth and intensity.

Add Southwestern Color
There are particular tones used in this style of décor which include cactus green, rust orange, adobe red and shades of yellow inspired by the sun. A walls painted with a muted orange or deep yellow shade can add depth and warmth to a room with furniture that is colored in natural hues. Accent rugs, ceramic pottery, throw pillows and other accessories liven up the room.  Tapestries that are lavishly textured can be used in throw pillows and wall hangings as well.

Terra Cotta and Ceramics Add a Western Influence
In order to enrich the look of the area, ample terra cotta and ceramics should be used. Placing terra cotta tiles on the walls, floors or counter tops of your home should be taken into consideration. An ideal fit for this type of décor is boldly colored ceramic pots filled with cactus and other greenery. Containers adorned in a southwestern pattern are a wonderful addition just as well.

Fabrics Add an Artistic Flair
Some of the appeal of western décor stems from the richly textured patterns included in this style of decorating. Use hand-woven fabrics with fringed edges for an extra touch. Create a focal point for the room by hanging a large tapestry decorated with desert scenes on a wall. Handsomely textured and vibrant throw adds a burst of color when casually thrown over a neutral sofa.

Using natural elements is perfect for the western themed home. Stone, wood, leather and metal all coalesce to create a mood that is comfortable, warm and eye-catching. If a brown leather sofa or love seat is within your budget buying one would be a great idea. Tables made of rough woods will lend further to the western tone. Furniture with a distressed look is just right; wrought iron adds style to the room as well.

If you should decide to lean towards a more southwestern style, turquoise accents will lend a Native American appeal to the room. Southwestern inspired throw rugs and throw pillows should be considered for sofas containing shades of turquoise.

Remember that the look of the Wild West draws from ceramics, natural textures and materials and colors inspired by the desert. Consider neutral toned slip covers if your furniture is the opposite of the style you need and cannot afford to refurnish the place. Most slipcovers that are sold these days are fitted to offer a neat, clean appearance. Embellish your home in the spirit of the west!

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Mar 30 2010

Adding Country and Western Decor to Your Home

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Have you ever thought about how nice it would be to live in those times when men worked outside on the ranch or farm and women did the cooking and other household duties? Your mind goes back to a time wh en family was at the center of people’s lives, where all gathered around a large country wood dining table to share a tasty home-cooked meal. To us, these times in the country seem more relaxing, a place where beautiful lush green grass met azure blue skies. Capture this sense of eras gone by with a country and western décor in your home.

Re-creating the Past

You can easily create this comfortable, welcoming look in your home. Many people want a home that is elegant and stately looking. But if your goal is that all who enter your home instantly feel at ease and relaxed, then a country and western décor may be perfect for you. You décor will exude the feeling that you open your home up to anyone and everyone, and your visitors would stay forever if only they could. Your guests will feel this much at home when they come to visit. After all, the atmosphere that visitors see and feel has everything to do with your décor.

A country and western style helps a home to look warm and lived-in. Part of its charm is all the wood and rustic colors that are hallmarks of this style. For an authentic, old-time look, go with wood floors and exposed wooden beams on the ceiling.

In this style, kitchens are usually oversized and full of color. Common in a country/western kitchen are sunflowers, roosters, old teapot collections, gingham tablecloths, and wrought-iron baker’s racks. Doesn’t this sound just like grandma’s kitchen? While it would be nice to go back to that slower-paced life, creating the look in your home is the next best thing.

With a country and western theme, a little paint can go a long way. You can add to the rich look by using rustic colors such as tan, brown, forest green, dark blue, and maroon. All you need is a few western striped throw rugs containing these colors scattered here and there on the wood floor, and you will have created an amazing look.

More Western Than Country

If you want a more western look than country, you can create a wonderful décor by decorating with horseshoes and rodeo-themed throws. Throws are great, as they can be used in so many different ways. You might use one to cover up a worn spot on the sofa, or hook one lazily over the back of a rocking chair. You might even create an amazing focal point and hang one on a bare wall.

Other great additions include table runners and coasters that share the western theme. Hang a wooden wagon wheel or a cowboy hat on the wall to create the ultimate western effect. If you’re looking for something original that’s sure to be a conversation piece, there are even cowboy boot planters for your oak end tables you can purchase. There are plenty of western-themed accessories to choose from, from wrought-iron candle holders in the shape of horses to huge Texas star wall hangings. All will give your home the look of days long past, of families gathering around a hearth after a long, hard day on the ranch. These days, you can choose from a variety of western-themed accessories, from huge Texas star wall hangings to wrought-iron candle holders in the shape of horses, that will give your home a look of days long past-when family life meant gathering together after a long, hard day on the ranch.

A Style That’s Easy to Live With

Decorating your home with a country and western décor is easy, and you will create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere that your entire family will love. Your guests will love your inviting home on the range too, and you may be hard-pressed to get them to go home.

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