Jul 01 2011

Decorating Ideas That Will Give Your Kitchen a Fresh New Look and Feel

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Your kitchen is the room where the family gathers to share the day and enjoy delicious meals.  It’s also where guests and extended family members tend to congregate.  If you’re growing tired of the same old look, there are many things you can do to give your tired kitchen a fresh, appealing new look.

The first thing you need to do before you begin is to decide on a theme that you like.  Whether you desire a look that is modern and ultra sleek or warm and rustic, the ideas below will help you create a kitchen that will be your favorite room in your home.

Ideas for a Tuscan themed kitchen

If you love the colors derived from nature such as yellow, red, green and brown, Tuscan is the perfect theme.  Stucco texture for the walls, striped and checked patterns, copper, wood furnishings – all of these elements combine to create a look that is warm and rich.

Rich patterns and texture can be added through curtains, table cloths, napkins and the other fabrics in the room.

Spanish style kitchen theme ideas

Warm colors, such as yellow, orange, red and copper can be blended to create a Spanish style kitchen which contains all the ambiance of an authentic Mexican restaurant.

Terracotta floor tiles, iron hardware adorning wood furnishings, copper and a mixture of painted tiles for the counter tops add plenty of color and rustic appeal.  Wrought iron chairs placed around the table add a true Spanish flair to the room.

A French country kitchen is cozy and warm

French country combines soft colors and the elements of nature.  An earthy granite material is perfect for kitchen counter tops while copper and wrought iron add a warm ambiance to the room.  Walls may be off-white or butter yellow; cabinets are weathered and worn.  A chandelier adds to the atmosphere, while stucco texture for the ceilings gives an authentic look.

The modern kitchen – sleek and polished

Those who prefer a clean, polished look that is free from clutter will enjoy a modern kitchen.  Colors you may want to consider include black and white, lavender, aqua blue and silver.  A smaller kitchen looks best when a monochromatic color theme is used; white and off-white give the room a more spacious look.

Larger kitchens can accommodate more color.  For instance, a large modern kitchen would look great with pale lavender-white walls accented with black appliances.  If your current cabinets do not match appliances, consider giving them a coat of paint to help establish a continuous color theme.

Country kitchen – there’s nothing else like it

The most inviting and warm kitchen is often the one decorated using a country theme.  Worn wood, rooster or sunflower accents, wrought iron pot racks, gingham curtains and tablecloths; the elements of country are taken straight from the days of decades ago, when grandma’s house was the most comfortable and relaxing place you could find yourself.

These are just a few ideas to help get your creative thoughts moving in the right direction.  Consider the decor in the rest of your home, and which elements you truly love, which make you and your family feel most at home.  Changing the look of your kitchen is easy once you decide on the perfect theme!

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