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May 03 2011

Decorating a Teenage Boy’s Room

Decorating a bedroom for a teenage boy definitely requires his input!  Generally, teenage boys do not care about accessories that match and “pretty” fabrics.  They want a room that is “cool”, one that they won’t be ashamed of when their friends come to hang out.  This article offers ideas for decorating a teenage boy’s room so that it looks neat and attractive, but suits his idea of what his room should be as well.

Decorate around his hobbies and passions

Does your teenager love sports, hunting, fishing, music or video games?  Whatever it is he likes, use that theme in decorating the room.  If he loves music, consider hanging small records around the top of one wall as a border.

If your teenage boy is an avid video gamer, have a wall shelf or bookcase where he can display all of his games.  If you or your son have an artistic flair, paint a mural on the wall from his favorite video game.

Colors really aren’t that important

Unlike most girls, boys are not concerned about color coordination.  What you do want to avoid is using wall paint that is baby blue, pink or lavender; use colors that are neutral or lean toward a masculine side, such as beige, brown, rust or navy blue.

Of course you want the colors to match, but don’t make a big deal of it to your teenage son.  By painting the walls beige or a light shade of brown, you will be able to coordinate bedding, rugs and other fabrics while keeping a masculine color scheme.  Checked, striped and abstract patterns and fabrics are fine as long as they are filled with colors that are suitable for boys.

Consider an entertainment center

Almost all teenagers love to watch movies, play video games and listen to their favorite music.  If space allows, place an entertainment center in one corner of the room, with bean bag chairs and big over-sized pillows nearby so that your teen and his friends can relax and stretch out while they enjoy their entertainment.

You may want to keep a waste basket near this area for candy wrappers, soda cans, popcorn bags and other things your teen may enjoy while sharing a movie with a friend.


In a teenage boy’s bedroom, you probably want to avoid white painted wood or brass which can tend to look feminine.  Choose metal or darker colored woods such as oak and mahogany; iron or metal in a bronze or gunmetal shade will work as well.  Top the bed with a woodsy or solid colored comforter, and that’s all you need.

A nightstand, chest of drawers and an extra chair for reading or watching television are all the furnishings necessary to complete the look.

Allow your teenager to decorate the walls with posters of their favorite music artists, sports banners, pictures or whatever they like.  Teenagers spend a great deal of time in their rooms, so give them the freedom to make many of the decorating choices on their own!

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Apr 28 2011

Tips for Decorating a Bedroom Your Boys Will Appreciate

If you have young boys, decorating their room can be a challenge.  In this article you will find tips for creating a bedroom that your boys will love and appreciate.

What to do with the walls?

Do you prefer sheet rock or paneling?  Oak paneling is attractive and well-suited to a boys room.  It isn’t too dark, and offers a rich, rugged look.  If you do decide to paint sheet rock walls, stick to a shade such as beige or any color that will complement the decor you plan to use in the rest of the room.  Neutral colors are always a good choice, as you can easily change up the decor as the boys grow older.

Bunk beds add to the atmosphere – and they’re fun!

Little boys love bunk beds.  Of course twin beds are fine as well, but oak bunk beds offer a rustic appeal that make your kids feel as though they are camping out or on a special adventure.  Either one will work fine; simply choose what would be best for the size of the room or the preference of your boys.

Choose a theme for the room

Little boys love a variety of things – animals, sports, cartoon characters, fishing, etc.  What do your kids love more than anything?  If they are huge soccer fans, consider using a soccer theme to decorate the room.

If your boys are partial to fishing or hunting, decorate the room in a real rustic look.  Camouflage, fishing gear on shelves, and a cedar chest to hold toys and other items create a look that is downright cozy and comfortable.

If the boys prefer an animal or cartoon character theme, you can find a wide assortment of bedding, curtains and other accents at most retail stores.

Consider putting a desk and spare chairs in the room if floor space allows; this will give your boys room to do their homework or play games, and more sitting room for when they have company.  If possible, have the desk and chairs made of wood that matches the rest of the decor.

A toy hammock or netting placed diagonally across one corner of the ceiling is the perfect place for stuffed animals, balls and other toys you want off of the floor – and it looks amazing!

Depending on the theme your boys choose for their bedroom, hang posters and prints on the walls containing their favorite sports players, a mascot, or their chosen cartoon characters.  If they chose an animal theme, you can mount pages from a magazine such as National Geographic or frame your own animal photos for a personal touch.

Of course you want plenty of storage space for clothes, games and other things.  You may consider plastic stackable shelving placed in the closet to hold games and other toys so they can be neatly hidden away.  Add a chest of drawers, a nightstand with lamp, and the room is one your boys are sure to be proud of.  They’ll be so happy with the look of their bedroom they will be begging you to have company!

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Nov 05 2009

Great Theme Ideas for Teenager Bedrooms

As those of you with teenagers very well know, decorating a teen bedroom isn’t the easiest thing in the world. With some teens, it’s not a matter of figuring out what exactly they want; it’s whether you can afford it or not. Other teenagers just don’t care what their room looks like. For those of you who keep coming up short on theme ideas for your teenager’s bedroom, here are some great ideas to consider.

Girl's RoomTheme Ideas for a Teen Girl’s Bedroom
Some teenage girls consider the color scheme the most important part of their bedroom décor. For a girl’s bedroom, popular color schemes include: turquoise and brown, pink and brown, and purple and white. You will be able to find plenty of fabrics and accessories in all of these color schemes for your daughter’s room.

One popular theme for a teen girl bedroom is the glamorous style. This décor might sound rather expensive, but you can actually find accessories, furniture, and other glamorous décor items that won’t break your budget. Look for anything with jeweled or glittery accents. For an instant glamorous effect, try a fake glass chandelier or a leopard-print lamp on the nightstand.

Another popu;ar theme to consider for your teen girl’s bedroom is the modern or funky style. If you go with this style, you will definitely need some input from your teenager. A modern style usually consists of unusual or contemporary artwork, designs, and patterns on the walls, and bright colors. Do be sure to not get too trendy or out there with the décor, though, as you don’t want your teen tiring of it within a few months.

Try some of these other ideas for your teenage daughter’s bedroom:

  • French theme
  • black-and-white theme
  • stripes-and-shapes theme
  • floral theme
  • romantic theme
  • cheerleading or dance theme

Boy's RoomTheme Ideas for a Teen Boy’s Bedroom
Most teen boys don’t tend to be too interested in the décor of their bedroom, throw in a couple of oak nightstands and wooden bookcases and they’re satisfied, the exception being when they are truly passionate about a hobby or activity. Chances are that your teenage boy will simply want to choose a color scheme for the room and then leave it at that. Fortunately, there are many color options beyond just black or blue. You can add interest and color to the room by involving other colors such as turquoise, green, red, yellow, brown, and orange.

A very popular teen boy bedroom theme is a sports-related décor. One way to go is with a general sports theme, or you might concentrate on just one sport, such as football or hockey. You could also decorate the room with their favorite professional or collegiate team. Sports themes are usually pretty simple to incorporate into a room. Just be sure you don’t go too overboard and clutter the room.

Some teenage boys might go for a car theme in the bedroom. This theme can be implemented in a variety or ways, from an old classic car theme to a focus on current hot racing cars. You might want to hang framed pictures of cars on the walls or, if you’re really creative, paint a mural of a speedway.

Consider these other great teen boy décor ideas:

  • music theme
  • skateboarding theme
  • technology theme
  • surfing theme
  • camouflage theme
  • wilderness theme

Both parents and teens should have fun decorating a teen bedroom. Suggest some of these great theme ideas to your teenage son or daughter; you might just end up scoring some parent points with your teen.

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Oct 05 2009

Decorating a Boy’s Room

Boy's BedroomOnce you’ve bought your young son some rugged wood bedroom furniture like an oak bed or wood night stand then you have to decide on decorating them that will keep them happy and entertained. There are so many great and unique decorating themes for any boy’s room. Remember when selecting your theme to be sure it’s something that can grow with him through the next several years. Any of the following themes can easily be adapted for any boy ranging from age two to age ten. Any of these unique decorating ideas will help get you started on creating a fun and engaging décor for any little boy’s room.

The Firehouse Bedroom
If your little boy is enamored with firefighters, then a firehouse theme would be perfect for his room. You should have no problem finding a firefighter wallpaper border to hang on the walls. Or for those who can draw or paint, any number of firefighter scenes might grace the walls. Aside from fire truck bedding, there are plenty of other accessories you can add to the room to increase the fun, including a fireman’s hat, a hose hanging on the wall, or a fireman’s pole. You might even consider putting a siren in the room—if you dare!

The Bedroom from Outer Space
An outer space theme is the perfect choice for any little boy interested in aliens or the night sky. Walls can be decorate using outer-space and star wallpaper borders and even star and planet decals. If you’re able to, you should be able to find spaceship or planet templates that you can trace and paint on the walls.

For a striking addition to the room, try painting the ceiling black and then using glow-in-the-dark paint to add stars and planets to the ceiling. Throw in a couple Martian stuffed animals, and your little boy will be sleeping in outer space.

Pirate Themes for Bedrooms
If your little boy is partial to pirates, you can use movies such as Peter Pan and Pirates of the Caribbean as a reference, depending on how old he is. Start by painting the walls blue for the ocean. A pirate ship painted on one of the walls would be an awesome addition, or perhaps an island with an overflowing treasure chest on the shore. Complete the look by adding accessories such as nets, portholes, treasure boxes with booty, and pirate hats.

A Favorite Animal Theme
What’s your little boy’s favorite animal? Is it monkeys or lizards? Consider decorating his room with his favorite animals. This is a broad theme that can be customized to fit your little boy’s preferences. For instance, if your boy has a pet, you can always build the theme around that, complete with a special place for the pet to live. Just be sure that if your little boy is old enough, you take his interests into consideration and not just choose any animal theme for his room.

Other Decorating Themes
Some other decorating ideas for a little boy’s room that are both unique and fun include:

· cowboys

· dinosaurs

· race cars

· military

· jungle

· sports

· construction

· licensed characters and cartoons

· haunted house

· bugs

· the wild outdoors

To find the perfect decorating theme for your little boy, involve him in the process, not only of choosing the theme, but of picking out what he wants in the room and helping set it all up.

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