Nov 05 2010

How Color Schemes Set the Mood for Your Living Room

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Many people have no idea to what extent the colors you they in their living room affects mood.  Color is responsible for giving a room a cool or warm tone, for making it look rich, airy or elegant.  Textures and pattern play a large role as well, but every item you place in your living room adds color, so you want to make sure you are setting the tone you desire for the room.  In this article, you will learn how to incorporate color in your living room to achieve the desired effect.

Yellow and Red

Right now, you may be thinking these colors are “loud” or too bright, but quite the opposite is true.  When you incorporate soft yellow tones with warm reds, you invoke the countryside of Southern France.  Infuse a bit of bright green or moss green then add sunflowers, mustard toned ceramic pots, and floral prints for a look that is fresh, inviting and relaxing.

White and Butter Yellow Strike a Paris Appeal

Butter yellow walls and white furnishings offer a gently worn, French-inspired appeal.  Painted furniture, white upholstery and aged pastels offer a romantic, warm atmosphere that is truly inviting.  Rugs and draperies should be adorned with small splashes of pale blue and green, while faint touches of red outline throw pillows.  Vintage fabrics really add an authentic flair to the room!

Go Sophisticated with Dusty Chocolate and Lime

Love a sophisticated, modern look?  Today, brown is not at all like the dull earth browns from decades ago rather it is a softer, muted chocolate brown that adds a richness and warmth to the room.  Splashes of lime add vibrant color and perk up the atmosphere.  Lime green ottomans and an elegantly painted canvas splashed with a touch of lime offer a lively, fun look.  Oatmeal hued walls and throws, pillows and other accents with a nubby texture complete the look of the room.

Blue, Tan and White – Oh So Relaxing

Want your living room to have a relaxed and inviting “I’m on vacation” appeal?  Incorporate pale blue, sand and white for a look that brings the ocean to mind.  A pale blue rug, the color of robin’s eggs, tops a wood floor; woven or rattan furnishings enhance the island appeal.  White accent tables have a worn look, while white sheers on the windows add to the airy feel of the room.  Include throw pillows and other accents that blend all three colors for a dash of excitement.

These are just a few examples of what you can accomplish with color.  Imagine all of the colors and shades available to you today, and what you can create!  Whether you are going for country comfort and appeal, contemporary class, a romantic French look or the utmost in regal elegance, much can be achieved by simply using color for the basis of your decorating ideas.

When it comes to decorating your living room, let your imagination inspire you!  Go online or search through magazines to find those living rooms you truly love.  You’ll be happiest in your home when your living room beckons to you to come and enjoy.

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