Jun 05 2012

The Stages of Great Decorating: How Staggering your Changes can Bring About the Best Results

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It is very exciting to see a room that you have been working on come together in those final stages of decoration. The colors pop, the furniture has been updated and positioned perfectly, the lighting highlights the right angles, and the accessories add that personalized finishing touch. However, the moment that a room comes together can be bittersweet for those that love to have projects. That is why “staggering” your decorating into stages may be the best, most cost efficient and fulfilling way to take your home from blasé to brilliant!

Stage 1: The Lovely Bones 

This stage is perhaps the most important of any design plan. Every room is different. Each will have its strengths, its purposes, and its weaknesses. Spend some time in the room with it sparsely decorated. Use it as a functional space before adding layers of design. This will enable you to see the room’s strengths and weakness for what they are.

After you are completely aware of your room’s “bones” then you can begin to evaluate if you need to rearrange the furniture, change the color of the room to brighten or add mood, or take out the bulky sectional for a cozier loveseat. All of these decisions cannot be made on appearance alone; a room is only as beautiful as it is functional.

Stage 2: Testing the Transitional Waters

This stage is the intermission between your dream room and your naked room. This is when you will begin to test out certain bold accents, colors, and an overall theme. For instance, if you are decorating a master bedroom this would be the time to bring in that gorgeous area rug you’ve been eyeing, or to install that over-the-top chandelier that may or may not overpower the room.

Play with color as well. Remember, color isn’t just paint. In fact in most rooms, paint should be the secondary accent to your primary swaths of color. Bring in a turquoise vase, or a crisp white lamp. Play with certain art pieces, or pick up an adorable throw on sale. Once you see all of these items together in your transitional stage you can then begin to weed out which colors are excessive, which patters flow and which purchases you should take back or put into storage for a different room.

Stage 3: Dare to Design 

This is the stage that you have been patiently waiting for. In this time you will have narrowed down the practical use of the space and have inserted furniture accordingly. You have also narrowed down your color palette and bold accessories to those that make the most impact without being busy. Now is the time to bring it all together with your most daring ideas.

When you get to this stage the room should still feel unfinished. This is when you wallpaper the room with that chic grass cloth you’ve been dying to use. It also means that you have free reign to complete any finishing touches that you’ve put on hold for the end. Bust out that bright purple vase and that silky cream curtain. This is the moment when you light the candles, turn on the sconces, and invite your neighbors over for a glass of wine!

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