Apr 16 2011

Experience a Vacation Get-Away Every Time You Enter Your Bedroom

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The stress of work, family, bills and other things can make you want to get away from it all at the end of a busy day.  You can transform your bedroom into a room that is relaxing, beautiful and totally inviting, so that you can ease away the worries and stress of everyday life!  Today, many people do not have the budget to go to the spa or get away for a week- long vacation.  Let your “significant other” help in the decorating, and not only will you create a relaxing sanctuary you will both enjoy, you’ll build fun memories together.

Clear the clutter

No matter how you decide to decorate the room, clearing the clutter is essential for relaxing and enjoying your surroundings.  Clutter not only makes the room look messy, it can actually “clutter” your mind just being in sight.  Use only a few accents; put away all the junk on top of your dresser or chest of drawers.

Color is key

Certain colors are relaxing and help remove the stress from your body.  Neutral colors like cream or sand are great for the walls; soft blue, lavender and peach colors are soothing to the mind and soul.  Avoid bold or loud colors light bright red, purple, royal blue or lime green, as these colors are invigorating and energizing, which is not what you want to achieve in your bedroom.

Your bed – the focal point of the room

Of course your bed is the largest piece of furniture in the room, so you want to dress it up in a way that is cozy and inviting.  A plush comforter in powder blue or shades of cream, blue and lavender in a casual, relaxed pattern is appealing and comfortable.  Toss a fuzzy throw blanket at the foot of the bed, two or three large cream throw pillows in a plush fabric, and you’re done!  By combining textures that are rough and silky, you will add depth to the room.

Soft lighting adds to the relaxing atmosphere

The last thing you want in a bedroom that is supposed to be soothing and relaxing is bright, harsh lighting.  Use bedside lamps with low wattage bulbs, topped with opaque lamp shades accessorized with tassels around the bottom edge.

Instead of a bright light for the ceiling, consider a romantic themed chandelier to provide soft, subtle light.  Candle wall sconces add to the relaxing, romantic atmosphere.

An accent rug that blends with the décor of the room looks cozy when placed diagonally at the foot of the bed.  For the walls, add only a few prints or pictures that hold personal meaning for you.  Place scented candles around the room in soothing aromas of lavender, sandalwood or vanilla to help set the mood.

Use your own personal touch when decorating your bedroom get-away.  By making the room uniquely yours, you will find it the perfect refuge when you just want to read, relax and have a few moments to yourself.

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