Apr 20 2011

Decorating the Nursery in a Jungle Theme – Colorful and Unique!

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If you are expecting a baby soon and still have no idea how you will decorate the nursery, why not try a jungle theme?  It’s unique, colorful and will work whether your little bundle of joy is a boy or girl.  Another aspect that makes decorating in a jungle theme so much fun is that your entire family can join in with their ideas!  As you think of things, jot them down on a piece of paper so you can refer to them later.

Set the backdrop for your “jungle” nursery

What do you find in every jungle?  Lots of lush greenery!  Set large houseplants in the corners of the nursery; fill wall shelves and window sills with smaller plants.  Live plants make the air in the room healthier as they filter the air, so your baby will enjoy fresh air as well.  If you really want to go all out, buy a few silk or plastic vines at your local craft store and hang them across the ceiling!


Most jungle animals are colored in shades of gold, brown, orange, yellow, red, white and black.  Think of parrots, lions, monkeys, tigers and zebras when you begin to create your jungle theme.  To these colors, you can easily add splashes of bright yellow, green or even blue to give the room additional appeal.  Babies love bright colors, which also help them develop their vision.

Consider painting each wall a different color to really give the nursery a unique look.  Paint one wall yellow, one green, one blue and one red if you like, or paint them white or cream and then add a mural consisting of jungle animals on a single wall.

Include plenty of stuffed animals!

Stuffed animals are the basis of the jungle themed nursery.  Hang a net diagonally across one corner of the ceiling, and fill it with monkeys, elephants, parrots, lions and more.  Be sure NOT to place your hanging animals above the crib; you want your baby to be safe in case the net should fall.

If you have a day bed in the room for an occasional nap you can place stuffed animals there as well.  Put them on shelves, on the dresser – anywhere they will sit.  Also consider a few throw pillows with tassels in a jungle-themed pattern for the daybed.

Use your imagination to think of affordable ways you can take the jungle theme even further.  Buy plain cheap lamp shades for the lamps, then hot glue additional fake leaves on them.  If you prefer, use only one or two jungle animals as a theme for the room, such as monkeys and parrots.  It’s your baby’s nursery, so decorate it however you like!  This is the perfect chance for you and your spouse, as well as any other children you may have, to bond and have a blast using your own creative ideas to design a jungle themed nursery that is bright, cheery and unlike any other you have seen before.

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