Aug 05 2011

Decorating Your Home in Shades of Orange – Warm, Inviting and Energetic

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Orange is a color that few people consider when decorating their homes, and it’s really a shame.  This is a color that can be warm, rich, bright or energetic.  The many shades of orange are perfect for every room of your home; pastel shades provide a soft look in bathrooms and rich shades warm up the kitchen.  If you have never considered decorating your home with orange, the ideas below will give you a whole new perspective.

Add a pop of color with bright orange

In a living room or kitchen, bright orange is the perfect color to liven things up a bit.  You probably won’t want to paint the walls bright orange, but when sprinkled throughout the room in accessories, bright orange offers a bold, sunny flavor to the room.

Lamps, throw pillows, picture frames and vases can add interest and color to a living room.  In the kitchen, inject a bit of energy with mugs, dish towels, mixing bowls and other smaller items which are on display.

A smaller piece of furniture such as a single accent chair colored in bright orange can serve as the focal point of the room, especially if done in a bold pattern such as striped or geometric prints.

Create warm, dramatic spaces with dark orange

A dark orange or pumpkin shade is perfect for the dining room, living room or home office.  Those who enjoy a warm atmosphere will find that dark orange is not at all energetic like bright orange is.  The look is dramatic and at the same time cozy.

In the dining room, dark orange paired with dark wood furnishings creates a warm atmosphere.  Add splashes of dark orange through the centerpiece, wall art and even a table runner.

A living room decorated in cream shades, dark orange and other earth tones makes for a relaxing, inviting atmosphere.  It is well known that color affects mood and spirits; if you live in a colder climate, dark orange hues can make a room feel cozy and warm.

Soft orange for soft, feminine spaces

Soft orange hues range from pale melon to light peach, and look beautiful when paired with sage green, white or soft, pale shades of blue.

These colors can create a dreamy atmosphere in the bathroom; since the colors are light, they also work well to make a small bath look larger.

While it’s best to stay away from dominant orange shades in the bedroom because of the energy orange projects, pale, soft shades of orange when used sparingly, can create a warm, ambient atmosphere that is conducive to restful sleep.

Years ago, people would never have dreamed of using orange in their decorating schemes.  Today, you can use any color you like.  Why own a home that is boring and dull, when your home can be filled with personality and color?  Give orange a try – you just may be surprised at how beautiful your home can be when using the various shades available to you today.

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