May 24 2011

No Flair for Decorating? Tips to Help You Create a Beautiful Home, Even If You Have No Imagination

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Decorating a new home (or even an old one) is an intimidating task for many people.  Some people simply cannot come up with fresh new ideas; they feel they lack the creativity and imagination to design an appealing room.  The tips in this article will help you give any room a fresh new look with very little effort – and don’t worry, it’s easy!

The first thing you need to realize when decorating your home is that it is YOUR home, so use those accents, furnishings and other elements that you truly love.  This is where you will spend your life with your family, so it should be comfortable and relaxing to you first and foremost.

Choosing and using color

Color is a basic element of decorating; everything in the room hinges on your chosen colors.  From the walls and flooring to throws, furniture and accents, colors should complement or contrast.

Warm colors offer a relaxed, welcoming appeal.  Burnt orange, soft yellow and blue, brown shades, rich reds, forest green and sienna are warm shades that will give your home a welcoming glow.

Cool shades are a bit more electric or energetic; when thinking of cool colors, think pink, royal blue, purple, and silver.  Of course you don’t have to use bold, loud colors; simply choose pale shades of these colors for a more relaxing atmosphere.

Neutral colors work with nearly any other color, which is why they are so popular.  Cream or wheat colored walls are the perfect backdrop for all of your other colors and accents.

Choosing patterns for texture and interest

Using patterns and textures in rugs, throw pillows and even wall hangings is essential to adding interest to the room.  Decades ago, it was a definite fashion no-no to combine stripes, plaids and florals; today, it’s all the rage!  As long as the colors complement each other, anything goes.

Imagine a sofa covered in a solid material that is gold in color while the throw pillows are floral in shades of burgundy, forest green and blue.  Chairs are striped with shades of gold, burgundy and green – the look is fabulous!  Never be afraid to mix and match patterns, as it adds great depth and appeal.

Choose furniture that suits your style preference

Keep in mind these rules about furniture when designing your home.  If you prefer a modern, sleek decor theme, choose furnishings that are sleek with straight, clean lines.  This type of furniture is usually built on a smaller scale, and never bulky or big.

Like a chic, trendy look?  Country cottage and shabby chic incorporate furnishings that are worn looking; old wood, wicker and floral fabrics are perfect for this decorating theme.  A white-washed wood or wicker with floral patterned cushions creates the look!

Country or western decor is where you often find bulky or over-stuffed furniture.  Leather or wood, these furnishings are built to look rustic or rough, with a country appeal.  Lots of natural wood finishes such as pine or oak appear in this decorating theme.

There you have it; some great tips for decorating your home, even if you don’t know the first thing about decor.  Think of color, patterns and furniture – once you have these things figured out, everything else is a breeze!

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