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Feb 24 2010

Tips for Adding Style to Your Home Office

It’s not unusual for home offices to be decorated very plainly. But why shouldn’t your home office be just as stylish as your living room or kitchen? When you add style to your home office, you create a space that’s much more enjoyable to work in.

Add Style with Color on the Walls
Try not to paint the walls a neutral color. Thus, you should stay away from colors such as gray, tan, cream, and even white. Pick out colors that are bolder yet still appealing, like blue, green, and even pink. If you’re unsure about using bolder colors, try painting one wall an accent color first and see how you like it, before committing to the entire room. If you find that you’re comfortable with it, then you can go ahead and paint the whole room a more vibrant color.

Add Style with Artwork
It’s easier than you think you change your dull and boring home office into a stylish and trendy one. Just add a special piece of art. You can achieve this with just about any type of art, from a large painting to a sculpture sitting on a bookcase. Be sure you’ll enjoy looking at it for a long time though, as you want to enjoy spending time in your home office.

Add Style with Functional Accessories
By decorating with functional accessories, you can add style to a small home office without taking up space. You can add some color and pattern to the room with a fabric covered bulletin board—which will also give you an area for your work. Adding a unique lamp to your on your mission desk is another great way to add practical style. Try to find one that has an interesting aspect to it, such as a funky lampshade, but will still give you the required amount of light. You might also consider adding other functional accessories such as a pen holder, colorful bins and baskets, and an area rug under your desk chair.

Add Style by Highlighting the Windows
If you have a window in your home office, this is a really important area to highlight. It can get lonely working from home all day, and bright sunlight can help you to stay motivated. By using colorful and playful window treatments, you can really emphasize the window area. It doesn’t matter if you use drapes, a valance, or blinds, as long as you are drawing the eye to the light streaming in through the window. A great way to create noticeable windows is to use contrasting colors for the window trim and window treatments. If you have a blue room, for instance, choose orange or brown window treatments to make them really stand out.

Chances are, you spend a lot of time in your home office. So why live with a drab and boring room? Adding style to your home office can make a world of difference and it doesn’t need to cost a lot to accomplish. And don’t forget, by using some creativity with the décor, you just might be inspired to be more creative in your job as well.

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Feb 03 2010

Simple Tips for Decorating Your Bookcase

It can be difficult to decide how to utilize bookshelf space, whether you have a built-in bookshelf or just have a large freestanding one. Most people prefer their bookshelves to not only be a storage place for their books but also an area that adds style and personality to the décor. Here are some different ideas on easy ways to utilize a bookshelf and make it part of your décor.

Decorate the Bookshelf with Books
Placing books on your bookcases might seem like a simple common-sense thing to do, but this doesn’t mean you randomly place your library up on the shelves. As a matter of fact, you may discover you’re not even using the bookshelf for most of your books. A great way to decorate a bookshelf is to use interesting and antique books, as these will lend the space a lot of personality. These might even be old books you uncover at a used bookstore or even a flea market. You might also consider using modern-day coffee books or art books. Use the books that best fit the kind of style you’re going for.

You also need to consider where you’re going to place the books. If you don’t want the whole bookshelf to just be books, then just pick out certain areas of the shelf where you can arrange and display interesting books. You can hold the books in place with stylish bookends. One way to get really creative is to arrange some books horizontally and others vertically. Or you can take another approach and arrange the books by color or size. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to create an atmosphere.

Decorate the Bookshelf with Picture Frames
Depending on what style you’re going for, you can put actual photographs on the bookshelf or framed works of art. Some people may prefer to put photos of their family up on the shelves, whereas others will opt for framed paintings and professional photographs. Just be sure to use frames that match the style of the room.

Decorate the Bookshelf with Figurines
There are thousands of different ways to use figurines to decorate a bookshelf. You want to choose figurines for this space that fit in with the style of the rest of the room. You can use the figurines to hold up books on the shelf, or you might use them for display only. You want to find figurines that appear to go together, but at the same time you don’t want them to be exactly the same. The term “figurine” is a general one and includes such things as little knickknacks, statues, and craft pieces.

Decorate the Bookshelf with Plants and Flowers
A great bookshelf accent is a simple vase filled with flowers or even a small houseplant. This is a great way to add some different colors to the area. It also works to lighten up the space. You don’t want to ruin anything else on the shelves with leaking water or forgotten leaves, so if you use real flowers and plants, just be sure you’re taking care of them.

Decorate the Bookshelf by Adjusting the Shelves
You can really create a distinct space that has a personal touch by adjusting the shelves of your bookshelf to varying heights. For instance, create a shelf or two that are big enough so you can fit taller books or even a plant. You might have a small space just right for smaller books or figurines on another spot on the bookshelf. Whatever you decide to do, adjusting the shelves is one of the best ways to add some real style to the space.

Remember, a bookshelf doesn’t have to be boring. Use your creativity and you can create a unique bookshelf for any room in your home.

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Oct 16 2009

5 Easy Ways to Accessorize a Room

Room AccessoriesDo you find that the current look of your home is boring? Are you just looking for something different? There are plenty of simple ways to accessorize any room in your home. To give any room an entirely new look, you don’t need a lot of money or an interior decorator. You can easily accessorize any room in your home using any of the following simple suggestions.

Add Some Extra Flair with Throw Pillows
An easy place to start is by adding throw pillows to the sofa or chair. You might also place a throw blanket on the back of a sofa for added texture and color. Be sure, however, that these items are not the same exact color as the sofa or chair. After all, they should work to add some interest and design element to the room. For instance, if you have a tan sofa, find decorative pillows where tan is not the main color in the design or pattern. By finding accessories that match other complementary colors in the room, you can really pull the room together.

Update Your Lighting Fixtures
Give your room a whole new glow by updating your lighting fixtures. Whether you have older fixtures or small ones, installing new lighting can make a big difference. There are many inexpensive ones available that are easy to install. Not only do you want to find a design style that fits the room, but you want to be sure the fixture gives off plenty of light to make your room brighter and therefore more welcoming.

Go Green with Your Living Room Accessories
You can easily add more color to the room with a houseplant or vase of flowers. No matter your style, you should be able to find some really beautiful fake flower arrangements at your local craft store. Otherwise, if you’re creative enough, you can make one yourself. To really brighten up the room, place the flower arrangement in a prominent spot. If you decide on a houseplant, real or fake, it should also go where it will garner more attention. For instance, if you want to draw more attention to the fireplace, you might try placing a houseplant on both sides of it.

Fill Up a Blank Wall with Framed Pictures
If the walls in your room are boring, purchase a few picture frames in various shapes and sizes to hang up. You should be able to choose from a wide array of unique and stylish frames that will not only help you display your pictures but will also add some interest to the room. Try matted pictures or black-and-white images with only a touch of color for a dramatic look.

Reorganize Knickknacks with Shelving
Do you have a lot of knickknacks in your room that are getting lost in the shuffle? Consider grouping them together on a mantle, wood bookshelves or installing shelving on the walls. They will better accessorize the room if you display them together in a stylish arrangement rather than just letting them get lost in the room.

Adding simple accessories allows you to easily redecorate or switch around the style design of a room. If you really want to do something totally different, you might look into moving the furniture around. You could also add new pieces of furniture to the mix, such as a new side table or oak coffee table. Adding accessories to a room should be neither hard nor expensive. Rather, just get creative and let your style show.

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Oct 12 2009

Home Office Ideas on a Shoestring Budget

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Mission Style Office FurnitureThese days, more and more professionals are opting to work from home. Whether you work from home or just end up taking a lot of your work home with you, you probably need some sort of home office. Setting up an office in your home doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Whether you work from home or just want a home office for the family, there are plenty of ways to build a budget-friendly office space that will fit your needs.

Sectioning a Portion of a Room for Office Space
Setting up a home office doesn’t necessarily mean you need to designate a completely separate room. Certainly having your office in its own room is nice, but it isn’t at all necessary. Unless your business needs a lot of storage space, a home office can be set up in a closet or in a corner of another room, such as the dining room or kitchen. For work-at-home parents, having your office in a corner of a room or a closet can often work better, especially for those who need to keep an eye on young children or monitor their teenagers’ computer time.

Converting a Closet into a Home Office

Turning a closet into a home office is simple. Just take the doors off the hinges and remove the closet bar. Next you need to find a simple wood desk and comfortable chair that will fit in the space you have. The back walls of the closet can provide a place for shelving or any other organizational or storage options you might need. If you don’t always want your office to be in view, simply hang a long curtain over the front of the closet. If you’re looking for an inexpensive office solution that requires very little space, then this is definitely the way to go.

Adding Shelving and a Desk to Any Room
A home office can be as simple as a built-in oak bookcase or storage area, or perhaps a computer armoire. Whether it’s the dining room, the kitchen, or the bedroom, this type of inexpensive home office can be added to just about any room.

Even if you do have a separate room for your home office, your space can still be budget-friendly. Simply painting the room can make a big difference, whether you choose your favorite color or a mellow color like light green or blue.

This space can be easily decorated by simply adding photographs in frames to the wall. The photos might be of your family, or you could display some nature scenes that you took. Shelves or shadow boxes added to the walls for storage can double as decorative items as well.

Those books that you use for your business might also serve as decorative items, particularly if they are nice-looking. Try filling decorative boxes and trinkets with office supplies; this way they can be functional as well as stylish.

The great thing about a home office is, if you are just starting up your business and you don’t have many resources, you can easily build it up slowly. You can simply start out with a desk and a chair in the room. You can wait till you find deals or sales on decorative and storage items to use for the room. It’s not necessary to go into debt trying to create the “perfect” home office before you business is even making money.

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Oct 08 2009

Top 5 Interior Design Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

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Craftsman RoomEven though interior decorating is always centered around a homeowner’s particular style, there are still certain things that should always be avoided. Some people find that they really have a knack for decorating, whereas others might need some help. Whatever your degree of decorating savvy, here are the top 5 interior decorating mistakes and how to avoid them in your home, no matter what kind of room you’re working with.

1. Interior Decorating without a Plan or Vision
One of the worst things you can do is to start decorating a room with absolutely no plan or vision. What usually ends up happening is that the room will look like it was randomly put together and nothing will flow. It’s really important to already have some sort of plan drawn out or at least a vision of what you want before you buy even one piece of décor. You don’t have to come up with anything elaborate; just a few quick ideas scribbled on a piece of paper will give you something you can work with.

2. Complementary and Contrasting Home Décor: Too Much Matching
Those people who have the tendency to want everything to match often end up with a living room, for instance, that is all tan and brown. If your goal is a monochromatic look, then this might be perfect for you. But most decorating schemes need complementary and contrasting colors added to the décor. These variations give the room something interesting that will stand out, rather than the whole room just being drowned out in one or two colors.

3. Disorganization: Decoratively Organize Your Room
Organization is one of the most important aspects of any room. A stylish décor’s not going to be noticed if the room is disorganized and a mess. Look for functional pieces as well as decorative ones when choosing items for your room. Bookcases for instance, can do a lot more than just hold books. You can put wicker baskets on the shelves to hide such items as remotes, toys, magazines, and other miscellaneous things.

It’s important to utilize any storage space you have in a room. Clothes might be stored under the bed, and bathroom cabinets might have small baskets in them for small items such as toothbrushes, floss, and other personal items. Try not to leave small items lying out all over the house. With a little creativity, you can find places to store and organize those items out of sight.

4. Getting Furniture without First Checking Room Dimensions
It’s always really important to take measurements in a room before you buy any type of furniture, whether its a television stand for your family room or wood beds for your bedrooms. You don’t want to end up having your couch take up your whole family room. And you also don’t want a couch that’s dwarfed by a huge living room space.

So be sure to plan your furniture according to the dimensions of the room. It’s also a good idea to buy your furniture first before you do anything else, as styles can be worked around the furniture and this way you’ll know how much leftover space you have to work with.

5. Pictures Placed Too High on the Walls
This is a very commonly made mistake when it comes to interior decorating. Pictures should be hung on the wall at eye level and no higher. If you’re hanging a huge portrait, however, it can go slightly higher so it’s away from the floor. In this case, the middle of the picture should be at eye level. The key is to be able to look at the artwork straight on instead of having to look up to see it.

These are just some of the most common interior decorating mistakes made by homeowners. Those who avoid these mistakes will be well on their way to a beautifully decorated home.

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