Mar 08 2011

Combine Decorating and Energy Savings to Make Your Home Beautiful on a Budget

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Are you on a strict budget but still want to decorate your home?  There are many cost-effective things you can do to make a house look amazing.  Also, there are some tricks to decorating that can keep your house cool during the summer months.  If you are looking to decorate your home on a small budget, or just to want to prevent the hot sun from skyrocketing your electric bills, keep these ideas in mind while shopping.

Conserve energy AND give your home a “cool” new look

A good way to keep your house comfortable during the summer is to control how much sunlight is coming in the windows.  When sun shines directly into the house it heats things up approximately 5 or 6 degrees.  You can fix this by simply using curtains.  Thick, dark colored curtains are the best way to keep the sun from heating the room in the summer.  They can make a world of difference in your energy bills, as your air conditioning won’t kick on as often.

Another thing to keep in mind is textures; during hot summer months, looking at a warm, fuzzy blanket will make you feel ever hotter.  Remove those accents that seem warm, whether it is a fuzzy blanket something else, and replace it accessories that contain fun, bright colors such as orange, yellow and pastel blue.  Also to save you money, turn down the lighting in the room; the brighter the light, the warmer the temperature – and the more electricity you use.  Using a cute colorful fan can be the best way to cool down a room and stir the air around a bit!

Use what you already have in a different way

If you are just looking to decorate on a budget, there are several things you can do without a lot of expense.  Re-use things in your home; for example, if you get tired of seeing the same things in the same spot, simply move them to a different area.  Doing so will bring a fresh look to your home, and you won’t spend any money at all.  A good way to change the look of a room without spending a whole lot is painting.  Painting walls, end tables, lamp shades and other accents can completely transform the look of a room!

Artwork is great for decorating, but can be very expensive.  To avoid spending money on artwork, create your own!  This way it is less expensive and you will also add a touch of your own personality.  If you have too many accents and decorations, it can lend a cluttered.  Remove some of the décor, and you will see how clean and fresh the room looks!

Whether you are looking to decorate for the summer and keep your house cool, or just want to change things up a bit without blowing your budget, you can easily accomplish both.  Just follow the simple ideas and tricks above and you are assured of great savings on both decorating and energy costs.  Using bright, fun colors in a room can make the room seem so much cooler, and it’s not all that expensive.  Keep these ideas in mind when you are ready to shake up your décor a bit – it can be fun, even while you’re counting your pennies and enjoying the money that stayed in your bank account.

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