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Jul 31 2011

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas – Give Your Small Bath a Spacious Look

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In a small bathroom, adding accessories to give the room an elegant look may be out of the question because space is so limited.  Many bathrooms are very small, leaving room only to walk to the toilet, bathtub or sink.  If this is the case with your bath, there are plenty of ways to open it up and make it look more spacious.  The ideas and tips below will help you transform your tiny bathroom in to one that looks bright, airy and open.

Consider replacing the fixtures

If you’re doing a complete remodeling job or simply want to add more space, remove your existing sink and vanity combination and replace it with a pedestal sink.  This gives the room a much larger appearance because it doesn’t have a bulky look.  If you currently have a bathtub and need only a shower, consider replacing the existing tub with a shower stall, saving lots of room.

Color large areas with light, neutral colors

Many people have the misperception that bold or dark colors should not be used in small bathrooms.  They are wrong!  Bold colors give a room its spark, but you want to use them sparingly in a small bath.

Keep floors, walls and ceiling painted in a light color.  For example, a light neutral cream shade is perfect for the walls; paint the ceiling white so that it brightens the room further.  Look for flooring that is light and neutral colored as well; tile and linoleum are best in a bathroom due to the moisture and humidity levels.

A small room doesn’t necessarily mean small accessories

In a small bathroom, large accents look best.  Having many smaller accessories simply makes the room look cluttered, which is what you want to avoid.  A few well chosen larger accents add a punch of color and drama to the room without making it look cluttered.

For the largest wall, consider a large framed picture or wall mirror.  A large oval or square wall mirror framed in brass or pewter is elegant and stately.  If you decide on a large picture, make it one that is filled with intense color.

Other than that, all you need is a green plant for a corner and coordinating towels, shower curtain and bath rug.  This is another area where you can add color; towels and bath rugs can be boldly colored to add further richness to the room.  Stick to smaller patterns which won’t overwhelm the space when selecting a shower curtain.

If you currently have a clothes hamper in your bathroom, remove it and replace it with a smaller basket.  You may even want to keep a laundry basket in a linen closet or another out of sight location, so that you don’t have to take away from the floor space in the bath.

The most important thing to remember when visually opening up a small bathroom is to keep walls, floors and ceilings light, as light colors reflect and make a room look larger.  Add bold splashes of color sparingly, and you will have a brand new bath that is large in both style and appeal.

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Sep 21 2010

Give Your Bathroom a New Look Without Overspending

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Is your bathroom plain and boring?  Many people find that the most visited room in the house is the least attractive.  A complete makeover is beyond many people’s budget, but you want that room to look more appealing, especially to those who visit your home.  You don’t have to install a new tub along with fancy vanity and expensive mirrors to make your bath one of your favorite rooms!  This article offers information that will help you transform your bathroom into one you don’t recognize, all while spending a few hundred dollars or less, instead of thousands.

Before You Begin


Before you get started on your bathroom makeover, give your bathroom a thorough cleaning.  It always makes you feel better if you start with a good cleaning from top to bottom, and the results will be better when your project is completed.  If you do any painting, the results are much more professional looking when you start on a clean base.

Tub Need a Facelift?


If your tub looks like it has seen better days, do as much as you can to improve its appearance.  If you have tiles surrounding the tub, scrub them to remove any mold or mildew that may have accumulated.  Caulk around the fixtures, and around the edge of the tub if necessary.  Little things like this make a big difference in the appearance of your bathroom.


Add Color


Are your bathroom walls white?  Perhaps you have old wallpaper that gives the room a worn look.  If you do have wallpaper that is unattractive, strip it off and paint.  Be bold, and don’t be afraid to use soft shades of blue, peach, even lavender.  If your bath is small, steer clear of dark colors which will only make it look darker.  Also, remember to use paints that are made for use in areas where humidity or moisture accumulate so that your new look will last longer.

Towels are to be used for drying off after a bath or shower, but buy a few extras and add a splash of color!  Deep green towels look magnificent when hung against a pale peach wall.  Choose three colors to use throughout your bath, one being dominant while the others complement or contrast.



A bathroom really isn’t the place to have numerous accessories and knick-knacks sitting around.  To give your bath a clean, vibrant look, invest a little money in a new shower curtain and bath mat that add further appeal to the room.  For the vanity, colored lotion bottles and pretty soaps are all you need.  You may want to add a large scented candle, not only for the beauty but for luscious scent as well.

You really don’t have to spend money that is not within your budget to make your bathroom look fresh and appealing!  All you need is a little paint, a couple of towels for décor, and perhaps a new shower curtain along with a bath mat.  Remove the clutter, keep the lines clean and enjoy your new bathroom – one that cost only a fraction of a complete remodel.  Not only will your guests be impressed, your entire family will love the new look of the room.

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Sep 09 2010

Transforming a Plain Bathroom to One That’s Full of Personality

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Are you unhappy with the way your bathroom looks, but don’t have much money to invest in remodeling?  Without spending much at all, you can completely transform the appearance and atmosphere of your bath.  Sure, no one visits in this room, but plenty of people use it!  When visitors come, you want your home to look as beautiful as possible, and the bathroom is no different.  This article offers you tips and ideas you can use today that will update and refresh the most used room in the house.

Many people have bathrooms that are so small, the tub, vanity and toilet are practically touching each other, with only space enough to walk in the room.  Even in this situation, you can still make the room look charming!

Paint Can Work Miracles


Paint can accomplish nearly anything.  If your bathroom is small, paint the ceiling bright white, the walls a pale or pastel shade of sand, peach or buttercup yellow.  Add an interesting contrast by painting all trim around the floors and doors white.  If your bathroom is very large, you can use deep, rich colors instead and still get away with it.  Mauve, burgundy and forest green are beautiful colors for a large bathroom.

Give Life to the Walls


Even in a small bath, you need something for the walls; otherwise the room will look drab and boring.  Consider placing wood or wicker shelves over the toilet.  You can often find these at flea markets and resale stores – just clean those up well, apply some spray paint and you’re good to go!  Top the shelves with candles, apothecary jars filled with cotton balls or potpourri, and other colorful accents.

Mirrors are essential in a bathroom, especially a small one.  Most likely you already have a mirror hanging over the vanity, but consider an additional mirror for an opposite wall to reflect light and add dimension.  In a small bathroom, hang a large print on one wall that is brightly colored to further lighten up the room.  Too many pictures, sconces and such look cluttered, and may make the room look even smaller.

The BEST Tip of All


What is the one thing you can do that will instantly improve the appearance of your bathroom?  A new shower curtain!  A brightly colored print will liven up the room, and a solid color works well as long as it complements the other colors in your décor.  Buy an extra shower curtain, and use the fabric to make curtains for the window and a cover for the waste basket!  You won’t spend much money, and your bathroom will look well put together.

Wicker baskets filled with soaps, rolled up washcloths and small lotion bottles look feminine and make a nice touch to any bathroom, no matter what size.  If your bathroom is large, consider placing a large plant in one corner.  When possible, floors should be kept to a light shade in smaller bathrooms.

Combine these tips with a few of your own creative ideas, and you will have a bathroom that you actually enjoy looking at.

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Jul 06 2010

Easy Ways to Update and Refresh Your Bathroom

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We spend a great deal of time in the bathroom, but often fail to dress up the room we use so often!  For many, white walls and few accents leave the room looking like a hospital bath.  We shower, shave and relax the day’s stresses away in the tub, filled with bubbles or scented oils.  Why not make this room look and feel appealing?  This article offers tips and ideas for making your bath more appealing.

Remember, most guests that visit your home will see this room, so make the most of it!  Whether your bathroom is small or spacious, there are many things you can do to give it a fresh new look.

Tips for Small Baths
Do you have a tiny bathroom only big enough for the necessities?  Visually open up the small space by painting walls a light, soft pastel color.  Keep shower curtains, towels and any items that are visible colored in light hues.  If you have shelves or any other object that sticks out from the walls, remove them.  This helps open up straight, clean lines, which leads to a more spacious look.  Consider brighter lighting and additional mirrors to reflect light.

For the floors, keep things light as well.  A light colored linoleum or ceramic tile makes the room appear larger and more spacious.


Have a Large Bath?
With a larger bath, you have more options.  If you want a rich, elegant look, use dramatic color on the walls and add accents.  A rich burgundy wall accented with deep hues of blue and green is beautiful in a bath.  Coordinate your shower curtain, towels and other fabrics with the walls.  Frame your vanity mirror with molding for extra appeal.  Stripes and bold florals work well in a spacious bath.

Floors can be bold and dramatic in larger baths.  Intricately decorated ceramic tile adds even more depth and a rich, warm appeal.

Whether your bath is small or large, pictures add interest and depth.  In a small bathroom, keep prints light colored, with either metal frames or no frame at all so that things stay light.  Larger bathrooms can handle large pictures with dramatic or embellished frames adding to the rich, bold look.

In small bathrooms, minimize clutter.  The top of the vanity should be left bare, with all necessities such as toothpaste, shaving cream and lotions stored underneath.  This provides a clean, open appearance.  Larger bathrooms look beautiful when decorated with color coordinated candles and plenty of plants.  Candles also help make the room smell wonderful!

Whether your bath is small or large, consider stenciling patterns on the walls, or use a feather duster to create softly edged abstract patterns.  Just remember to keep paint colors light in the small bath.

Don’t ignore your bath!  It is one of the most frequented rooms of your home, and visitors are impressed when you take the time to make this room comfortable and stylish.  Put these tips and ideas to work for you, and your bathroom will be anything but average and dull!

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