May 30 2011

Decorating a Den in a Warm Rustic Theme

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Is your idea of the perfect way to relax a room that brings to mind a hunting cabin or ski lodge? If you love lots of wood and an old-time appeal that is warm and inviting, a rustic themed den is the perfect solution.  Rough textures, exposed wood and warm colors create a room that is charming and totally welcoming.

Wood – You Can’t Have too much of this element

In the rustic decorating theme, wide plank wood floors, exposed ceiling beams and worn wood furniture are the natural elements that make the look.  Darker colors enhance the look even further; well used pieces, knotty pine boards and mismatched furniture add to the log cabin tucked-away-in-the-woods appeal.

Textures and color

Rich texture is what makes rustic decorating so appealing; the roughness of the wood, woven plaids, durable canvas and leather all mix to create various textures that lend to the look.  Plaid materials and other thick, durable fabrics make great curtains; consider framing out your windows with strips of worn, uneven wood.

Colors most often incorporated in to a rustic themed den are those found in nature; dark brown, rusty red shades, tan and hunter green blend to make a room that is rich in color creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.


While you already know that wood and leather are elements in rustic decor, you should focus on using large, bulky pieces.  Chairs can be constructed of solid wood, or they can be made of a heavy rattan.  A dark brown leather couch with wood accents is comfortable and perfect for the rustic themed den.

An old trunk or cedar chest makes a perfect coffee table; toss an old quilt across the back of a rocker to add more old fashioned charm.  Stenciled pictures of moose or deer are the ideal addition to the entertainment cabinet and trunks.


When it comes to the accents and accessories you use in a rustic den, the sky is the limit!  If you want your den to take on the feeling of a hunting lodge, incorporate those elements you would find in a real hunting lodge; hang some hunting trophies, a deer’s head and some black and white photos taken on hunting trips.  Frame your pictures in rough-hewn wood for a real cabin effect.

Throw a bear skin rug on the floor, display antique tools on the wall; whatever captures your interest, use it!  Throws depicting wildlife scenes or even a huge wall mural displaying deer in their element add further to the charm and appeal.

Rustic themed table lamps, antlers, tree branches and lots of plaid – these are all elements you may find in the rustic decorating theme.  Add a wood stove for heat, or even an old-school radiator.  Can you picture yourself in this setting?  If you can, put some of the ideas above to work in your den.  When you’re through, sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor with a hot cup of cocoa!

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