Jul 02 2011

Ideas for Transforming Your Patio into a Beautiful Extension of Your Home

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Your patio can be a picture perfect extension of your home, a “room” where friends and family love to relax, visit and enjoy a meal cooked in the great outdoors.  If your patio is plain and lacks personality, the tips in this article will help you transform it into an area that is warm, comfortable and welcoming.

Before you begin, consider your patio as another room that simply adjoins to your home.  A patio is actually a connection between your home and your lawn; you want it to be as beautiful and inviting as the rest of your home.

Creating an element of privacy

Whether you’re entertaining company or just relaxing in a chaise lounge, privacy is important. You want to be able to enjoy your patio without the invasive sounds of traffic or the peering eyes of neighbors intruding.

There are several ways to add privacy to your patio.  Placing wooden trellises around the patio with climbing vines is one option; you might also consider a hedge that grows tall or even wooden fencing.  There are many different options when it comes to fencing, one of which is sure to add to the style of decor you choose.

Consider materials and space zones

If you plan on doing a good deal of outdoor grilling or even adding a cook stove, plan appropriately.  You want to locate the cooking area in a space where potential fire hazards are not a concern.

Also choose flooring that is resistant to stains from oil or grease or even coal if you choose to use an outdoor fireplace.

Furnishings add charm and ambience

The furniture you choose for your patio should be selected carefully.  While you do not want to crowd the patio or have too many pieces of furniture, you want enough so that everyone has a place to relax and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Wicker, treated wood and aluminum are all good choices when it comes to patio furniture.  Choose the type that will blend best with your decorating style; cushions add color and depth as well.  Also choose a carpet or area rug intended for outdoor use.  This will add further to the warmth and appeal of the patio.


Just as you add accents and accessories to the interior rooms of your home so as to make them more beautiful, the same should be done for the patio.

Ceramic pots filled with greenery, candles, flags and other accents meant to be used outdoors will add color and texture.  A ceramic outdoor fireplace adds warmth and ambience, and is even useful on those days and nights when the air is cool.

As you can see, your patio can be an extension of your home – and it should be.  Instead of a stark, bare patio you can create an area that is just as inviting and comfortable as any room indoors.  A beautiful, well-kept patio will add tremendously to the outdoor curb appeal of your home as well.

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