Jun 18 2010

The Minimal Feel of Modern Decor

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Do you love clean, open spaces? If so, the modern style of décor is the perfect choice. This sleek style offers minimal fuss. While the design felt cold and stark in the past, it is now comfortable and welcoming. The tips in this article will help you design your home with a look that is up to date, sleek and efficient.

Decorating your home in the contemporary style means that you will have to keep some basic rules in mind. Bear in mind that you will have to follow some fundamental rules when decorating your home in this style. You don’t need to show good taste through individual accents with modern décor. Instead you can show it through the simplicity and subtleness of this contemporary design. Here are a few tips to help you create appealing and cutting edge contemporary spaces.

Keeping Things Sleek and Fresh
You should concentrate on color, shape and space when working with modern décor. Black, white and neutral colors are the base of everything in modern décor. The tone of the room is set by walls painted with neutral colors and black furniture . You can then add bold, brightly colored accents to punch up the drama. You can also have pastel colored walls, keeping the furniture neutral with tones of cream and sand. Conversely, pastel colored walls, with neutral tones of cream and sand for the furnishings can be used. Essentially, the rest of your room should be kept neural if you are going to use colored walls. When using white or cream walls the furnishings in the room should be black and neutral, with minimum use of brightly colored accents to add interest to the room.

Simple Lines and Distinct Shapes
The most important part of modern design is architectural detail. The interest in this is added from high ceilings, geometric shapes and bold blocks of color; and less is definitely more. Windows are to remain uncovered, and walls are to be kept bare without accents that will clutter the clean, sharp lines. Everything used in the contemporary style stands out on its own. Your objective is keeping floors, walls and ceilings as uncluttered as possible. If for some reason you need to cover your windows, it is best to do so with basic blinds or curtains that are sleek and have no frills.

Choose the right Furnishings
Being able to choose the right furniture is key to modern décor. The style of the furniture should be clean, with no decorations or added curves. Large pieces, like sofas, beds and chairs should have their legs left exposed. Upholstered furnishings made of natural fabrics that provide texture should be in black, white and other neutral tones. A bold splash of color can easily be added through throw pillows with bright, abstract or geometric patterns.

Minimal use of accents is important. A single over-sized geometric print in cold color is a perfect example an accent for an entire wall. Color can also be added through a single potted plant or a candle held in a modern shaped container. Cute accents, floral prints, ruffles or fringes should not be used. Modern décor aims to create bold, basic and roomy spaces. Use these tips in your home and you will create rooms that are visually appealing, comfortable and roomy.

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