Feb 29 2012

Transform Your Boring Patio in to An Outdoor Room

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Most patios are quite boring – a concrete slab that is void of decoration and color.  Spring is coming up soon, and barbecue’s will be firing up all over the neighborhood.   Why not transform your patio in to a charming “outdoor room”, perfect for entertaining guests or just relaxing?

Here are a few tips that will help you create a warm, inviting space that offers privacy and relaxation.

Natural elements create a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere

Two things you need to consider when creating your outdoor room from an existing patio – natural stones and plenty of greenery.

Consider paving the concrete with natural stones, or creating “walkways” through your patio using stone.  Set greenery around the perimeter of your patio in clay or ceramic pots, or consider two or three trellises filled with climbing vines to help seclude your patio from the outside world.

Think of your patio as an “outdoor” living room

In order for your patio to be its most beautiful and relaxing, the right furniture is a must.  Wicker is a good choice if you like a natural garden atmosphere.  Webbed or plastic lawn chairs just won’t do when you are creating a showplace!

You can also find many styles, fabrics, and designs which will help create any decor theme you like.  Bold stripes, bright floral patterns and vibrant solid colors allow you to design any look you like.  Most outdoor furniture is constructed of weather-proof materials, so you won’t have to worry about moisture damage or fading.

Rugs offer additional color and texture

Rugs are another element of decorating that help add a warm touch and contribute texture to your patio.  Unlike the old outdoor rugs that were mostly constructed of rubber or looked a bit like Astroturf, the rugs available for outdoor use today range from hand knotted oriental rugs and contemporary styles to braided rugs.

For a striking look, arrange the largest pieces of patio furniture around a large area rug.  This makes for an intimate, cozy setting that is perfect for guests.

Room “dividers” separate areas of larger patios

If your patio is large, you may want to create separate areas; one for cooking and barbecuing, the other for relaxing.  To separate one area from another, consider old wooden shutters that are on the tall side, or even decorative screens.  The wooden shutters can be painted any color you like, or even stenciled for a dramatic effect.

Accents are what really set the look apart.  Consider hanging lanterns and candles for an ambient atmosphere.  Lanterns can also be set on tables or wooden benches or anywhere that provides the right amount of light and is out of the reach of small children.

Outdoor fire pits and chimineas are another great idea for the patio.  Not only are they beautiful and decorative, they will provide a bit of warmth on those chilly early summer evenings.

It’s easy to transform your patio into a beautiful extension of your home.  Try some of these ideas, and use your imagination to come up with a few unique ideas of your own.

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