May 08 2011

Rattan Furniture for Your Patio – Creating Beautiful “Rooms” Outdoors

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Is you patio just – a patio?  Why not transform it in to a beautiful “outdoor” room that is as welcoming and comfortable as any room indoors?  Rattan furniture is durable, stands up to harsh weather, and provides a beautiful natural look that blends perfectly with outdoor elements.  This article will provide you with tips and ideas for transforming a plain patio or deck into a charming outdoor sanctuary.

Create boundaries

In order for your outdoor “room” to feel like a cozy space, you need to set boundaries.  This can be accomplished by building wooden benches which you will place around the perimeter of your patio or deck, or by building a 2 to 3 foot tall wall using brick or stone.  Follow the outline of your deck or patio, whether it is curved, oblong or square.

If your patio is larger than usual, you may want to divide the area in to more than one “room.”  This can be accomplished with large plants or folding screens placed in appropriate locations.

Make your patio or deck lush and inviting

Along one or two sides of your patio, you may want to place lattice or a trellis or two for climbing plants and flowers.  This will help create a shield from the wind as well as give you privacy.  It also helps give your patio a private, cozy atmosphere.

When it comes to the rattan furniture you choose, think of how many guests you usually have over.  Will you need a loveseat for guests to relax upon?  A few chairs, ottomans and accent tables will work nicely, giving you and guests room to stretch out and relax while you enjoy your surroundings.  You might also consider outdoor cushions to provide further comfort; many are weatherproof, so you won’t have to worry about bringing them in out of the sunlight or rain.  They also add a splash of color to liven up the atmosphere!


Your patio or deck is now an outdoor “room” so it needs a few accents!  Consider two or three large pillar candles, various sized terracotta pots filled with plants and flowers, and “romantic” lighting.  A ceramic outdoor fireplace warms you in the cool night air; it also adds an element of romance and coziness to the atmosphere.

For a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere, consider lanterns made of wrought iron with amber or red colored glass to provide soft lighting.  These lanterns can be set on tables, or hung above if you have a roof or some type of cover over your patio or deck.

Are you beginning to picture in your mind just how beautiful your patio or deck can be?  Why stop decorating when you are finished with the inside?  Beautiful possibilities await you on the outside of your home as well – and the natural surroundings you find outdoors are often far more relaxing than any indoor room could be.

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