Feb 08 2010

Staying on Budget When Decorating Your Home

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When decorating your home, working with a budget can sometimes present trouble, especially if it’s a small one. However, budgets are necessary, no matter how hard they are to stick to. When decorating a home, no homeowner should have to go into debt. If you take the time to set a budget and follow these simple tips, then you will end up with a wonderfully decorated home that was still affordable.

Make the Decorating Budget Firm
You don’t want to set a decorating budget and then forget about it when you actually start shopping. Keep in mind that you are setting a budget for a reason. It’s not necessary to do all your decorating at once. It might be better to do some of the decorating now, and then once you save some more money, revisit the room to add more items later. It’s best to stick to your budget firmly, no matter what comes up.

You Will Have to Give a Little to Get a Little
Sticking to a firm budget requires you to be flexible and willing to compromise in some areas. You’ll have to go the cheaper route for certain less crucial items, if you want any more expensive pieces that you just have to have. For instance, you might have to spend less on the window treatments or picture frames if you’ve fallen in love with a coffee table or lamp that takes up a third or so of your budget.

Don’t Worry What Other People May Think
It’s so easy to get caught up in what other people will think and say. However, if you spot the perfect figurine for your décor, who cares if it’s at the local discount store? Unless you say something, no one’s going to know what you paid for items in your home. You need to keep in mind that not everything in your room needs to be of the highest quality. So don’t worry about what others may or may not say. If you like something and it’s inexpensive and it fits in your budget, then go ahead and buy it. Many people find that their least expensive item will garner the most positive attention in a room.

Invest in Quality for the Big Items in the Room
When creating your budget, you need to be sure that you’re allocating the majority of the money toward the larger items like a wood bed in a master bedroom or a dining room table. This way, you’ll be able to afford quality that will last. Window treatments or other décor just don’t need as much money put into them as items such as wood furniture, flooring, and artwork. You will ensure that those larger items will last longer and look better when you invest in quality products. In the end, you might have a high end sofa with inexpensive decorative pillows on it, but as long as you have kept to your final budget, then that will be just fine.

It’s usually very tempting to want to go over your decorating budget, completely forgetting about what you can afford. Unfortunately, when you do that, then every time you walk into your redecorated home or room, you are going to have negative thoughts about that debt. In the end, negative thought might lead to you not being able to enjoy being in the space. If that becomes the case, then what was the point of spending all that money? By sticking to your budget, not only will you save money, but you will retain your peace of mind.

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