Jun 14 2010

Tips For Decorating Your Home In The Bold Asian Style

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Asian décor is bold, elegant and beautiful. There is no better way of achieving a look in your home that demands attention and displays style. This is a style that is not for those seeking a relaxed atmosphere, but for those that want to delve into the bold and dramatic! With the tips in this article, your home will be transformed into the envy of all that enter.

Though it may sound surprising, Asian décor actually offers simplicity. Eliminating clutter is no problem since furniture and accessories are kept to a minimum. Bold and dramatic colors are found in the pieces in order to provide greater visual impact.

Use of Bold, Dramatic Color
The use of the colors red, black, gold and shades of tan, brown and grey is prevalent in Asian décor; this is especially true in Japanese style decorating. A black lacquer that shines like glass is often used on furniture. Walls and trim may be in gold.

Incorporating Texture
Natural textures are a staple of Asian décor. Bamboo is of common use in furnishings, window coverings and plant containers. The use of paper surfaces may be included in wall prints, and natural rock adds to the drama. You will usually find that bamboo plants are in containers adorned with red and gold hues.

Oriental Rugs are a Must
You cannot hope to complete the look and style of Asian decor without the addition of oriental rugs! Not many styles of decorating hold the floor to such high importance however, in this style of décor the floor holds great significance and is the basis for it. In this style of décor furnishings are chosen to complement or draw out the colors on the floor.

This style of décor also relies on screens and window accents. Shoji screens can be used as décor that serves to divide the room or as cover for unattractive spaces. The screen can also be used as a covering which can block the views for a window. These simple, yet ornately decorated, screens are a vital characteristic of the oriental theme.

Simple and basic, this is the usual way to decorate windows as it will create balance along with the dramatic floors and furniture. Windows are often simply accented or covered with bamboo or wooden blinds. Consider gold window accents if your furnishings and flooring are in neutral tones; as for Asian window accents, the Chinese often use accents with tassels.

The drama of Asian décor can also provide serenity and peacefulness. Always keep clutter to a minimum, and use bold accents along with the natural elements. Your tones will not only be dramatic and bold, but they will also offer simplicity and serenity.

Take note of the décor the next time you find yourself in an oriental style restaurant. Examples of this beautiful style of décor can help you figure out how to better use this look in your own home, and finding these examples is as easy as going online. If you are aiming for elegance, there is no better style of décor than the beautiful and bold Asian style.

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