Jun 10 2011

Transform a Concrete Patio In To a Beautiful Warm Weather Haven

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In some areas of the country, the weather stays warm year round; in others, there are 6 or even 8 months of the year which are perfect for enjoying the outdoors.  If you have a stone or concrete patio, the tips and ideas below will help you transform it so it is one of the most beautiful “rooms” of your home!

Softening the look

A concrete patio can look harsh or stark; most end in an abrupt line instead of blending into the landscape of your backyard.  There are several ways you can make your patio appear as though it is a part of the landscape.

One way to accomplish a softer, blended look is to set potted plants around the perimeter, so that the edges of the patio aren’t so noticeable.  You may even decide you want to build a small waterfall or pond along the edge.  The sound of trickling water is soothing and relaxing; you can also add lots of large stones and greenery around your pond or waterfall to incorporate the natural setting even further.

Another idea is to stack bricks around the perimeter in short columns, placing wide planks or boards across the top.  These can be used as a sitting area, and you can also arrange potted plants at the top of every brick column to add further natural beauty and color.  Consider outdoor cushions for the boards if you entertain guests outdoors frequently.

Outdoor furnishings can create a “room” effect

Arranging outdoor furniture in an intimate fashion can make your patio feel like a cozy room.  A rugged wooden bench, comfortable chaise lounges and chairs can be arranged around a large table complete with umbrella.  You may also want to consider a portable fire pit surrounded by randomly placed chairs for a warm, comfortable setting in cooler months.

In another corner of the patio, place a freestanding swing or glider.  A folding screen made for the outdoors is a good way to separate the “rooms” of your patio.  Hang a few plants from the eaves of your home, an outdoor clock or wall fountain help make the transition from patio to house seamless.

Don’t forget the “floor”

Your patio can be enhanced further by creating a colorful, interesting floor.  Instead of hard, colorless concrete, choose a large outdoor rug with an appealing pattern and bold color.  You can also paint your patio any color you like, or consider stenciling patterns on it instead.  A good idea is to paint your patio a color that complements your furnishings, then use two or three rugs that add further depth and interest.

Consider any accents or accessories that can be used outdoors when creating your beautiful patio “room”.  Pottery, plants, outdoor lighting such as lanterns, or bricks and stone – all of these elements can be used to design a patio that seems to be a natural part of the landscape, and is anything but dull and boring!

Add a few citronella candles to keep bugs away and provide ambient lighting, and you’re all set.

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