Mar 25 2010

Creating a Lavish Look for Your Home on Budget

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You flip through the magazines showcasing rich, elegant looking interiors and dream of what it would be like if only you had the money to create such awe-inspiring settings. The truth is, not many people have the money required to furnish a home so lavishly. What it takes to make a room eye catching and inviting doesn’t require much money at all – just a little of your own unique personality.

Elegance without Expense

Many people think that in order to transform the look of a room they must spend big bucks. New furniture, hangings for the walls, carpet, flooring, accents, etc. You will be glad to know that you can create a dramatic impact without spending tens of thousands of dollars. In fact, for just a few hundred you can create a look that will rival any in the dreamy homes you’ve seen in the home decorating magazines.

What you must do is put some of your own personality in to the décor. You may decorate your home according to the latest trends, or what you think others will find attractive. This is what most people do, and in the end it isn’t really the look that they want. It isn’t personal enough, it all seems a little – well, contrived. From bland colored walls to pictures that don’t really have any personal ties, and windows without any impact. It’s all just “stuff” that is there to make your home look exquisite, but it isn’t working. Besides inflicting some of your own unique ideas, what to do?

Make it Your Own

Create the atmosphere you desire with paint. Want a bold, dramatic look? Use up to 5 shades of burgundy, forest and navy. As long as your existing furniture is colored in a shade that will blend, you will be fine. Paint baseboards a darker shade, walls the lightest.

Add some rich window coverings, which you can make yourself for almost nothing, and a few wall hangings. You can create beautiful swag curtains yourself out of satin bed sheets. Flea markets are a great place to find some unusual pieces you can use for accents. Have your children do some finger painting, using colors that compliment your décor. Mat their work and you have some wonderfully colorful abstract wall hangings!

Let the Energy Flow

Want a lively, energetic and refreshing look? Use several shades of paint as in the previous description, but make these colors electric. Bright greens, peach shades and burnt orange are wonderful when mixed together. Display simple botanical groupings on the walls, a straw colored woven rug for the floor.

Keep your furniture light – no bulky or over-sized furniture. If you already have light colored furniture that is basic in design, this look will work perfectly. When it comes to the windows, you can use wooden shutters, or create your own curtains using a sheer material. Concentrate on a look that appeals to you, and imagine the possibilities.

With any look, contrast makes things much more interesting. It used to be a no-no to mix floral patterns with stripes and plaids. Now, it’s the thing to do! As long as you stay within your color boundaries, mixing things up adds a “wow” factor that cannot be ignored. Want to create a one-of-a-kind look on a shoestring budget? Just use some imagination, and mix it with a little of your own unique personality.

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