Mar 09 2011

How to Make Your Small Apartment Look More Spacious

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If you’re planning to move into a small apartment in the near future or already live in one, you may be wondering how to make it appear more open and spacious.  The way you decorate can make a huge impact on the appearance of your apartment; whether it looks tiny and cluttered or light and airy.  In this article you will find plenty of great ideas for visually expanding the square footage of your apartment.

Finding unique ways to store some of your belongings out of sight is essential to making your apartment look bigger, so we will touch on that area as well.

Storage tips

Clutter makes any room look smaller – and messy.  If you have lots of “things” that you collect but don’t really use on a regular basis, put them away.  Buy plastic storage bins for your belongings and place them under your bed, or even in a closet.

Color coordinated wall shelves are a great place to put your collectibles, candles and other trinkets so that they aren’t scattered all over accent and end tables.  Keeping the tops of your tables empty is important for keeping the look open and uncluttered.

If you are one of those people who like to collect anything and everything, consider renting a storage shed or even throwing away those things you really never use.

Choosing the right furniture

When it comes to apartment living, you need to keep furniture to a minimum.  Choose a style that is simple and designed on a smaller scale; avoid heavy, bulky looking furniture with intricate carvings.

A sofa that pulls out into a bed may be one idea you want to consider if you plan on having any overnight guests.  Also look for sofa and end tables that have cabinets or drawers underneath that can serve as additional storage.  Include a television stand with doors so that when not in use, you can hide away the television.

With furniture, it is important that you think not only about style and design, but consider how certain pieces can be used as additional storage space.


Color plays a huge role in how small or large your apartment looks!  Lighter colors visually open up spaces, while dark colors diminish.  Choose neutral or pale shades such as sand, pale peach and butter yellow to make the area bright and cheery.  Stick to three colors, with one being the dominant to make your apartment look stylish and coordinated.

Walls should be uncluttered as well; instead of a grouping arranged using several smaller pieces of artwork, consider a single large piece of art for the wall.  Again, the look is uncluttered and streamlined.  To add interest and appeal to the room, consider painting a single wall a different color from the rest; for example, if your living room walls are cream or off-white, paint one wall pale peach to add depth.

If you decide to use curtains for the windows, stick to light, airy sheers and avoid heavy drapes that are darkly colored.  You may even consider hanging sheers at ceiling level well above the actual window to give the impression of a larger window.

Put these ideas to work in your apartment, and you will notice that it looks twice as big!  You can get rid of that claustrophobic look and feel if you do it right.

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