Aug 04 2011

Incorporating Bright, Cheerful and Open Spaces in Your Home

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While some people enjoy a dark home, most homeowners prefer a bright, sunny interior that offers cheer and a look that is wide open and spacious.  No matter how large or small your home, you can really open it up through the use of window treatments, color and even visual effects that “trick” the eye.  If you’re ready to give your home a spacious, airy new look, the ideas below will help you achieve it easily.

Colors that offer a sunny appeal

You don’t have to stick to boring white in order for your home to look open and bright.  Today, color is the name of the game.  Bright, sunny yellow shades, soft bisque, pale orange and lime green are cheery and vibrant.  Of course you don’t want to overdo it with these colors, but adding a “pop” here and there brightens the entire room.

For the walls, you may want to use stark white and then add vibrant color throughout the room with accents that are full of energy.  Alternatively, paint the walls a sunny yellow, and then incorporate soft blue and white as part of the room design.

De-clutter and be amazed

Nothing makes a room look smaller and messier more than too much stuff.  Many people love their “knick-knacks” and other dust collectors, but the truth is if you want an open, airy look stick to a minimum of accents.

Choose bolder, larger accents that really make a statement.  By staying away from lots of small items placed on coffee tables and bookshelves, the look will be spacious and appealing.

Use visual effects to trick the eye

There are many things you can do to make a wall look longer or a ceiling higher. Paint a bold stripe of color horizontally across a wall to expand its length.  If you want the walls to look taller, paint a stripe or two vertically to make the ceiling appear to be higher.

Crown molding can also make a ceiling look higher, if you paint it the same shade as the wall.

Rearrange your furnishings on a diagonal line.  Sometimes getting away from a square or rectangle look can give a room fresh new appeal.

Window treatments

If you have heavy or dark colored drapes in your home, remove them and try lighter fabrics or even a shade or blind.  Opening up the windows dramatically brightens a room, as natural light can flood the area.  Sheers and light cotton fabrics give a room a light, airy feel.  Consider a valance for the top of the window only, or blinds that open up fully so that you can let natural light in.

Mirrors are another great way to expand the size of a room, as they reflect the portion of the room they are facing, and even reflect light that comes in through the windows.

There are dozens of little tricks you can use to open up your home and make it a happier place.  Light, cheery surroundings brighten the mood and give you energy.  Lighten up your home with these easy tricks!

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