Jul 18 2011

Easy Ideas to Spruce Up and Add Life to a Boring Deck

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Is your deck just a deck, bare of any color or personality?  Many people forget about their decks when decorating their homes, but your deck is actually an extension of the interior.  If you relax or entertain outdoors frequently, why not make your deck as enjoyable and appealing as the inside of your home?  These tips and ideas will help you transform your deck into one that stands apart, and offers privacy and appeal.

Add a quirky or personal touch

If you like a look that leans toward quirky or classic, add a whimsical touch with a monogram on the wall of your home that adjoins to the deck.  A large letter in a bold color that complements the rest of the deck decor is interesting and unique.

Drape a large vinyl “curtain” along one side, pulling it back with a tie crafted of wood or other rugged material for a unique look.  Hanging light fixtures and greenery add further to a setting that is relaxed and private.

You can also consider building walls made from lattice and allow plants to grow up and over, creating a natural curtain which can be adorned with interwoven mini LEDs.

Is elegant your thing?

If you prefer a look that is out of the ordinary, think outside the box.  A table and chairs made of wrought iron and topped with shatter-proof glass is beautiful and elegant.  If there is a tree limb or pergola nearby, hang a chandelier from a limb or rafter to further enhance the look!

Continue the wrought iron theme with candle holders and other accents.  You may want to consider an outdoor fireplace which will add a warm ambiance on nights that are cool and crisp.

Create a warm glow – and a cozy setting

If you enjoy your privacy and prefer a setting that is intimate or romantic, create the look with lighting!  Scattered lighting creates visual interest and intimate spaces.  Hang lanterns if you have a roof over your deck, or buy lanterns that are built on a stand similar to floor lamps.  Scatter candles around the perimeter of the area.

For additional privacy, consider a rock or brick wall along one side of the deck to help block the view from the outside.  Build the wall about waist high; it is the perfect place to set clay flower pots, greenery and candles!

While it may seem impossible, you can actually create a room outdoors that is just as comfortable as those inside your home.  Add comfortable furnishings such as a sofa, chair and tables; hang curtains from rafters.  You can even add throw pillows and comforters, as long as you remember to bring them indoors when weather is bad.  Make sure the fabrics you select for curtains and furnishings are weather-proof.

There are no limits to what you can do with your deck.  Depending on your style preferences and budget, you can achieve any look you like.  Flip through magazines and you will find that there are hundreds of things you can do to make your deck anything but average.

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