Jul 13 2011

Cool Decorating Tips to Help Make Your Apartment Your Own

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Decorating an apartment can be a challenge.  Some landlords aren’t too happy when you make changes such as painting or replacing window treatments, while others don’t mind as long as you ask them.  If you’re ready to make your apartment your own so that it reflects your personality and style preferences, here are a few easy ideas that will help you accomplish the task.

Paint the walls if it’s allowed

The easiest way to give your apartment a fresh look is with wall color.  If your landlord agrees, use bright colors to make the spaces look larger.  A bold splash of yellow or pale melon on a single wall gives the room a fresh, cheery appeal.

Use wall art to make a statement

Blank walls are boring; to put it mildly.  Inject depth and interest into the living room by adding wall decor with a rustic, old time feel.  If you cannot afford to buy pictures or prints for the walls, make them yourself!

Take your own photographs and have the ones you like best enlarged.  Consider using a sepia or black and white finish for a unique look.  Purchase inexpensive picture frames made of wood or metal to complete the look.  You may even consider crafting the wood frames yourself, or giving the ones you purchase a worn finish by sanding and whitewashing.

Think outside the box when it comes to furnishings

One thing you want to avoid, especially if you have a small apartment, is bulky over-size furniture.  Consider sleek furnishings that are designed on a smaller scale, even low-flung sofas and chairs with no arm rests.  Large throw pillows are perfect for extra seating when you have company; after they leave, simply stack the pillows in a corner for a punch of color.

Salvaged items can be used in a variety of ways.  One way to create a unique coffee table is to use an old wooden door.  Paint it, sand it, give it a fresh coat of stain or create any look you like.  Use large terracotta pots as the “legs” for the table, and you have an interesting yet beautiful conversation piece.

Make your apartment appear larger with this easy trick

Find an old window, preferably one without the glass.  Have a mirror cut to fit the window frame, and then hang it on the wall directly across from the existing window.  Hang curtains around the mirrored “window”, and even add a shelf below it to create a makeshift window sill.  Instant window – and the reflection of light in the mirror will make the room appear much larger than it really is.

These are just a few tips that will help you create a look for your apartment that is fresh, appealing and totally original.  Your apartment doesn’t have to look like every other apartment in the building!  With a little creativity and a few great finds, you can decorate your apartment in fresh style without spending too much money.   Most importantly, have fun, and enjoy your living spaces.

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