Mar 09 2011

Camouflage Rooms…Gone Girlish!

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Do you have a daughter that loves to hunt?  Maybe she wants to decorate her room in camouflage, but wants something that leans toward the feminine side.  Just because she enjoys hunting doesn’t mean she wants a room filled with brown and green!  You can incorporate a camouflage theme while still using girlish, feminine colors.  Let the room express your daughter’s love of hunting while still keeping the feminine side intact.

Listen to her opinions and thoughts

Let your daughter join in the discussion about the colors she would like to use in her room.  Pink and light shades of tan or chocolate brown offer a feminine touch, while still keeping to the hunting theme.  A pink comforter designed in a camouflage style paired with light chocolate brown sheets is attractive and unique.

Blue and brown work well together too, so if she would rather have a soft blue and tan look consider going along with her wishes.  As long as the decor of the room isn’t too loud or shocking, why not let her enjoy her surroundings?

To add further to the feminine look, consider a frilly bed skirt to contrast the rugged look of the camouflage comforter.

Color the walls beautiful

A soft pink or blue shade for the walls, when combined with wood paneling, creates a striking look.  The wood offers a natural woodsy appeal, while the blue or pink paint adds depth.

As far as artwork, consider nature prints of beautiful mountains or forests; take into account the surroundings normally found when hunting, and incorporate those aspects in the wall decor.  Frames made of rustic wood add further to the appeal of the room.  You may even consider having your daughter take a few pictures in the areas where she hunts, then make a large collage of one wall!

A bulletin board filled with pictures and other mementos of your daughters hunting experiences adds a personal touch; consider wall shelves decorated with some of her favorite hunting gear.

Add unique accents

The accents you add to a room really pull the look together and add interest.  For the bedside lamp, consider a log base with a frilly pink or blue lampshade.  You may even want to consider creating an original headboard by covering it with a fabric that complements the room.

An old wooden trunk placed at the foot of the bed adds to the rustic appeal of the room, and is perfect for use as additional storage.

Add a faux bear rug, a jewelry stand designed out of sticks and twigs to hang necklaces and bracelets on, and you have a room that is not only unique but stunning as well!  It’s easy to incorporate both the love of hunting and your daughter’s feminine side – just use a little creativity of your own, and design a room that your daughter will enjoy spending endless hours in.  Just because your daughter loves hunting doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy a feminine touch as well!

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