Jul 20 2011

Secrets for Giving Your Home a Professionally Decorated Look

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You see the pictures in magazines and online; homes decorated in a look that is oh-so perfect and polished.  No regular person could achieve this look, right? Wrong.  If your rooms seem to be missing something or are a little on the “blah” side, these tips from the pros will help you give your home a whole new look.  Your friends will think you hired a professional designer to come in and re-vamp your residence!

This isn’t complicated, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money.  It’s the simple ideas that we overlook most often.

Never use decorative items simply to “fill up space”

So many people do this.  There is a blank space on the wall that just needs a little something, so you hang a picture or other piece of wall decor.  Never fill a space with anything that fits.  What you choose to hang in that bare spot should be really special or meaningful to you and reflect your personality.  It is better to leave the space empty until you come across something that really strikes you than to fill it with any old thing.  Remember this rule:  If it doesn’t add, it takes away.

Grouped items should follow a theme

Wall groupings, objects placed together on a shelf, table or mantle – these items should always relate to each other or follow a theme.  What you do not want is a hodge-podge look that appears as if you just threw in a little of everything.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that every piece must be a horse or flower.  You might display a horse, lasso and miniature cowboy boots, or you might choose items that all follow the same color scheme.  A lamp crafted of brass, sitting alongside a family picture framed in brass and brass coasters create an elegant touch.

The point is, all items in any type of grouping should follow a theme of subject, color or texture.  All items in a grouping could share a color, such as red or pumpkin, or share a texture such as smooth, shiny or brushed.  Remember this tip when grouping items together in your home, and you cannot go wrong.

Clear out the clutter

Nothing looks worse than a home filled with clutter.  Sure, we all love our little whatnots and knick-knacks, but too many simply collect dust and look messy.  Your focus is to make your home appear beautifully decorating and pulled together, so clutter must go.

If your living room tables and the mantle above the fireplace are filled with small accents, eliminate until you are down to just a few.  In the kitchen, take everything off of the counter top which you do not use on a regular basis.

Are your walls covered with family photos?  Some people hang dozens of smaller pictures on a single wall.  While this holds emotional value, it gives your home a messy, disorganized look.  Split the pictures up and hang groupings of 3 in various places in your home.

These tips will help you create a home that is beautiful, organized and comfortable.  Use these tips from the pros, and everyone will envy your style savvy!

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