Aug 03 2011

Home Decorating – Beige Without Boring

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Beige has been a staple in home decorating for decades; while you may think this color is too plain for homes today, it’s anything but boring!  Beige is a color that is neutral, relaxing, warm and easily transformed for any look or home decor theme you prefer.  If you cannot picture a beige room being appealing and filled with character, the ideas below will help change your mind.

Shades of beige from pale to rich

There are many different shades of beige you can incorporate in your home.  From a rich caramel beige to light shades of sand and bisque, beige shades can be the basis for all of the other excitement you throw in a the room.

Beige is a perfect backdrop for everything else, because you can easily switch out accents and other elements of the room when you are ready for a change, without redesigning the entire room.

Metallic’s and texture bring beige to life

Think of all of the metallic elements that lend personality to a beige room.  Copper, bronze and gold in wall art, statues and other whatnots bring a vibrant contrast that makes the room pop.

Texture is another essential element in any room, whether it is beige or some other color.  It’s important to incorporate nubby textures with smooth surfaces; doing so adds depth to the room and gives it a rich look.  Think shiny glass table tops, richly textured throw pillows and nubby carpets or accent rugs.

Pattern makes it all pop!

Patterns are an essential element in a beige decorating scheme.  Pattern not only provides a splash of color, but an undercurrent of energy.  Throw pillows incorporating colorful geometric, floral, striped or checked patterns placed against a beige sofa make it come to life.

Vibrant patterns on the wall make a beige background almost seem as if it were the “mat” for pictures and prints.  Use pictures and artwork that offer movement, such as boldly painted prints with flowing patterns.  The floor can also be important when adding pattern through throw rugs or even intricate tile designs.

Incorporating color

As interesting as it sounds, a beige room will make the other colors you use even more important or pronounced.  Depending on the look you want, anything from soft peach and sage green to shades of blue and black and red can be used – everything goes with beige!

A soothing look can be achieved by using soft pastel colors.  If you want an exciting, dramatic look, consider red and black.  Those who enjoy a country or western theme can easily incorporate those colors found in nature, for example burnt orange, rich rusty reds, butter yellow and blue or green shades.

As you can see, beige is not dead!  In fact, this basic color is one of the best for decorating in any type of decor.  Use your imagination, and remember that adding rich patterns, texture and bold splashes of color make a beige room come to life with personality and character.

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