Jun 29 2010

Makeover Your Kitchen without Spending a Fortune

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Updating a kitchen to give it a modern new look can cost a fortune. Counter tops, cabinetry and flooring cost are expensive, yet these updates add the most to the value of your home. You can still give your kitchen a face lift, and completely transform the look, without spending an exorbitant amount of money!

The kitchen and dining areas are where many families spend a majority of their time. You want your kitchen to look as warm and appealing as possible, but you don’t have a lot of money to spend. This article will give you several easy ideas for refreshing your kitchen on a budget.

Refresh Your Cabinets
Buying all new cabinets is out of the question for many people. You can make them look brand new yourself! Consider painting them an entirely different color, or sand them down a bit and stain them a different shade. Top with a protective coat of polyurethane for a sparkling, shiny new look. Add new hardware, and your cabinets look altogether different!

Add an Island
If you have the floor space, adding an island to your kitchen will dramatically change its appearance. An island breaks up the room and adds much needed counter space, and it is the perfect place to hang a wrought iron pot rack overhead!

Freshen Up Your Appliances
Buying all new appliances is a real strain on your bank account. If your stove, refrigerator and dishwasher are a bit outdated, you can paint them as well. Appliance paint is made for this purpose. If rust spots are starting to develop, you can buy a special product that stops the rusting process. It should be applied before you paint your appliances.

Perk Up the Walls
With walls, anything is possible. Paint them, add wallpaper or consider paneling. Bright, energizing colors like orange, peach and green are perfect for the kitchen, and lend a botanical appearance. Hang pictures that include fruits, flowers, herbs and other natural elements on large wall spaces. You will be amazed how transforming your walls brings a dull kitchen to life.

Don’t Forget the Floor
While you may be perfectly happy with the flooring you have, this can be updated as well. Many people don’t realize it, but you can actually paint old linoleum! Lightly sand the surface of your linoleum to help the new paint adhere. After a thorough cleaning, the next step is to apply an oil-based primer. Once dry, you are ready to paint! Create your own design; you can use stencil patterns, or even paint a “rug” on the floor. Use your imagination! Once you have applied about 3 layers of paint, wait for them to dry thoroughly. You can then complete the floor by applying 3 coats of durable polyurethane to protect your new floor and make it shine!

These are just a few easy tips that will help you create a beautiful new kitchen without blowing your budget. Completely remodeling a kitchen can cost tens of thousands of dollars; by doing it yourself, you can give your kitchen a makeover for just hundreds!

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