Apr 30 2011

Make the Best Use of Your Home Study or Office

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Many people have a study or office in their home, and it often gets neglected.  You may have papers piled everywhere; the room is very unorganized, and could be much more appealing.  In this article you will learn how to decorate your home office or study so that you enjoy your surroundings as you work or study.

What is your study/office used for?

Is your study simply used to pay the monthly bills, or do you and your spouse use it for other work?  Most people have a computer today, and many do some or all of their work from home.  Think about what your office will be used for when decorating.

Office furnishings

Of course you want a desk and chair, but what other furniture might you need?  If the kids often play games on the computer, you may want an extra chair.

If you keep all of your important documents filed away, consider a nice file cabinet to complement the furniture.  That brings up another point – what style of furniture do you prefer?

Many people opt for a metal desk, but this can bring a very utilitarian look to the room.  Consider some type of wood, such as maple or mahogany depending upon whether you prefer light or dark colors.  You might also want to top the desk with a heavy piece of glass so that it doesn’t get scratched.

Think about where you will set your printer if you have one; you may decide that a wider filing cabinet will do the job.

Wall decorations in an office?  Absolutely!

Just because you use your study or office to pay bills and do some computer work doesn’t mean it has to look boring or blasé.  Hang any awards or honors you may have received on a wall; family photos, a large tapestry or a beautiful landscape liven up the remaining walls.

You may even want to consider painting the walls.  White isn’t the only color for an office!  Burgundy, forest green and deep blue shades bring warmth to the room, so that you feel like you are in your home rather than in an office environment.  Paint the walls a rich cream color and contrast with burgundy trim for a dramatic look.

Add a few accessories

You will definitely want a mat to place under your desk chair to protect the flooring.  A nice desk lamp will give you additional lighting; if you are a golfer or love fishing, consider a few whimsical accessories for your desk, such as a pencil holder created around a golf theme.

If you have a large area of floor space near the window, think about a large-leafed plant such as an elephant ear or caladium; this adds a homey, comforting element to the room.

Don’t forget all of those little things you may need, such as a shredder, copy paper, paper clips, scissors, etc.  If you have many supplies, you may want to consider a storage cabinet that complements the rest of the furnishing in your office.

Why leave your office/study looking dull and lifeless?  If you spend time in this room, you deserve an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming and comfortable.  Put these ideas to work in your home, and you will actually enjoy the time you spend in the “office.”

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