Oct 29 2010

Decorating Tips for a Masculine Den

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As we all know, men’s ideas of decorating can differ immensely from a woman’s idea of the perfect décor.  If you are a man, or a wife decorating for your significant other, you may be looking for ideas on how to spruce up a den or other special room where men often gather to play cards, watch sports, etc.  This article offers up plenty of tips and ideas for making any area where men gather to enjoy themselves more masculine.

Avoid the obvious

Obviously, you don’t want to decorate a man’s den with florals, lace or other feminine accents.  There are certain colors you will probably want to avoid as well, such as lavender, baby blue and pink.  Woodsy, earth-toned hues are best for decorating a room with manly, masculine appeal.


The ideal furniture for decorating a man’s den can be anything from leather to rough, nubby fabrics in plaids or stripes.  Wood furnishings upholstered in a plaid fabric containing colors like rust, brown and cream add a rich, comfortable appeal.  Leather is always suitable; look for rough, worn textures in dark shades of mahogany or chocolate brown.

Tables and chairs used for playing cards can be anything from the metal, fold-out type to rustic looking wood with a worn look.  Plain, simple lines free from intricate or elaborate details are best for decorating the den.

Hobbies make for interesting accents

Most men have a hobby they enjoy, such as golfing, hunting, fishing or even sailing.  Use these hobbies to inspire a decorating theme.  The den can have a cabin atmosphere if hunting or fishing is a favorite hobby; camouflage, ducks, fishing gear or anything related to the hobby can be displayed on walls, floors or shelves.

Any man who enjoys sailing or sports may want to create a corner of the room specifically meant to display collectibles.  If you love assembling model cars from kits, show them off!

When decorating the floors, use accent or area rugs that complement the other colors of the room.  Stick to solid or striped patterns for masculine appeal.  Wood floors are especially nice in a den that is decorated in a cabin or rugged style.  You may want to include bean bags for extra seating, for when the “boys” get together to enjoy a baseball game.

Walls in the den can be painted a neutral shade of beige or sand, or paneled with wood.  Display awards, metal framed art or any artwork that has meaning or is suitable with the décor theme.  Framed posters of your favorite athletes are a good touch, as are landscape pictures depicting the great outdoors.

Most men love a room they consider their own, for those times when they simply want to relax and read a good book, work on the computer, or socialize with friends.  Use the ideas in this article to create a masculine den that is relaxing, comfortable and perfect for those nights when the “guys” just want to have a little fun.

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