Oct 29 2010

Decorating a Patio to Bring the Inside and Outside Elements Together

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For many, a patio is simply an extension of their home – an outdoor room, if you will.  Besides being used for relaxing and unwinding, a patio is where friends often gather to cook outdoors on the grill, enjoy music and visit with one another.  If your current patio is simply a concrete slab or a wood deck that is bare of all décor, this article will help you create a patio that you will not only love to relax upon, you will also enjoy the inviting appearance.

How to make your patio more private


A patio is an area that you may want to feel a bit private and secluded, so that the wandering eyes of neighbors or cars passing by can’t see your every move.  This is easy to accomplish with just a few items.

If you have any old large or tall shutters lying around, you can create a great screen that not only keeps out curious eyes, but the wind as well.  Simply connect several like an accordion, and paint them any color you like!  You may even want to get creative and paint a mural consisting of natural or garden themes.

In the springtime, you may want to consider nailing together some two by fours, then run wire or fishing line vertically so that climbing plants and vines that grow quickly can create a natural and beautiful living cover.

Create extra seating and add charm


If your patio or deck is open around the sides, consider building wooden benches to line the perimeter.  These can be used not only for sitting, but for flowers and greenery in order to make them a bit taller.  Make sure the benches are sturdy so there is no chance of them falling off the edge.  You may even consider adding outdoor cushions to the benches to make them more comfortable and attractive.

Warm up in colder months

You can even enjoy your deck in the dead of winter by adding an outdoor fire pot or fireplace.  This not only keeps you warm, it creates ambience and an atmosphere that is cozy and inviting.  Today, you can find these fire pots in various designs that will suit any decorating theme.

If your deck is large and you have a section that is designed for the grill, utensils, a preparation table and other necessities, you may want to make two separate “rooms,” one for cooking and one for relaxation.  This can be accomplished by using the shutter screen mentioned above with wall of plants along a large outdoor accent rug, or even a bamboo screen.  You might also consider partitioning the area off by using an outdoor wicker sofa that is facing toward the relaxation area with the back against the grilling section.

When it comes to decorating your patio or deck, there are dozens of things you can do to make the area beautiful, private and relaxing.  You may consider this your own little tropical paradise!  Any look can usually be achieved simply by using wood, partition screens, outdoor furnishings, area rugs and an abundance of beautiful plants.  Add a few large candles, and the mood is set for enjoyment.

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