Sep 27 2010

Designing a Contemporary Kitchen

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If you are someone who loves modern, clean lines that are sleek with a minimum of fuss, a contemporary kitchen is for you.  Black and white is often used in this style of decorating, and some choose to use bolder colors such as red.  It’s all about simple furnishings and clutter-free counter tops, combined with bold splashes of color to liven up the room.  This article offers ideas for decorating your kitchen with a modernistic approach.

Light colored walls are essential for a spacious, open look.  Even if your kitchen is smaller, you can incorporate contemporary design by keeping the floors and walls light colored.



In a contemporary kitchen, appliances are often white or stainless steel.  You may even choose to use black appliances if you are going for the black and white appeal.  If you can afford new appliances, go for those with a sleek, modern design.

Floors and Cabinets


Choosing the right floors and cabinets are essential in creating a modern look.  Floors are often stone or tile, and colored in hues such as white mixed with a light blue-gray or black.  Cabinets should be sleek as well, with no intricate carvings or small details.  Some people choose not to use handles or drawer pulls, to continue the straight lines throughout the room.  A high-gloss white painted cabinet looks modern and clean, and the shine adds to the style of the room.

Counter Tops


Uncluttered, clean lines are what contemporary style is all about.  Counter tops can be made of granite, marble or stained wood.  White, light shades of blue-gray, stone colors and black are best for this type of decorating.  Natural elements work well in contemporary decorating.

Your furnishings should be sleek as well, and free from intricate details.  Rectangular shapes work extremely well, and simple is key.  Wood, metal and glass are good materials for the kitchen table.  You can use mismatched chairs, as long as they are all painted in the same color.

Accessories should be kept to a minimum, and you want plenty of storage space in cabinets and drawers to store away items that aren’t used often.  Keep counter tops free of clutter, as too much sitting on top tends to look cluttered and messy.  Create a focal point for the room, such as a boldly colored vase filled with a flowering branch placed at a bold angle.  A tapestry or wall mural with bold geometric or abstract shapes creates interest for the walls.

You may also consider modern lighting to further enhance the look.  Install a sky light if possible, or use contemporary light fixtures that are made of stainless steel and are curved or edgy in shape; the more light you can bring in to the room, the better.  A contemporary kitchen is clean, ultra modern and spacious.  Use the ideas in this article, and think outside the box to come up with a few original ideas of your own!  You can incorporate any items you may already have, just paint them with a coordinating shade in high-gloss for totally modern appeal.


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