Mar 12 2010

How to Choose a Decorating Style for Your Home

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When decorating a home, it can be difficult to find a style that you like and that will fit your home. It will often take people longer to come up with a decor style for a room than they will spend actually buying the items and decorating the room. Here are some great ideas that can help you find a fabulous style for you and your home.

Consider the Natural Style of Your Home
Some homes reflect a particular feel, which makes it easier to pick a style for the decor. If you live in an old country home, for instance, then you would go with a country or traditional style. On the other hand, a Southwestern theme would fit better with a home that’s built using Spanish-style architecture. Don’t feel that you absolutely have to follow these suggestions, but if you’re unsure about a decorating style, this is a great way to choose one.

Look Through Home Decorating Magazines and Books
You can find plenty of ideas for your home by heading to your local library and leafing through home decorating magazines and books. You want the style to be one you love and also one that fits the architectural style of your home. Keep in mind that you don’t need to settle on only one theme; rather, you can create a different style in each room of your home if you really want to. If you come across styles you like, jot down some notes. You might also make some photocopies for future reference.

Do Research on the Internet on Different Decorating Styles
A great way to research the different decorating styles you’re contemplating is to use the Internet. There should be lots of different decor pictures you can check out of all the various styles, and you’ll be able to find some articles and tips on decorating as well. This may help you narrow things down to one or two styles and then you can drop the rest of them.

Determine the Function of a Room Before Choosing a Decorating Style
You need to keep in mind that not every decorating style is going to match the purpose of a room. Modern decor, for instance, may not be appropriate for a family room where you’re looking for a comfortable space to relax, watch television, and play games. So think about what you really want from each room in the house before you start spending time and money on the project. It would be a shame to go through all the trouble of decorating and then realize in a few months that your decorating style doesn’t fit the function of the room. Then you’d have to start all over again.

Consider Who Is Living in the House
For those of you with pets or small children in your home, you may find that your options are somewhat limited. It’s important to consider who’s living in the home and who will be using the room before you decorate. Of course, the sky’s the limit if all you need to please is your spouse and yourself.

It may take some time and planning to choose a decorating style that fits your home and is something you will love, but it shouldn’t create stress. By using these guidelines, you can determine the best style for you. Then you will be able to enjoy spending time in your home day after day.

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